covid is not the Black Plague

Many people believe covid is fake

Many people believe covid is fake with all the coincidental shutdowns and planned chaos in the world in the last 6 months. Let’s look at why many people think covid is fake.

People who believe covid is real won’t want to read this, but they should.

Truth seekers and those who fight for freedom of speech believe covid is fake, while others hold on to whatever the tel-lie-vision tells them.

Many people think covid is fake because of corruption involved in this so called “pandemic”, ”plannedemic” or “scamdemic.”

Never before has a virus caused us to:

  1. Lose our jobs.
  2. Have our fitness centers closed down.
  3. Have our favorite malls, stores, restaurants, family gatherings and beaches denied to us.
  4. Stock market crashes below recession levels when it was at an all-time high.
  5. Riots, which were planned, all over the world.
  6. Wear masks, which do nothing.
  7. Prevent us from going to the hospital to see loved ones.
  8. Prevent us from attending funerals for loved ones.
  9. Keep our kids home from school indefinitely.
  10. Close city streets to the point of desolation.

Reasons people think covid is fake:

  1. Any virus can be deadly just like the regular flu, heart attacks, strokes, pnenominia and other health conditions if people are elderly or have pre-existing lung and respiratory problems. This is true for any flu or illness.
  2. Many doctors who tried exposing the truth about covid were silenced.
  3. Thousands of people die from the flu every year. The standard flu didn’t force people out of exercising, working, financial freedom and getting together.
  4. The covid hoax is not right and many people know it. This virus hoax has robbed us of our constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What these dictatorship governors are doing by locking everything down is wrong and THEY KNOW IT!
  5. After a month, they knew that people who contracted this virus would survive just fine. People who said they had covid last year got over it just fine, like the flu.
  6. Covid was actually in the country by last October and there was no shutdown or any brainwashing commercials on TV about it.
  7. In January when they learned from China that covid was “spreading worldwide,” they locked us down in March, 5 months AFTER it was already “in the United States.”
  8. Brainwashing commercials convinced many people that being broke, stuck at home, giving up goals, dreams and activities was the way to go. They didn’t mention the suicides and domestic violence happening as a result of people being locked up (social isolation) due to the fake virus.
  9. Famous names in music and Hollywood started talking on television to “calm us down” during these “difficult times.” These people are nothing more than puppets, controlled by the elite, the financially powerful, who want New World Order.
  10. Companies started profiting by convincing people that masks are necessary. Masks don’t protect you against a virus (if you can smell through the mask, any virus will get through.) These mandatory cloth masks force a person to breathe in more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. If this is the “cure”, why did corrupt governors wait 3 months to enforce masks? Oh, I just answered that, they’re corrupt, and there is not pandemic.
  11. Now that wearing useless masks are enforced, they say the numbers of covid cases have gone way up. Shouldn’t that tell people masks don’t work? In March and April of 2020, there were no masks required. 3 months AFTER the virus hoax, governors require mandatory masks. Interesting.
  12. There are crazy rioters like BLM (Antifa-funded) who join forces and get paid to destroy property, robbing stores and injuring innocent people.
  13. Businesses and China are making a killing selling masks.
Many people think covid is fake. Businesses are making a fortune on the fake covid scam.
100 dollar banknote with medical mask.

If covid doesn’t sound like a scam, I don’t know what does

There is also the idea that masks hide people’s identity and are all about government control. I tend to believe this.

Numerous nurses in hospitals in California were never overwhelmed and that they had very few cases of the virus. Now with the mask enforcement in so many places, more people are getting sick. I wonder why? Masks are bad for your breathing, health and lower your immune system. Masks are making people sicker than they would be without them.

There are articles and videos by nurses admitting that doctors are putting down every single case of illness as Covid 19 to get large amounts of money sent to their hospitals from the government when they name an illness Covid 19. This is absolutely true.


I have a family member who works as a head nurse and in Emergency rooms in various hospitals. She says the kickback is $2,000 per patient marked as COVID-19. The government is paying hospitals $2,000 per patient to mark deaths as COVID-19.

What started as a virus from China turned into a scam for businesses and the government to make money, Governors to gain dictatorship control and interference with the upcoming election. I could go on and on.

There is so much corruption with the fake COVID-19 virus. Covid is the biggest world scam there ever was.

DO NOT believe the TV and media. Research articles and videos by nurses and doctors and by people who’ve been looking into this. Research many sources. We all need to stand up and demand our freedom. THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US! IT’S NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Many people believe COVID-19 is fake. The television and news media lie and brainwash people.
News media LIES…ALL A HOAX

Many brainwashed people are so eager to fall on the sword for a government that fails them time and time again. These people believe whatever the government and tel-lie-vision tells them. These are most people wearing masks.

I’m going to back way up and look at this fake coronavirus plannedemic from a very general 1,000 foot view, then get smaller, narrowing in on a few specifics.

Have you ever been asked by your parents, “if everyone else jumped off a roof, would you do it too?” We always answered “NO.”

For some reason many people forgot that question. These people, coined as “sheep”, see something on television (tel-lie-vision) and react immediately with NO PROOF. These people refuse to research and simply believe whatever they’re told.

Why is the television and media such a powerful tool in brainwashing people? The answer is simple. People have been brainwashed by the media since birth. We are born into television and the media’s lies. Just because it’s on television doesn’t mean it’s true. Television and the media are controlled by the government. The government is controlled by the rich and secret societies.

The biggest scam the devil ever pulled was to make people believe he didn’t exist.

The news is not reporting on what is really happening in the world. The news is reporting on what THEY want you to know. When I say THEY, I’m referring to the very rich and powerful, the democrats, the elite, the Rockefeller’s, the bilderberg group, the illuminati and secret societies. This is not conspiracy theory talk, this is what truth seekers are researching.

These people are evil and it’s finally coming out in the open thanks to the internet and the patriots doing research and spreading the word.

I’m not the type of person who believes whatever they are told. I need proof. I need facts. A news anchor reporting something on television has never been good enough for me. I don’t trust the media or government, never have and never will.

Just because something is on televion does NOT make it true!

Let’s look at some covid hoax facts for a minute

  1. There was supposed to be a 14-day quarantine, and yet, we are on month 5 of this covid hoax BS.
  2. There were no “required masks” for the first few months, and yet, they’re now a requirement in most areas. This is completely laughable, a joke. I have NEVER worn a mask and I NEVER WILL.
  3. Why were masks not required during the first few months but now they are. If covid was real, damage has already been done. This is common sense! It’s like someone said, it’s like wearing a condom after she’s pregnant!
  4. People are wearing masks in their cars! They believe they’re at such a risk they can’t drive in their car, alone, without wearing a mask. Why are they wearing a mask in THEIR OWN CAR? Who else has been in their car? These same people probably sleep with a mask on, take a shower with a mask on, do everything with a mask on. These people are beyond hope. Covid hoax at its best.
  5. Masks DO NOT PROTECT YOU! If you can smell someone’s perfume as they walk by, guess what, you fell for the covid scam.
  6. The standard flu and all it’s strains has killed THOUSANDS of people quarterly and no one bats and eye. It’s just accepted the covid hoax is real. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.
  7. I have yet to hear of anyone who actually had covid and that goes for friends of friends. I have family working in the medical industry and they say the same thing!
  8. Did you know that hospitals get kickbacks from the government for every death that is logged as covid? $2,000 each. Why is this?
  9. There are many lawsuits against hospitals because they fraudulently marked a loved-one’s death as covid when it clearly was not covid. That’s right! Families are suing hospitals.
  10. Did you know all those white tents setup outside hospitals for covid testing in May 2020 were all fake? The people you saw, waiting in their cars, to get tested, were staff of the hospitals, staged by the media. This is fact. ABC news network got busted for staging this.
COVID-19 is a hoax by government and the media. Many people believe covid is fake and a scam.

Covid is fake and nothing more than a political agenda to get people to turn against one another. THEY want us sidetracked so we can’t see the big picture, NEW WORLD ORDER is what THEY want.

THEY have lied to us for generations, trying to get us to believe whatever lies they create.

More lies from THE MEDIA

SANDY HOOK – This never happened. Sandy Hook school shooting was a lie. That school was not in use for at least a few years before their school shooting drama. I know people who live not too far from that Sandy Hook school and they confirmed the school was closed years before.

MOON LANDING – Never happened. The various light sources at different angles on their sound stage (no the moon) should be enough proof. More on this hoax in another article.

911 – Never happened – No planes hit the twin towers. Planes were added later that evening. This is fact. We were there on the ground. We never saw or heard planes. We thought we were crazy or that we just didn’t see them, but many people on the ground that day say the same thing. This isn’t conspiracy, this is TRUTH.

George Floyd Death Hoax – If you believed this one you truly are brainwashed. George Floyd was an actor and knew his “killer”, the cop, Chauvin, for 13 years. They worked together all those years. Chauvin also had an IMDB page (website for actors in film and tv.) Chauvin’s IMDB page was removed the day after the George Floyd hoax. Chauin is also a crisis actor. A crisis actor is someone hired to show up to a crisis and play the role such as a cop, a parent, whatever, for the media. EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS STAGED!

The covid hoax scare is nothing more than a political agenda. You must realize that everything you see on the news and media is planned! EVERYTHING! This is how THEY control the people.

Many people believe covid is fake

Many people, including myself, believe this covid hoax was a scare tactic to kill the middle class. Thousands of people lost their jobs and businesses, homes, savings, 401k, etc., due to the covid hoax.

When you realize all the effort put into this covid hoax (a much less threat than the flu, if covid actually existed that is), you will start to hopefully realize how bad everything has become.

When Pelosi, that demonic democrat, said they will hold their own inauguration when President Trump wins in 2020, that’s a HUGE RED FLAG!

Democrats are beyond evil and have proved they will do ANYTHING to scare people into believing what THEY want them to believe.

Democrats are NOT for the people of the United States and NEVER have been. Democrats do NOT follow the constitution and NEVER WILL. A lot of people see this but many others do not.

Take a look at BLM, which really stands for Burn Loot Murder. Antifa is democrat-created, used to scare people and destroy America from within. Antifa is just another one of their tools.

For all the idiots who donated their hard-earned money to BLM, do you actually think it’s going to go to a black guy who was just beaten in an alley? You think a truck is going to drive up and drop money on the ground for him?

ALL LIVES MATTER! EVIL SEES NO COLOR. This is what I’m talking about. These sheep are just so eager to believe whatever they’re told by the media, controlled by the powers that be.

One last thing. If you decided to do research for yourself, I highly recommend using duck duck go as a search engine instead of google. Google was designed to track and sell all your data.

Google and YouTube have censored anything political, unless it has to deal with democrats and their evil plans. Try doing a search for George Floyd Hoax on google and see what you get. Now do a search for that in duck duck go. You will get pages of websites. Duck duck go also doesn’t track you like google does.

Google does one thing: tracks you. Google works for the elite.

One last thing, did you know Facebook wasn’t started by Zuckerberg? Nope, that was the government as well. Why do you think they started it? Would you use Facebook if you knew this? That’s why Zuckerberg is the frontman.

If you’re fedup with YouTube censorship, checkout the video sharing platform I created for video creators. RoxyTube.

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Thanks for reading! Don’t believe what THEY tell you! Covid is fake.