Fight Against Vaccines – Fight For Freedom

It’s now more important than ever to fight against covid vaccines in the fight for your freedom.

Australia is turning into 1930’s Germany with the ridiculous lockdown rules and fines in place.

If people would not comply with the mask mandates and vaccine mandates spreading through the world, this would all be over.

Each time someone complies with mask or vaccine mandates the government wins.

Australia was the last country we expected to be under such tyrannical rule by a government that has turned Nazi.

Australia is turning into 1930’s Germany – MUST WATCH

We are praying for the people of Australia and also hope this turns around for them, along with others fighting against their governments.

If you can’t see it by now, you may never see that governments are doing what they can to control and limit the freedoms of people all around the world.


Without compliance, governments are powerless.

The Covid Agenda

  • Talk of a deadly virus in January 2020
  • Businesses forced to close March 2020
  • Empty streets as people hide from a virus March 2020
  • People lose jobs as more businesses close
  • Stock markets plummet February 2020 (with executives taking profits before it plummeted – they knew)
  • Mask mandates for only 2 weeks – that are still in effect 1.5 years later
  • They rush for a vaccine to “save” / kill the world
  • Vaccine and mask mandates forced on cities and states
  • NY implements mandatory vaccines in restaurants, theaters and public places
  • IL mandates vaccines in colleges and schools
  • Governors continues to bribe people into taking the “vaccine” with free donuts and money
  • Popular social media creators are bribed with money to film themselves taking the jab
  • People jabbed are getting very sick and dying
  • People jabbed are still getting the virus – and yet they are forcing vaccines
  • Pfizer stock price are soaring – it’s all about money and control
  • Hospitals are targeting unvaccinated people and killing them

Can you see where this is going? Are you seeing a pattern?

fight against vaccines for freedom and government control. Governments around the world are forcing vaccine mandates. Fight vaccine mandates.

It’s NOT About A Virus – It’s About Controlling YOU

In Australia, children are being taken from their parents to get the COVID “VACCINE” shot.

Do you realize that a constant state of emergency only serves as an excuse for global tyranny. How do you think the holocaust began?

Are you going to hide your children like they hid the jews?

Australia is the test model for this martial law.

Australia Lockdowns – Australia Tyranny

People really need to understand that it is our compliance that is causing this perpetual process of this medial tyranny by governments.

It is the vaccine passports that are most crucial to initiate their New World Order.

It is time to NOT COMPLY and continue the fight against vaccines and government mandates or they will win.

The fight against vaccines is crucial if you are to maintain your freedoms and health.

Covid Vaccines are their Agenda for Genocide and control.

PODCAST Version of Fight Against Vaccines

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