Government LIES and TAXES

government lies to its people and has for generations. high gas prices, virus hoax, stock market crashing, 911, so many government lies.

The government has been lying to us for generations, and for some reason, during these last 2 years, it’s coming to a head.

Yes, we are at war, a silent war, between the government and its own people. Unfortunately, many people still think their government is there to protect them. Unfortunately, many people are waiting for their government to save them from inflation and high gas prices.

Have these people stopped to think, even for a second, that their government is doing what they can to control them and destroy them?

  • High gas prices affects work and travel and prices
  • Crashing stock market – goes down hundreds of points each day (check it out)
  • Fake virus for lockdowns – run for your lives (a year later, nothing)
  • Warning of food shortages
  • Baby food shortages
  • Illegals being allowed in
  • Gun control for good people but not criminals (why do you think they want our guns?)
  • Millions of weapons being handed over to Ukraine while the people of USA struggle financially
  • TAXES are illegal – people work to pay off government’s debt from Federal Reserve (enforced by IRS)

The list goes on and on. You will never convince me, or millions of others who are waking up, that government is working for us.



Taxes are illegal and so are many other things the US government does.

Read the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution sometime.

Taxes, per the Declaration of Independence, are illegal, and yet, we pay them. Why? Well, the IRS (mob money collector for the Federal Reserve) will have you put in jail if you don’t pay their debts.

Why are people with no kids paying high taxes for schools they do not use? Why not have these families pay a flat rate of a few hundred a year to support the brainwashing schools? If you start home schooling, as many families are starting to do, will you need to pay high taxes to support the brainwashing schools?

Why are families in apartments not paying high taxes for schools like those who pay high real estate taxes? Do you pay for kids to go to college if you don’t have kids? Then why are you paying high taxes for public schools?

Why don’t parents pay for their kids to go to public schools flat out? Well, that would ruin the government’s cover for charging high taxes.


Fact: there’s definitely a lot our government isn’t telling us.

We’re not talking about conspiracy theories, like who really shot JFK or that Area 51 is really populated by little green men. We mean the government secrets hiding in plain sight, some of which we’ve found out about, and some of which are still mysterious.


government lies to its people and has for generations. high gas prices, virus hoax, stock market crashing, 911, so many government lies.

Speaking of Area 51—whatever is going on there, the government is still weirdly secretive about. As that old saying goes, if you’re not a little bit paranoid, you’re not paying attention.


Here are a couple government secrets the U.S. has tried to keep from its citizens, and what we do (and don’t) know about them so far.


The CIA seriously spent millions in the late 60s investigating whether domesticated cats could be trained to spy on the Soviet Union. The project was named Acoustic Kitty, because of course it was. It didn’t work out, much to the surprise of nobody, but we still have this memorandum, published by the National Security Archive, to prove that spy kitties was almost a real thing. 


Listen, if you need to test what happens to human bodies during radioactive fallout and you need around 900 human cadavers to do so, you can’t be expected to “ask” all the deceased’s families for their permission. That’s what researchers for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission did during the 1950s…they just dug up bodies.

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