Social Distancing in the classroom

Social distancing in schools is brainwashing kids

Social distancing in the classroom is brainwashing whether you realize it or not.

A quick search on social distancing in the classroom will show all kinds of fun games teachers play to get kids to social distance safely. To me, this is sick.

Social distancing in 2020 for covid-19 is one of the biggest hoaxes yet, pulled by the government

If you believe covid-19 is killing thousands of people daily, and you can’t live without your covid-19 mask, I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now. For those not influenced by television or media, read on.

My kids are in hybrid school, which means half the day they are in school and the other half they are remote learning from home. Some days are just full remote learning. Their remote learning school schedule changes every other day. Hybrid remote learning is a mess. Teachers are having a hard time teaching and keeping students interested, during remote learning.

The other day, I heard my son’s teacher go on and on via remote learning about the importance of keeping your hands clean, which I agree with. Washing your hands is something many people do not do often enough, if at all.

The teacher jumped into social distancing. I realize the teacher is only doing his job and what he is told by the ones pulling the strings, but it got ridiculous.

Social distancing in the classroom is brainwashing our children

His teacher went on to say how important it is to stay away from each other. He stressed how social distancing is very important and that you must remain at least 6 feet from everyone at all times. This really bothered me. His social distancing lecture didn’t stop there.

The social distancing lecture in the remote learning classroom continued with, “people have germs and you need to stay away from them so you don’t get sick. It’s best to keep your distance from everyone.” I lost my mind when I heard this.

What nonsense BS from the school system is this?! I was tempted to get in front of the computer and tell the teacher what was on my mind, but I did not, as there were 30 kids in the lesson. I will be emailing the principal.

It is very important to keep your hands clean, as it always has been, but, to brainwash kids into thinking you need to stay away from people is very wrong!

This covid virus hoax has been nothing more than a plan to keep people at odds with one another and against each other. The government has planned this with the covid-19 hoax and the George Floyd death hoax to spark planned riots (racism.)

The government knows it’s best to keep people at odds with each other so their agenda isn’t discovered. The government does so many things people are unaware of. I will be writing more about that on this site.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a truth seeker. I will never do anything the television or news media tells me to do. I have never been a follower. The proof is all around you on how this virus is fake.

If covid-19 was as real and deadly as they say it is, why aren’t people literally dying in the streets or being found dead in their homes? This is not the Black Plague.

Covid-19 has been made to look like the Black Plague and it’s nothing more than a strain of the common flu.

Check out this passage from and how they contradict themselves on covid-19

COVID-19: Many people infected with the coronavirus do not feel sick or have any symptoms at all, but they can still transmit the coronavirus to other people. Review the full list of symptoms.

The news media says you may have coronavirus and not know it. People must get tested to see if they have covid-19. That’s odd. Whenever I have gone to the doctor, I go because I feel terrible and I KNOW I’m really sick. In one breath, says you won’t have any covid-19 symptoms, and in the next sentence, they have a link showing the list of symptoms of covid-19.

Many things don’t add up with the covid-19 hoax

Our kids are brainwashed in the classroom on the covid virus hoax. They are told how important it is to stay away from people and not touch them. This is a mental mind game. Kids will not only listen to this brainwashing garbage, but will start to not trust others either. This is exactly what the government wants.

Social distancing in schools is brainwashing our kids

Whether you realize it or not, the government has a very large agenda. Their plan is to keep people preoccupied with the Fake virus and other hoaxes so they can’t rise up against government (the real enemy.)

The standard flu kills an average of 45,000 people per year and as high as 70,000 in some years, according to medical websites. The numbers for hospital stays for standard flu is double these numbers.

Knowing this flu statistic, why were masks never mandatory until now? Why was the news not spreading panic? Why weren’t people being forced to stay 6’ apart? Why weren’t kids involved in remote learning? Why wasn’t the sky falling?

Could it be covid-19 is a brainwash tactic to keep people hating each other and separated? Thousands of people are waking up to this and it’s obvious. Coincidental the 2020 election is at the same time as the covid-19 hoax.

Thanks to the internet, thousands of people are waking up to the government lies and the covid-19 hoax.

We have been brainwashed since birth via television and news media.

You must realize everything you see is scripted and planned. This is from the news, radio, movies and music

All hoaxes by the government are to sidetrack people from what is really going on

In 6 months, the world rapidly went from what it was to:

  1. Stock market crashing to recession levels
  2. Businesses closing due to no business
  3. Thousands of people losing jobs due to no business
  4. Virus quarantine was supposed to be 2 weeks, now 4 months
  5. No masks required first 2 months, but required after “outbreak”
  6. Media is more active reporting the sky is falling closer to 2020 presidential election
  7. People resenting each other: maskers vs non maskers
  8. Planned riots by Antifa
  9. BLM fake organization to fund democrats and scare people
  10. George Floyd death hoax
  11. Actors in Hollywood disappearing due to “covid-19”
  12. Social media censorship out of control on YouTube and Facebook, banning anything covid-19 related unless it’s from the CDC or government
  13. Governors disregard President Trump and force states to lockdown
  14. Fake asteroid story heading towards earth
  15. Brainwashing “the new normal” into our heads

This covid-19 hoax has brainwashed thousands of people because they don’t know any better. They have been relying on the news media their entire lives. Now the school system is getting involved in the social distancing brainwashing.

All of us have been born into brainwashing. You really need to realize all media is controlled by the government

Did you know the War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 was a hoax? The War of the Worlds radio broadcast was a test by government to see how people would react to an invasion from Mars.

Orson Welles’ 30 October 1938 radio adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” caused mass hysteria, convincing thousands of panicked listeners across North America that Earth was being attacked by Mars.

“War of the Worlds” radio broadcast was sprung on an unsuspecting audience. The show was a regularly scheduled and announced episode of The Mercury Theatre on the Air, a radio program dedicated to presenting dramatizations of literary works.)

Thousands of people fled their homes in terror, thinking the War of the Worlds radio broadcast was a real alert that Earth was being invaded by Mars.

War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938 spread terror to the people

After watching this radio broadcast, can you imagine how terrified people must have been to get this “news cast?” There was no internet in 1938, so communities only had their neighbors and the telephone to rely on for info. A small circle of people, all in the same boat, panicked. Luckily today we have the internet to share knowledge.

Do you see the power of media? Do you see what they are capable of, and what they have done since the days of the printing press (early 1500s.)

The pen is truly mightier than the sword and the news media and government have used it to their advantage for years

Whatever the government is hiding, they are going full force with it. Brainwashing our children to avoid others must be stopped.

For a moment, forget about the hand washing and health safety you should already be practicing. It’s Coincidental all the attention given to a virus that always existed. Coronavirus has been on the back of Lysol cans for years.

Why is the sky falling now, with all the flu strains and viruses we’ve dealt with for years? Why is social distancing a thing now? What’s they’re agenda?

If an asteroid was heading towards Earth and the news media said hard hats are mandatory, the maskers would be wearing them.

Take a few large steps back and look at the big picture of this social distancing hoax. Trust no news media and do your own research. Stand up for yourself, and others too nervous to do so will follow.

The news media is crumbling and they know it. People are waking up to the lies and it’s up to you to help spread the truth, like so many others. Our freedom depends on it.

Here’s a video clip I filmed just the other day on social distancing. My son was in a cross country race for track, outside. The school had social distancing cones setup for the safety of the children to protect against the “virus.”

I stood 2 feet in front of the cones to film a video clip of my son. The school director wasn’t having it but I stood my ground. He said we need to keep the children safe from the virus. What a joke. Everyone was outside wearing masks, happy to comply, while I stood in front of the cones until getting my video footage.

I realize these people in the school system have to do as they’re told. I will not comply or obey something I don’t believe in. I will not follow others. I will not jump off a bridge because others do. My parents taught us that when we were young. “Are you going to jump off a bridge just because everyone else is doing it?”

I have told my kids covid-19 is out there. I have told them it was designed by the government as a super bug virus. I have done my research. I have friends in special forces and the medical industry. Not one one them has seen the chaos in empty hospitals or the “testing tents” the media claims there is.

Social distancing is brainwashing and it’s spreading big time to the classrooms of our children. The government is trying to make this the new normal. I fear the day when our children of today say to us years down the road, “you mean you would go to concerts indoors and no one wore masks? You could do whatever you wanted without a mask?” That would be sad.

One last thing, for medical “professionals” and the government to know so little about Covid-19, how do they know 6 feet apart is the number? Does anyone think about this? Why is it not 12 feet apart? Since when does covid-19 jump from one person to another like a tick?

My brother was in traffic the other day and a driver in front of him, of about 5 car lengths, was smoking a cigarette. My brother smelled the smoke, which was coming out of this driver’s lungs. How far away is that? Think about that again.

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