Vaccines Separating Families

vaccines separating families

Vaccines separating families with anti-vaxxers against pro vaxxers arguing in an attempt to prove who is right and who is wrong is a growing issue around the world.

Covid vaccine politics are causing family and friends to be divided further, which is exactly what governments want.

Divorce rates have increased and friendships have been lost over the arguing and disagreements on Covid Vaccines and masks.

Remember, if people are divided, they can’t focus on the real problem – governments (the ones creating chaos.)

Maybe you’re called a conspiracy theorist for doing research and discovering how many covid vaccine deaths there actually are.

People calling others conspiracy theorists are more than likely the ones watching the lying news on television.

If you’re new to ROTTER News or any of these topics, we’ll tell you right now, the mainstream lying news media is in on it; the government lets you know what they want you to know via the lying news media and all forms of media.

I have received many emails from people asking for help on Covid Vaccines separating families.

Vaccines are separating families and friends and causing arguments. Family and friends are looking out for you NOT the government. ROTTER News
“Why wouldn’t you get a vaccine?! We need to protect everyone!”

In the end it is up to each individual as to whether or not they will take the covid vaccine (death jab serum) or not.

People against the experimental vaccine are trying to persuade family and friends from taking the vaccine because they want them safe and healthy, while people taking the vaccine believe they need to do what government says for “the benefit of health.”

Regardless of what the CDC or government says, there have been thousands of covid vaccine-related deaths and permanent injuries.

READ HERE to see just “some” of what has been going on with covid vaccine deaths and permanent side effects

READ HERE to see how Big Pharma silences whistleblowers

Unfortunately, there has, and probably always will be, arguing in politics, which includes this vaccine plannedemic agenda by governments.

Once people have made up their minds on what they will do regarding Covid Vaccines or vaccine passports, it will be virtually impossible to alter their decision even if you have their best interests in mind.

Maybe you’re willing to trust the government and do whatever they say, while many other people will stand their ground and not bend when it comes to their health and safety.

Regardless of what side you are on (and the government loves to create sides), it will be very difficult to sway anyone’s decision especially when it comes to their health and their body.

Vaccines are separating families and friends and causing arguments. Family and friends are looking out for you NOT the government. ROTTER News
If you do not want a vaccine, no one can force you. STAND YOUR GROUND!

NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do when it comes to your health.

NO ONE has the right to control anyone or tell them what to do, especially when it’s the government.

One of the biggest questions people ask – If people taking the jab believe the jab will keep them safe, then why are they so angry at those who refuse to take the jab? If the “vaccinated” are “protected” then what’s the problem?

Turns out, there are more covid cases breaking out amongst the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

Vaccinated people are still required to wear masks.

Remember when the government said you could remove your masks if you’re vaccinated? They lied. Why are you still complying?

Have you found that most people taking the jab are angry people for the most part, pointy a guilty finger at those not willing to comply with the government? Yeah, me too.

Vaccines are separating families and friends and causing arguments. Family and friends are looking out for you NOT the government. ROTTER News
“You need to get the vaccine!”

Why were flu shots always your option, but when the lying news media says there is a killer virus, and you need to comply for all humanity, it becomes law of the land?

Vaccines are MANDATES – NOT LAWS

What happened to the flu by the way? Is it just gone? No, it’s still here with us; just rebranded as “covid” aka the Black Plague of 1348.

Are vaccinated people reading anything or just watching the news?

It’s much easier to just watch television…this is why the government used the television to push their agenda.

Did you know that coronavirus has been around for years? Check your lysol cans; coronavirus is listed as one of the viruses lysol kills.

Coronavirus is nothing new, but they want you to believe it is so they can enforce their agenda of “vaccines” for depopulation.

Governments are enforcing Covid Vaccines under the guise of “for your protection.”

Vaccines are separating families and friends and causing arguments. Family and friends are looking out for you NOT the government. ROTTER News
“You don’t tell me what to do, you probably voted for Biden”

If Covid Vaccines were safe, and not killing and maiming people, then why are governments:

If people aren’t killed via “vaccines” they are being taken out by hospitals.

Many of my readers know my cousin was murdered last week by the hospital he was in. Please read this story and pass it on.

The government will never admit to depopulation or tyranny; it’s all part of their plan.

Covid Vaccine Death TRUTHS

Governments want DEPOPULATION

If you don’t believe governments want to depopulate, then….

  • Why is Australia under severe lockdowns reminiscent of the Nazi days
  • Why are hospitals murdering patients, especially the unvaccinated
  • Why are more businesses enforcing proof of vaccination
  • Why are Pfizer stocks SOARING?!
  • Why did Bill Gates speak of world depopulation as necessary?
  • Why did Bill Gates experiment on people of Africa with “vaccinations”, killing thousands?
  • Why did Bill Gates’ father talk about world depopulation?
  • Why are masks and vaccines becoming mandatory? (NOT A LAW)
  • Why are all the large social media platforms censoring everyone (freedom of speech!)

The list goes on and on. Censorship and lockdowns are reminiscent of NAZI Germany (look at Australia.)

Government will never save its people

Governments know how easy it is to turn people against one another. They are pushing their agenda into overdrive with mandatory masks, “vaccines”, racism, banning Dr. Seuss, banning Mr. Potato head and more ridiculous clown shows.

Most people wanting the covid vaccine have fallen for the government scare tactic and will do anything to be “saved.”

Governments do what they have always done best – creating chaos.

couples arguing over Covid Vaccines.  Family and friends are looking out for you NOT the government. ROTTER News
“How do you know people are dying from the vaccine? It hasn’t been on the news.”

Governments Cause Chaos And Confusion

More than likely, NO ONE complained about Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato head being racist, and if they did, why would the news report such ridiculous stories? Think about that.

Why was Isaac Kappy murdered when he called out most of Hollywood for being pedophiles?

Everything mentioned in this post will never be found on the mainstream lying news media.

I have ranted long enough on this post and got off topic a bit. I’m still very bitter after burying my cousin last week after the hospital murdered him with a ventilator. Now it’s personal.

Why would anyone consider taking an experimental drug that has killed thousands, that is being pushed by the same governments that have talked about world depopulation for years?

What Can You Do About Vaccination Arguments?

As for vaccines separating families and friends, this is a disturbing topic. Governments love segregation especially when families and friends are involved. They want us separated for distraction. As I’ve said before, if we are separated, we can’t fight against the real problem – corrupt and controlling governments that openly discuss depopulation.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to protect a loved one from death or injury, and they insist on doing what they want to do, there isn’t much you will be able to do. It is a very hard pill to swallow, and, instead of seeing you care about them, their defenses will go up, just as your’s go up if they suggest you get the “vaccine.”

Family and friends are looking out for your best interests – NOT the government.

Try talking to them as best you can about Covid Vaccines without arguing and hopefully others will try to reach them as well.

If more people tell them the truth about these vaccines, maybe they’ll listen to the masses.

I wish you all well, God bless, stand your ground and follow your gut!

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