Adrenochrome in Hollywood

adrenochrome withdrawals

Adrenochrome is a drug used by the rich and famous, in Hollywood and politics, to stay young. Adrenochrome is a natural compound found in the adrenal glands that spike during moments of fear or terror.

Adrenochrome is very powerful in its natural state and incredibly addictive. Just one use of adrenochrome makes the user highly addicted.

Adrenochrome is harvested by killing kids after taking their raised-adrenochrome-level blood. Most of these satanists in Hollywood and politics will then devour the children as a cannibalistic sacrifice to the Gods they worship.

Hillary Clinton is involved in more disgusting acts you can imagine.

Hollywood actors and politicians use adrenochrome to stay looking young. Adrenochrome is a satanic drug.
Symbolism for Adrenochrome and Pedophilia in Hollywood hidden in plain site

Wait, what was that? Kill frightened children? If this is shocks you, then you truly have no idea what really goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood or in political circles (democrats) and the cabal.

Adrenochrome is a drug harvested from the blood of children used by satanists in Hollywood and politics

Adrenochrome is a drug used by the rich and famous in Hollywood and politics. It is harvested from the blood of children.

Adrenochrome, a chemical known by ‘modern science” since the 1930s, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3. Adrenochrome is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline.

Adrenochrome concentrates in the body during times of extreme fear and terror, which is why the drug is harvested from children when they’re in a terrified state (levels of adrenochrome are elevated in the blood by terrorizing and torturing children.)

Adrenochrome is a highly addictive drug harvested from tortured people, usually children, that acts as a designer drug to improve cognition, making you feel euphoric, enhancing longevity and physical appearance.

Over the years, many testimonies of people who have survived “illuminati” sacrificial rituals, high-ranking government officials and people who have witnessed their kids being subjected to high level pedophilia and satanism, have all come forward to share their experiences.

Most have shared the same story over and over again, saying the “cabal” or “illuminati’ high-ranked politicians, bankers, businessmen, etc.… all take part in satanic rituals.

In order to harvest adrenochrome, the victim is subjected to unbelievable levels of torture and trauma.

In most cases these satanists prefer torturing children, as they consider them to be more “pure” and to produce a higher potency of adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is only present in the the blood during very high levels of terror, which is why the victims (children) are tortured.

Terrified children produce adrenochrome, and it is at the point of terror, adrenochrome levels are the highest. It is at this point, adrenochrome is harvested by taking their blood.

Adrenochrome is the immortality drug of choice for the elite and those in Hollywood. Hollywood actors are actually just actors in real life.


Freemasons and the Illuminati – A Must Read

Producer Of The Hunger Games Exposes Paedophiles Gates, Epstein and The Royal Family

Hollywood actors play a role in the movie we all live in called life.

Most actors and pop stars are not as rich as we’re told they are. These actors and pop stars are put in place so the people have someone to look up to, be like and FOLLOW.

These Hollywood stars and pop stars are promised fame and immortality but what happens when they disobey or aren’t needed any longer? Their lifestyles and fame are taken away, along with their adrenochrome supply.

Celine Dion adrenochrome withdrawal
Celine Dion adrenochrome removed

The Pixar film, Monsters inc., starts to make sense now, doesn’t it. Scaring the hell out of little children for points. Interesting. Disney is one of the key players in the lies crafted to fool the people.

Remember, the elite have rules. The elite (illuminati) must warn us of what they are going to do before they do it.

The warnings may not make sense most of the time, but are hidden in plain sight always.

Check out the 2012 Olympic Games ceremony. None of that made sense with terrified children hiding under the covers while demonic beings lurked the floor. Now covid-19 makes sense.

8 years later, it’s hospital beds with nurses and a virus terrorizing everyone with most beds being empty. It’s all fake, all planned.

Adrenochrome has become an object of fascination among COVID-19 truthers and truth seekers. The global cabal of Democratic and Hollywood pedophiles communicate with each other through cryptic and grandiose messages online.

Every hear of pizza gate? What about Tom Hanks’ odd cryptic messages given at awards ceremonies or on Saturday Night live? Look that up as well. Tom Hanks is known for cryptic messages and also for being one of the largest pedophile leaders in Hollywood.

This Ellen Degeneres video is interesting. In it, she is sending cryptic messages to Tom Hanks, more than likely letting him know of the arrests and executions that are happening in and around Hollywood in 2020. Tom Hanks can’t be found.

Maybe you’ve heard all about Tom Hanks. Everyone is wondering where he is.

Tom Hanks was filming Saturday Night live a few months ago from his kitchen, so he says. His kitchen was the size of what you would find in a 2 bedroom apartment. That wasn’t his kitchen.

Tom Hanks was in front of a green screen and a deep fake was at play (CGI manipulation) so it really wasn’t Tom hanks. Deep fakes are done all the time.

Tom Hanks is more than likely dead or at Gitmo for pedophilia. Tom Hanks was part of the arrests and executions of famous people in 2020. This list is supposedly set for release some time in 2021. The nation will be cleaned up. Hollywood is not what you think it is and neither are politics.

adrenochrome pedophiles rape children in Hollywood 2020 arrests and executions

Some famous people in the Hollywood pedophile ring

Adrenochrome is a mystical psychedelic drug favored by the global elites for drug-crazed satanic rites. A real-life staging of the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. as I said.

Monsters, Inc. is Hollywood telling on itself. Remember, the occult has rules. THEY are required to let us know what they do in plain site. Hard to believe? This is the world we live in.

They have been brainwashing us since birth via television, movies and all media.

People in Hollywood and politics are involved in satanism, pedophilia and child sex-trafficking

What you need to realize is these “people”- the elite satanists, not only torture and kill children, but also do offerings of organs and blood, rape children and do the most unimaginable horrors you can think of!

In most cases, blood is harvested from the victim while they are still alive, and they’re tortured until dead.

adrenochrome withdrawal in hollywood
What happens when your adrenochrome supply is cut off?

Adrenochrome-junkie stars and starlets are being rounded up, they’re snitchin’ like the rats they are, telling on their co-conspirators for harvesting Adrenochrome from tortured and murdered children.

It’s been happening. They are taking these famous people out one by one. They are using this COVID nonsense as a cover story while the arrests and executions are happening. Supposedly there will be a list of arrests and executions early 2021 once the mess is cleaned up.

“There’s only one source for adrenochrome, the adrenaline glands from a living human body. It’s no good from a corpse.” 

Rumor has it Hollywood celebrities are going nuts during quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic.

Some believe this is because of adrenochrome withdrawal, while others believe their adrenochrome supply was tainted by the white hats (the good guys.)

epstein pedophilia hollywood ring arrests and executions 2020

Adrenochrome is an immortality drug and who was one of the largest suppliers? Epstein.

It was stated that Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruz, Nicolas Cage, Barack Obama, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and many other famous celebrities and politicians used Adrenochrome.

Over the years several Adrenochrome photos have emerged suggesting that the wearer did not age, but bruises appeared around the user’s left eye for prolonged use. However it’s not just powerful celebs and politicians using Adrenochrome. The old saying “money talks” is true even to this.

bernie mac hollywood pedophilia exposed
Bernie Mac was said to be killed because he was about to expose the massive adrenochrome drug market.

Secret societies have been known to indulge in this sick behavior as well. These monsters worship satan. They want to please him and are extremely addicted to the adrenochrome drug that naturally occurs in the blood of tortured human beings.

Adrenochrome withdrawal symptoms are far worse than meth or crack withdrawal. Addicts must continue to feed their sick addiction or they will become physically and mentally sick from the withdrawal.

These Hollywood and political satanists will do anything to have their sickening rituals, at the expense of our children, for their “fountain of youth” rush.

The moment Jebb Bush realizes his father gaves names, along with McCain, before they were both put to death for Treason via lethal injection. The paper shown to Jebb was supposedly a “Coming Attractions” pamphlet with what to expect. Arrests and Executions of famous people in 2020.

It’s unfathomable to think there is so much evil in this world! We have got to expose all involved to SAVE OUR CHILDREN and FREEDOM!

An estimated 3 MILLION children go missing every year! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

It’s time for the truth and all involved to be exposed for the sick, twisted spawns of satan they are! Our innocent children are depending on us to keep them safe!

“Adrenochrome is a drug that the elites love. It comes from children. The drug is extracted from the pituitary gland of tortured children. It’s sold on the black market. It’s the drug of the elites. It is their favorite drug. It is beyond evil. It is demonic.

And who is more terrorized than a child about to be ritually killed?

The cabal (aka the deep state, aka the black hats, etc) systematically kidnaps and traffick children first for the sexual thrills, then to murder them to harvest their adrenochrome.

That supposed trafficking camp in Tucson? All about getting that sweet adrenochrome. And the child separation crisis at the border? Ginned up by the cabal to get some new adrenochrome vending machines.

For now, we’ll have to become our own citizen journalists and continue to raise awareness about these things.

Thanks for reading. I know this was a lot to take in.

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