Food Shortages PLANNED

food shortages are planned

Does your gut say food shortages are planned? Mine too.

Over the past few months, the United States has suffered an ALLEGED “food shortage” of Baby Formula, with stores being told that food plant shut downs were the cause of baby food shortages.   

It turns out, the “shortages” were deliberately and artificially created by the intentional destruction of baby formula at federal and state levels!

The video below, from a truck driver, shows pallets full of Baby Formula being deliberately destroyed.

Who ordered this baby food destruction and why? Silly question – power through control.

Deliberately destroying baby food? Deliberately causing shortages? Are you surprised?

Whoever is responsible for these “food shortages” needs to be held accountable…you know they never will be.

When is enough enough? Many strange things have come to fruition over the last few years.

Food shortages are planned. Trucker catches them destroying food. The United States has suffered an ALLEGED food shortage of Baby Formula.

Do you trust the government? Do you think the government has your best interests in mind?

Why are a fake Black Plague virus, closing of businesses, the forcing of an experimental jab, crashing of the stock market, high gas prices and “food shortages” happening?

Power and control by THE DEEP STATE. Trust none of them.

Regardless of what you believe, one must admit many shady things have been going on, especially in the last couple of years. Read all the posts on ROTTER News for more of them.

In the meantime, keep your guns (2nd amendment that shall not be infringed), and remember what our ancestors did. TAXES ARE ILLEGAL! 

Share your thoughts on the food shortages in the comments section below. 

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