Hospitals KILLING The Unvaccinated

ventilators killing unvaccinated patients

Hospitals are KILLING unvaccinated patients with ventilators.

Hospitals are still killing patients with ventilators, especially if they’re not vaccinated, by the DNA altering experimental depopulation serum being pushed by government and FEMA.

Over the months we have seen real nurses come forward saying hospitals are killing patients with ventilators.

A ventilator is a mechanical breathing device that breathes for the patient when they are unable to breathe on their own.

The patient is sedated and a tube is placed down into their lungs, which inflates the lungs with oxygen to mimic breathing.

Ventilators are used as a last resort, since only 14% of patients on ventilators survive the process.

Are hospitals still killing UNVACCINATED patients with ventilators, especially if they're not vaccinated, by the DNA altering experimental depopulation serum being pushed by government and FEMA?
Patients on ventilators have a 14% survival rate

Ventilators are dangerous because they are a closed system and breed bacteria.

Doctors and nurses often times do not set the machine for the proper amount of oxygen needed by the patient, often resulting in too much oxygen pumped into the blood.

Without the proper mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide, oxygen in the blood is not properly utilized, causing the patient more harm than good.

A Hospital Killed My Cousin With A Ventilator

This is a personal story on what a hospital (Centegra) did to our cousin with a ventilator.

  • My cousin was healthy and in his early 40s
  • We last saw him and his fiancé on July 4, 2021 and everyone was healthy
  • 2 weeks after we saw them, they went to Florida for vacation for one week
  • 2 days after our cousin, fiancé and kids came back from Florida, they all had flu symptoms
  • Our cousin felt a bit worse the third day and went to the hospital to get checked out
  • The hospital kept him into the night and suggested he stay since his oxygen levels were lower
  • Our cousin called his fiancé to say “get me out of this hospital they are trying to kill me” (she was home with the kids)
  • Power of Attorney person did not allow his fiancé into the hospital
  • Our cousin tried to leave that night, removing the IV’s from his arms. They stopped him and sedated him
  • The same night of his attempted escape, our cousin was placed on a ventilator
  • A week after being on the ventilator, they took him out of sedation – he tried pulling the tube from his throat to leave again
  • They sedated him and kept him on the ventilator another week
  • Blood clots appeared in his lungs after a week of being on the ventilator
  • The hospital kept asking the family for a DNR (do not resuscitate – 4 times in a week) and the family said NO
  • Hospitals DO NOT ASK for a DNR, they are supposed to ask the family how they feel about DNR!
  • How could someone in a “DO NOT RESUSCITATIVE STATE” try to escape a second time?!
  • After the last request from the hospital for a DNR, we got word my cousin was “coding.”
  • 30 minutes later my cousin died of a “heart attack.”

All this drama happened over the course of 2 weeks. Our cousin went from healthy to flu-like symptoms to death in less than 3 weeks.

Are Hospitals KILLING unvaccinated patients? Ventilators are killing patients in hospitals. Ventilators have a 14% survival rate.
Ventilators Are Not Safe

Our cousin is not the type of person to get scared or escape a hospital unless he saw or heard something alarming. His last words to his fiancé, “get me out of here they’re trying to kill me” can’t be erased from my mind.

Did he see something or hear something while in the hospital that made him to want to leave? My cousin wasn’t the rebellious type with doctors and would have stayed if he felt comfortable and safe.

NY Nurse Speaks Out – Hospitals Murdering Patients

A Nurse working on coronavirus frontlines in New York says the city is ‘murdering’ COVID-19 patients by putting them on ventilators and causing trauma to the lungs. This video is from 2020 and it’s believed ventilators are still used to end lives today.

Our cousin was not vaccinated and we all agreed we would not be. We are all on the same page regarding the experimental DNA altering serum by the government and none of us want any part of it.

You may think, well, covid killed him – doubtful. Our cousin was well enough to attempt escape from the hospital on his own.

Are Hospitals KILLING unvaccinated patients? Ventilators are killing patients in hospitals. Ventilators have a 14% survival rate.
Our Cousin Mike, RIP – photo taken 4 weeks before his death

Was the hospital told to murder the unvaccinated or were they simply looking to collect another $2,000 from the government for each death they marked as covid?

Why was our cousin placed on a ventilator when he wasn’t on death’s door? He leaves behind 2 young kids, his fiancé and a family who loves him.

PODCAST version of – Are Hospitals Killing The Unvaccinated?

Ventilators Used To Kill Patients

Normal blood-oxygen levels are around 97% and it becomes worrisome when the numbers drop below 90%. At levels below 90%, the brain may not get sufficient oxygen, and patients might start experiencing confusion, lethargy or other mental disruptions. As levels drop into the low 80s or below, the danger of damage to vital organs rises.

Ventilators should only be used as a last resort; not on someone with enough strength to remove IV’s and try to exit the hospital.

Has anyone else lost multiple family members in a short period of time by hospitals murdering them?

Many people have emailed ROTTER News to say YES!

Our cousin should have never been placed on a ventilator – A tragic loss that has left a lot of questions.

Our cousin never drank, never smoked, had no history of heart problems or any health issues.

Do Ventilators Save Patients’ Lives?


With the world getting worse and government blaming the unvaccinated for the virus they created, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hospitals are KILLING unvaccinated patients and using ventilators to secretly do it.

The hospital kept our cousin sedated and on a ventilator for 2 weeks. He died yesterday. He was 46.

We will be attending his wake next week due to a senseless death that will go unanswered.

From A ROTTER News Reader – Respiratory Therapist

Hey, I just read your article. I am a Respiratory Therapist.

As a Respiratory Therapist we manage the patient’s on the ventilators. I was wondering if this particular patient (your cousin) had been given the proper medication while there?

The ventilator is the last option to protect the airway and allow the patient to rest while machine does the work. The ventilator runs on Positive pressure which is the opposite of natural breathing, which is negative pressure. Therefore the ventilator can have negative efffects. It is up to those running the machines to manage appropriate settings and blood gas evaluation on these patients to properly monitor them and what they need.

As this pandemic came about in my area where I work in 2020 I have seen many deaths and I agree that ventilators should be the last resort. The disease attacks the lung tissue causing mass inflammatory issues and oxygen devices should be used along with proper medication. My heart is very heavy from the lack of proper medical care physicians are doing whether by willful ignorance or corruption. This is very sad for me personally being that I am taking care of every respiratory patient when working. Thank you for your journalism. Keep up the information coming as long its accurate and transparent. People need the truth whether it’s good or bad. There are procedures and processes that go on before a patient is intubated, so I’ll just say, everyone has a God given right to decline any treatment.

What I see and have been seeing is patients are not being given treatment modalities that have been proven to decrease symptoms. I’m very disturbed at what is still happening. I trust no one who is in the  medical field at this time. I question everything and we all should be taking better care of ourselves and using home remedies if we have issues, it seems to be much safer than going to a hospital right now. Take care sir and God bless.

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