Clones in Government – Deepfake Technology and Doubles

clones in congress and government

Clones in government has been a large research topic, especially since the Biden actor has made it all too obvious something odd is going on.

There is much talk of clones in government and Hollywood. Whether or not these are clones from a laboratory or not, one thing is for sure; faking out the public is very easy to do.

Just as there are clones or doubles in Hollywood films, the government uses body doubles to protect the President and others for security.

What if clones in congress and the government were used for a more sinister reason? What would that reason be?

Why would the government place actors in place of congress people?

Regardless if you believe Biden is dead or being played by an actor, is irrelevant.

This post will show just some of the technology available to make people believe what they want you to believe.

Maybe clones in congress, government and Hollywood has something to do with the Arrests and Executions of Famous People for crimes against humanity such as child trafficking, for starters.

But, if these satanists (yes, they are satanists) have been arrested and executed at GITMO or somewhere else, then why the charade?

Currently there are no answers as to why clones in government would be used if someone in congress or Hollywood was arrested or executed.

Here’s some scary technology, involving silicone masks and Deepfake CG, available to fool people.

It’s Just This Easy – Do Not Believe ANYTHING From Mainstream Media

Fake face, breasts, realistic silicone disguise. Is this a woman enhancing her appearance or a thin man? Scary what can be done.

DeepFake Technology anyone can do with a fast enough computer

In this clip from the film Step Brothers, actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are replaced by actors Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger using DeepFake technology. Deepfake realism can be created by anyone.

Deepfake technology can create convincing, entirely fictional videos, using photos of alternative people for face mapping, from scratch.

A non-existent Bloomberg journalist, “Maisy Kinsley”, who had a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter, was probably a deepfake.

Tom Cruise Deepfake – You will rethink Everything you think you know

Audio can be deepfaked too, to create “voice skins” or ”voice clones” of public figures. Last March, the chief of a UK subsidiary of a German energy firm paid nearly £200,000 into a Hungarian bank account after being phoned by a fraudster who mimicked the German CEO’s voice.

The AI firm, Deeptrace, found 15,000 deepfake videos online in September 2019; the number of videos doubled within nine months.

As new techniques allow unskilled people to make deepfakes from home, fake videos are likely to spread beyond the celebrity world to fuel revenge or mislead people.

Fake Videos of Real People Using CG AI

This video from a Ted Talks workshop was from 2018 – Deepfake technology has improved a lot since then.

Dangers of DeepFake Technology

You Can’t Believe Everything You See

If the average person can create deepfake videos or purchase silicone masks that look real, what do you think the government is capable of?

Clones in government don’t seem so far-fetched now, do they? The question is, why would government or The Deep State carry on with a Biden clone if Biden is out of the picture? They need to carry on their agenda with their prized puppet.

Many people have been pointing out the obvious with Biden videos that look quite odd, and yet, nothing is said or done about it. Maybe all the government puppets are in on it; maybe we’ve all been duped.

If a life-like silicone mask can be purchased for $3,000, what do you think the government has at its disposal? What do you think their budget is? What do you think they’re capable of?

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Is Hillary Clinton a Clone?

I’m sure you’ve seen the video footage of Hillary Clinton being taken away after her collapse at a 9/11 ceremony in New York. Clinton’s collapse made global headlines and fueled rumors about her health. What are rumors and what is fact? Everything is hidden.

The day of Hillary Clinton’s “collapse”, she was incredibly fatigued and needed assistance in walking. It was said she had pneumonia, however, Hillary Clinton emerged (with no secret service by her side) just 2 hours later, healthy and looking different.

Some say Hillary Clinton was arrested and her “fatigue” was shock from being taken away. Who knows.

If Hillary Clinton was arrested and / or executed for crimes against humanity (adrenochrome), why is the facade allowed to carry on with a double?

Hillary Clinton Look Alike Emerges

After nearly collapsing in public, Hillary Clinton stopped off at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to “refresh herself.”

Wait a minute…refresh herself? I thought she had pneumonia? I digress.

After Hillary Clinton emerged, she reportedly looked like a different person by many — so much so that some people are speculating that the Hillary Clinton out and about is a body double.

Hillary Clinton recovered from pneumonia after 2 hours.

Clones in Congress and government. Hillary Clinton double. After nearly collapsing in public, Hillary Clinton stopped off at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to refresh herself. When she emerged, she reportedly looked like a different person — so much so that some people are speculating that Hillary is using a body double.
Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton looks different these days; is she using a body double?

Footage of Hillary Clinton’s collapse shows the 68-year-old being held up by aides and secret service agents, before losing her footing and getting into a waiting car.

Hillary Clinton was later taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to recover with her team confirming she was suffering from pneumonia.

Soon after, that same day, Clinton was waving to reporters as she left, insisting she felt great.

Some speculated Clinton was looking too good, despite being so ill. Oddly, there were no secret service agents present as Clinton emerged alive and well.

Clinton’s team deliberately avoided the emergency room to “conceal details of her medical treatment.”

Many eagle-eyed people noticed something drop near, or from, Clinton’s trouser leg before she was helped into the waiting car.

The internet was abuzz after a metal object was spotted falling from or around Clinton’s trouser leg.

The internet was abuzz after a metal object was spotted falling from or around Clinton’s leg.

Some users questioned if it was a health-related item, while others joked she could be wearing an ankle bracelet (arrest.)

It wouldn’t be the first time Clinton has been at the center of a conspiracy theory or two, or ten, or 500.

What are your thoughts on Clones in government? Let us know in the comments below.

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