Where is Tom Hanks Today? Is Tom Hanks Dead?

where is tom hanks today

Where is Tom Hanks today? His twitter account hasn’t been touched since May 22, 2020. Is Tom Hanks dead?

Remember in mid 2020, all the scandals and lying actors cooped up in their mansions, stressing how everyone was dying from covid?

Remember the urgency the famous actors and pop stars projected to the masses via television?

Remember how actors and pop stars stressed the importance of washing our hands and staying safe?

Can you now see how that was all BS? Those actors and pop stars disappeared after a month or two once their job was done.

One actor, and I do mean actor, who was in the covid spotlight, enforcing the rules of social distancing, was Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks, as you may remember, was in Australia when he came down with “covid”, but then he was back in the states, but then he was in Australia.

Where is Tom Hanks today?

There was never an answer as to where Tom Hanks was, or if he was even alive.

Tom Hanks was the center of attention for a handful of months when the lying news media said both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita had covid.

When the world found out Tom Hanks came down with covid, panic mode was set into motion. The media really played it up; all part of the plan.

Tom Hanks was very active on social media and loved posting creepy photos of children’s clothing, particularly missing shoes, or just one shoe, on his instagram account.

Where is Tom Hanks today? His twitter account hasn't been touched since May 22, 2020. Is Tom Hanks dead?
Tom Hanks was very active on social media. His twitter account hasn’t been updated in over a year.

The last post from Tom Hanks to his twitter account was May 22, 2020, which is what caused people to question, “where is Tom Hanks today?” He went from giving strange encrypted speeches on SNL and television to disappearing.

Many strange things are not adding up with the Tom Hanks story, including the death of Isaac Kappy. Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood actor who exposed many Hollywood actors as being paedophiles, including Tom Hanks.

Days after Isaac Kappy died (suicided), Tom Hanks posted an image to his instagram account referencing “road kill.”

Isaac Kappy supposedly killed himself by jumping off an overpass into oncoming traffic.

Oddly enough, Tom Hanks posted a photo of that location to his instagram account days before Isaac Kappy was suicided.

Isaac Kappy Exposes Hollywood paedophiles and Tom Hanks and dies days later

So where is Tom Hanks today? Is he dead or alive? Not one post to his twitter account since May 2020.

Step way back and look at the huge covid plandemic picture

  • Actors and pop stars on television spreading fear
  • Actors had their shows canceled – Ellen Degeneres was one of them (close friend of Tom Hanks)
  • Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks sent encrypted messages to each other on social media
  • David Spaid said he couldn’t get ahold of Tom Hanks, and poorly-acted concern for his friend. Odd he couldn’t get ahold of Tom
  • Oprah Winfrey took the rest of 2020 off and was also reported wearing an ankle bracelet for house arrest, just like Tom Hanks and Ellen Degeneres
Where is Tom Hanks now? Is Tom Hanks dead or alive? Why hasn't Tom Hanks posted to his twitter account in over a year?

Where did these actors go?

The panic phase of covid is over since there is a “vaccine” that will save us all.

Looking back at the big picture of 15 months, it looks as though it was a setup.

Tom Hanks said, “he does not respect anyone who fails to practice safety precautions to contain the spread of coronavirus.” – pushing the agenda.

Actors and pop stars were used to create panic and fear, so when a “vaccine” was available, everyone would take it.

And today…the government sure is pushing the vaccine; they’re even bribing people to take it. Why is this “vaccine so important?”

As you know, the covid vaccine isn’t a vaccine at all – it’s a gene therapy, DNA – altering serum, and thousand have died within a couple weeks of taking it (they won’t tell you that.) The vaccine is untested and not approved by the FDA. The human race is the test subject.

Is it all starting to make sense now?

You can research to find out Tom Hanks is a freemason. Freemasons are synonymous with the Illuminati. These are satanists who run the world and have for generations. This is much more complex than you know.

Where is Tom Hanks today? Is Tom Hanks dead?
You have to admit this is quite odd. A photo location of Tom Hanks from 2017 used as a photo from 2020.

Everything you think you know is false. Politicians, actors, pop stars and anyone in the spotlight, are puppets doing the bidding of The Deep State. You’ve heard me talk of the Deep State before.

There is a lot that goes into this topic. Check out my other posts to read more and decide for yourself.

Where is Tom Hanks today? Is Tom Hanks dead? This newspaper article says Tom Hanks died from covid while in Australia.

This newspaper article from Queensland, Australia says Tom Hanks is dead. Is this true? Why was this printed? Was it leaked and removed? Why was this not world news? We have no idea.

If Tom Hanks is the high-ranking pedophile many have said he is (he is a freemason), maybe he’s in hiding, or maybe at GITMO for the tribunals for crimes against humanity.


Arrests and Executions of Famous People

Tom Hanks is a pedophile?

Freemasons and the IlluminatiA MUST-READ

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