covid19 mask nonsense

covid-19 mask nonsense

The Covid-19 hoax and face mask nonsense has brought out the worst in people. You all know what I’m talking about. Sheep will always fall on the sword, planted by democrats.

People who believe anything they’re told will follow evil until the end, even if it’s not in their best interest.

The Covid-19 hoax and face mask nonsense has brought out the worst in people. You all know what I’m talking about. Sheep will always fall on the sword, planted by democrats. People who believe anything they’re told will follow evil until the end, even if it’s not in their best interest.

I’m trying to think of words to properly explain how messed up this covid-19 hoax has become.

I will not go into how it’s known covid-19 is a hoax. There are MANY TRUTHS proving covid-19 to be a hoax.

IF you’re a patriot who supports the constitution and the United States of America, I don’t need to get into details, as you have done your research. If you’re a follower of the news and a democrat, you won’t listen anyway and that’s fine.


As a side note, it’s ironic how this post will more than likely have ads for covid-19 masks. I don’t control the ads, but that’s funny.

Democrats / Demoncrats support ANTIFA and have planned all the riots we hear about around the United States. Do we even know why these riots are happening? If the riots were real, why are they happening? Why are “rioters” so mad? Why are they approaching vehicles at red lights and bashing windows out? What’s causing all their anger? Oh that’s right, they are #antifaterrorists.

You must realize everything you see on the news is fake

Everything from the news is scripted and planned. If it wasn’t for the news reporting on constant racial tension that doesn’t exist, the world would be a much better place! THEY want us against each other so we can’t rise up against THEM! When I say THEM, I’m referring to the elite, the richest demons in the world. I’m talking about the Rockefeller’s, the Bilderberg group, the illuminati.

secret societies are real. They have hidden agendas and use covid-19 as yet another tool to scare people into doing what they want.

These secret societies do exist and are very real. These societies are desperate for power they do not deserve and should never have. THEY want to depopulate the world and start a NEW WOLRD ORDER. They do this by lying to the people for decades via the news and all forms of media including radio and television. This all started with the printing press in the 1700s. These aren’t conspiracy theories, these are facts anyone with a brain can research.

Far-fetched hoaxes are taken as truth, while truth seekers and researches are labeled as conspiracy theorists.

When your parents asked if you would jump off a roof if everyone else did, what was your answer? That question still applies today, but many have forgotten.

Remember the War of the Worlds radio broadcast by HG Wells in the early 1900s? People only had radios in their living rooms for entertainment.

Thousands of people across the United States left their homes in panic because they though the world was really being invaded by aliens from outer space. This was not an accident. This was a test by the government, run by THEM to see how easily it would be to control and manipulate people. THEY got amazing results.

Stupid people will do what they’re told when orders are given by a “higher power.” This higher power can consist of doctors, attorneys or politicians.

covid-19 mask wearers do as they're told. covid-19 believers must do as they're told at all times.
Covid-19 believers must do as they’re told at all times. They must obey.

Many people will do as they’re told, believing anyone with perceived power. This is how they control the people of the world.

How does the government get people to do what they want? They make up a story. It’s on the tel-lie-vision so the sheep will eat it up.

President Bush wanted to go to war with the Middle East (over oil.) He needed a plan that every American would believe in. Bush constructed the 911 terrorist attacks. He knew every American would back the war to get “revenge.” Yes 911 was staged. They’re weren’t planes there at all that day.

To destroy the economy and ruin the middle class, THEY created covid-19

Enter the covid-19 hoax

The news media said there is a virus killing people all over the world. They amped it up by showing footage in New York, which was staged. The coronavirus footage from Italy was staged. They inflated covid-19 numbers, which changed all the time, making it look like covid-19 is killing everyone.

The coronavirus quarantine was designed to keep people away from one another. THEY don’t want people to know the truth. Covid-19 is a distraction to prevent people from rising up against their secret societies, ruining their plan for New World Order (NWO.)

These secret societies are demonic, pedophile rings that are deeply-embedded in Hollywood, sport and politics. If you guys only knew how bad it really was you’d do everything you could to prevent the domestic enemy from winning. Why do they use sports figures and Hollywood stars as spokespeople? THEY know the average person will listen to people on pedestals.

No one would think Tom Hanks is a bad person, he’s woody from toy story after all.

Look at all the films Tom Hanks made with touching stories. All BS. Tom Hanks is a top member of the pedophile ring in Hollywood. It’s time you all knew. I’m sure you have seen many stories on Tom Hanks and the creepy ass instagram posts of his. Hey Tom, where’s Isaac Kappy, oh that’s right, you killed him after he blew your cover on the pedophile ring you’re involved in.

Let’s look at covid-19 masks for a minute. People really are stupid to think a thin piece of cotton cloth or thin scarf is going to protect them from a virus (that doesn’t exist.) Masks weren’t mandatory for the first 2 months of the covid-19 hoax quarantine.

Covid-19 masks became mandatory after 2 months. What sense does this make? It doesn’t. As someone said, it’s like wearing a condom after she’s pregnant. This is the stupidity sheep cannot see and will never see! No thinking, just doing what they’re told.

Covid-19 mask nonsense

If you can smell someone’s perfume as they walk by, your covid-19 isn’t protecting you from anything. You’re breathing in bacteria that’s collecting on the inside of this cloth mask. Not healthy at all and this is documented time and time again by medical experts. This is just more covid-19 mask nonsense.

More covid-19 nonsense with masks
Just do what they tell you and you’ll be fine.

Covid-19 masks-wearers believe everyone should obey. Everyone needs to obey the “powers that be.” I have never bought into that BS and never will!

If you think your covid-19 mask is protecting you, wear it. Stop harassing non-mask wearers. If you believe a mask will protect you (against something that doesn’t exist) there shouldn’t be a problem.

For the masked sheep, what about all the things you touch in stores? The door handles you touch? The products you bring into your home have been touched by hundreds of hands.


Fatass IL governor JB Pritzker is a criminal and everyone in IL knows it. This slob is constantly on twitter preaching the benefits of masks and how we need to comply to get over this terrible time. Fuck Pritzker and all other governors and mayors telling us what to do! People forget who pays their salary! WE pay their salary with very high taxes. THEY work for us!

I always say NO MASKS NO COMPLIANCE! I will never bow or kneel before any man or woman.

Priests are the worst frontmen for all this BS. Trust no one, especially priests. There is only one Father and he isn’t in human form. God is the only one I need to listen to as far as religion goes. The catholic church is in on the scams as well and has been for hundreds of years.

The United States is supposed to be a free country but it’s far from that.

This covid-19 hoax shows you just how free this country is. THEY tried to quarantine the healthy, impose curfews, make you wear masks, separate you from others with social distancing, and many other humiliating mandatory orders.

When the covid-19 hoax started to lose it’s grip on the people of the world, they came up with other hoaxes.

The George Floyd Hoax was amazingly stupid, almost as stupid as their “asteroid heading towards the earth” hoax.

Look how trendy and accepted you'll be with a covid-19 custom mask.
Look how sexy and trendy you’ll be with a custom covid-19 mask

When the asteroid gets closer to earth, THEY will make hard hats mandatory. The sheep will comply.

Truth seekers are labeled as conspiracy theorists, while fake protests and hoaxes are not questioned.

Trust nothing, especially if it’s on the television.

All media lies and most politicians lie. THEY have an agenda and will plow over anyone who tries to stand in their way. Just like the Clintons…how many “friends” of theirs died from suicide?

This covid-19 hoax is yet another tool to separate people from one another, both physically and mentally.

A virus isn’t like a tick where it jumps from one person to another, and yet, there is 6′ social distancing. Really. How do they know it’s 6′ and not 15′. I don’t understand how THEY were able to gather all this knowledge on a virus that has “never been seen before.”

covid-19 masks for sale for the sheep. you want to be like everyone else don't you?
You want to be like everyone else don’t you? You don’t want to be different do you?

I will never believe what I’m told especially if it comes from the tel-lie-vision, politicians or priests.

Ever notice how the mask-wearing sheep are the ones to completely go off on those who don’t want to wear masks? There’s a reason for that. It’s called brainwashing.

Easily-manipulated people believe covid-19 is for real. They believe everyone should do what they do or there will be chaos. These mouth breathers are clueless idiots who can’t think for themselves.

These crazy mask-wearing sheep need to back off of anyone who chooses to not wear a mask.

Where are all the hospital videos now, showing how crowded hospitals are? Where are our heroes? What about videos of millennial “doctors” filming vlogs in their cars about how hard of a day they had on the “front lines?”

People got sick of seeing it so they needed to move on to something else…enter George Floyd Death hoax. That failed as well. Planted bricks on every corner in all countries all over the world for a black guy who “died?” These people need to wake the fuck up. Just more covid-19 nonsense used as a political tool by democrats.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an organization by ANTIFA that supports domestic terrorism. All money people were stupid enough to donate to BLM goes into the pockets of democrats to fund their terrorist activities. A lot of that money goes to support terrorism as well. Don’t believe me? Do some research from multiple sources. Do you really think money donated to BLM is going to be given to black people who are bullied or killed? IF you do, you’re beyond hope.

Illuminati and government corruption exposed

Speaking of researching, I don’t use google for anything, as they censor the truth and collect all data on you. I use duck duck go as a search engine and nothing else on all my devices. You will be amazed at all the info you find using duck duck go. Like YouTube / EvilTube and Facebook, Google censors everything! Duck duck go censors nothing and never stores your data.

On May 8th, 2020, President Trump signed an executive order to stop social media censoring.

YouTube continues to delete any videos exposing the truth.

I had a video taken down by YouTube the day after the executive order was signed.

I sent a copy of President Trump’s executive order and EvilTube responded by saying the video will remain down.

I created RoxyTube, a social media site for video creators with much less censoring and a lot more fun! It’s a YouTube alternative I started in 2020. Check it out!

I don’t think this post on covid-19 mask nonsense woke anyone up who believes the coronavirus is real. For those who know it’s fake, share this out.

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