biden is a demonic puppet

biden is not a president, but a demonic puppet. Don't believe it? biden's speech dehumanizes Americans and sees them as the enemy.

biden is not a president, but a demonic puppet. Don’t believe it? Cognitive Dissonance is very strong.

These videos will show all you need to know on how biden attacks the American people.

This biden demonic puppet and its handlers are not, and have never been, for the people.

If you don’t know by now how the Deep State controls the Federal Reserve, IRS and USA, you’re blind, to be blunt.

‘I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated’: biden says

You know who doesn’t mind being called evil? Someone who is evil.

Stephen Miller torches biden’s ‘despicable’ speech – biden dehumanizes and attacks American Patriots.

This is the Government that the founding fathers warned us about.

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