biden has Covid – NO ONE CARES

biden has covid and no one cares.

biden has Covid but its symptoms “continue to improve,” according to the White House.

biden was vaccinated so why does he have covid?


The White House’s COVID-19 czar said Sunday that biden is improving three days after he tested positive for COVID.

But wait, didn’t the babbling puppet say we all need to get the death shot to avoid covid?

biden was “feeling much, much better” on Saturday night and Sunday morning, COVID-19 coordinator Ashish Jha told CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

“I checked in with his team late last night. He was feeling well. He had a good day yesterday. He’s got … an upper respiratory infection and he’s doing just fine. We haven’t gotten any updates this morning, but throughout the night he was feeling much, much better,” he told CBS, adding that Biden contracted the Omicron BA.5 subvariant.

A day before testing positive, Biden traveled on Air Force One for a climate-related speech in Massachusetts. But Jha said Sunday that no close contacts of the 79-year-old president tested positive for the virus.

Wait, now it’s Airforce One? He was never allowed on Air Force one or in the capitol building. biden was always on Airforce Two, which many have NEVER heard of.

The White House has attempted to highlight Biden’s alleged ability to work through his illness.

WORK? Really. By work it’s assumed spending time visiting child care facilities sniffing children or writing checks (our money) to China.

biden has Covid but its symptoms “continue to improve,” according to the White House. biden was vaccinated so why does he have covid.

On Thursday it released a video of him reassuring Americans he was doing fine, and on Friday he participated in virtual meetings with White House staff…..and no one cares.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, said Biden took Paxlovid, an antiviral treatment manufactured by Pfizer, and was also taking Tylenol. Several weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert saying Paxlovid could lead to so-called “COVID rebound,” or a return of COVID-19 symptoms after testing negative.

On Saturday, O’Connor said in a letter (pdf) that Biden was suffering from a sore throat, loose cough, body aches, and a runny nose. Biden, who has received four total COVID-19 vaccine doses, had a normal pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiratory rate, according to the letter.

It’s not clear exactly where Biden contracted the virus, and White House officials have provided no update. Other than the trip to Massachusetts, the president recently returned from a trip to the Middle East and held public events before that trip in which he had close personal interactions with scores of people.

During Sunday’s interview with CBS, Jha also said that more Americans should wear masks and promoted COVID-19 vaccines, although a growing number of studies are increasingly casting doubt on the efficacy of both protocols.

biden has Covid but its symptoms “continue to improve,” according to the White House. biden was vaccinated so why does he have covid.
I’m really sick so you all need to wear masks again

So biden gets a cold and they want us to all wear masks. Are you guys sick of this yet? Are you sick of being told what to do and how to do it? High gas prices, planned food shortages, lying news media, a bumbling child-sniffing puppet (who isn’t capable of being a walcult greeter) has the nerve to tell you what to do?

NO ONE CONTROLS YOU – ESPECIALLY when THEY are supposed to be working for us. READ THAT AGAIN! LET IT SINK IN!

Remember our ancestors and what they did for OUR FREEDOM. These satanists do not control you – they are nothing! What have they done for you? When have they gone to bat for you?! NEVER FORGET. You know there is doubt deep within you, and for those severely brainwashed, there is no turning back for them.

Jha added that the White House would continue to provide updates on Biden’s condition or if he has long-term symptoms.

“Obviously if he has persistent symptoms, obviously if any of them interfere with his ability to carry out his duties, we will disclose that early and often with the American people,” he said, adding, “The president’s been doing well and we’re going to expect that he’s going to continue to do so.”

There is no president. There is no leader of the USA. THEY want the new world order and everyone controlled. Thousands are crossing the boarder illegally with the threat of food shortages (planned) and they media focuses on a pedophile’s sniffles. More coverups.

Some Responses From Americans Regarding biden’s Black Plague virus

  • Unless I’m reading he died in his sleep, I’m not interested in his health.
  • Yep, and keep family from visiting him in the hospital so he can die alone like so many other American family members.
  • He dead yet?
  • Of course he’s fine. COVID was/is a government induced hysteria over a virus with a 99% survival rate.
  • Who even cares!
  • I don’t trust ANYTHING from this corrupt regime, and only a fool would.
  • Primaries are a little over a week out.
  • Convince me this wasn’t a “publicity stunt” to show the jab works (as if) and to keep widdle joey out of the public eye while he cleans his plate. Change his diaper and send him to bed already.
  • What does that tell you about the vaccine? He had four doses and still is positive with covid. No Thanks!
  • You don’t need to say sorry one bit. What you said is 100% the truth. NORMAL people would realize how terrifying that is to know that the highest office, puppet or not, is fronted by a man with dementia.
  • Are you saying there’s some chance that the four most destructive people in the U.S. could come down with a “deadly disease”? PROMISE?
  • They better not EVER try to lock us away again in our homes with this political bull chit!!!!!
  • He’s got a bug and he’s sick! When I got covid the hospltal wouldn’t even see me. “Go home and self medicate” they told me!
  • He hasn’t died yet?
  • biden has covid. Yeah right. He’s sick of sitting in his fake movie set office and ready to get back to Delaware. I’ll tell you who’s sick—the American public. We’re sick of your lies and listening to you regurgitate propaganda put on your teleprompter by your handlers. Forty-six you are a traitor.
  • America must NEVER FORGET the 17 brave Americans who died under this moron’s watch. Four in Benghazi and thirteen during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. This brain dead moron has no conscience and should spend eternity in hell.
  • Frankly, many of us just don’t care.
  • Damn, he is still breathing!
  • NEVER EVER TRUST THIS FOOL. When he says you can’t get covid if you’re fully vaxed, remember, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. And fraudci says to mask up and get vaxed, another commie dem liar.
  • Is he dead yet?
  • It would be great if the entire fake administration died
  • I know this is horrible and God forgive me but an eye for an eye and they have killed many!
  • They should all go or be exterminated.
  • Fully Vaxxed with all the boosters and he still got it!
  • NO ONE CARES. Biden and his needy greedy wife Dr. Pepper Jill are TRAITORS to the USA, having sold us out for position and $$$. The DEMONRAT MARXIST/RINO THUG PARTY has to be taken down, America, roots and all this November and then every time after that. Biden has sold us out to our enemies. RISE, AMERICA, and WIN.
  • There is an invasion on our southern borders Orchestrated by this administration with clear intent.
  • If that is not a Tratorest act nothing is.
  • Nice diversion….oh oh oh!!! I saw a squirrel!!
  • Cool!!
  • He’s a walking mental corpse regardless.
  • So biden has Covid. What a horrible fate for the virus.
  • I hope he dies
  • Lets make him a victim. Oh no the President is Sick.
  • Well, maybe if this one was worth a F.
  • Joe had a cold. Let’s have a press conference because of it and encourage people to take dangerous shots and wear face diapers, even though there efficacy is unproven. I am so sick of this wicked administration.
  • I could care less!
  • Let’s Go Brandon!
  • I couldn’t care less than less
  • It’s really telling after reading these comments how really distrusted this administration is.

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