Covid Vaccine LIES and Hoaxes List

covid lies and hoax

Covid Vaccine Lies and Hoaxes are the talk of the internet, all over the lying television stations and radio.

Why is the government pushing the Covid Vaccine so hard?

Why is the government bribing people and offering commissions to take the vaccine?

If you think the government cares about you or your health, think again.

The government has an agenda and at the top of their list is jabbing everyone with the untested and unapproved “vaccine.”

There are two camps of people; those who believe in the Covid Vaccine (and can’t line up fast enough for it), and those who think for themselves.

The lying news media and governments around the world are doing everything in their power to convince people they need a vaccine to protect them from a virus that never existed (my opinion…and I’m sure I’m right); it’s called the flu.

Whether you believe covid and the Covid Vaccine are real, ask yourself why the government is pushing the Covid Vaccine as much as they are?

I’ve written about governors and mayors in the United States using bribery to entice people to get the Covid Vaccine.

I’ve also written about popular social media creators being approached to film themselves taking the vaccine for large sums of money if they post said videos to their video platforms for their followers to see.

The lying news media and government belittle anyone going against their agenda to force covid vaccines.

What The Lying News Media and Government Say About Free Thinkers

Top scientists have created an online guide to arm people with scientific facts and practical tips to fight lies, hoaxes and conspiracy theories that are threatening public trust in the COVID vaccines.

More than two dozen leading experts in vaccine psychology, education and virology say they volunteered contributions to The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook to take on misinformation and propaganda spread by anti-vaccination activists that could lower vaccination rates and cause needless deaths. 

Covid Vaccine lies and hoaxes. Whether you believe covid and the Covid Vaccine are real, you have to ask yourself why the government is pushing the Covid Vaccine as much as they are?
Bill Gates – NOT a doctor – A Covid Hoax Ring Leader

Even as covid cases surge and hospitals overflow with critically ill patients, opposition to the vaccines is resonating, not just with fringe communities, but with swaths of mainstream America. Studies show that belief in COVID-19 falsehoods can dissuade people from getting the vaccine.

‘We are talking about people’s lives’: Dire warnings of public health crisis as COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rages

Look how SERIOUS they make everything look. “THE SKY IS FALLING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” They say “covid cases surge and hospitals overflow with critically ill patients” blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, hospitals are still empty, as they’ve always been (#emptyhospitals, #filmyourhospital) and people are out and about as they always were; many without masks.

There is NO Black Plague! The lying news media hasn’t reported on the flu in months; it’s all covid now; push the agenda.

Some Covid Entertainment for Free Thinkers

Covid Vaccine Lies and Hoaxes in the last year

I’m sure you can add more to the Covid Vaccine lies and hoaxes list…let us know in the comments below.

Are these planned government hoaxes to keep our minds off something much larger that hasn’t surfaced yet?


Between the lying politicians, lying news media and truth seekers putting the puzzle pieces together, it’s hard to believe what is true and what is false regarding the covid plandemic agenda.

Whether you believe covid is a hoax or not, one huge question is always present; why is the government relentlessly pushing an unapproved and non tested “vaccine” on people?

Why do governments want everyone to get their DNA-altering serum? They are going to great lengths to push their “vaccine” and mask of compliance agenda; they will never stop. You can’t wait for it to stop; you must act.

You’ll hear people say, “I took the vaccine and I was fine.” What about a year down the road or five years down the road?

What will their “vaccine” do to your body long term; it’s killed many healthy people within a week of injection. Stuff to think about.

People are Easy to Brainwash – Eddie Griffin (some language is used to prove his point)

What can you do? If don’t buy what they’re selling, don’t wear a mask and don’t take their “vaccine.” You’re healthy, so why temp fate by taking something that may kill you? Don’t let fear control you. Remember, they’re supposed to work for us! They have no say in what you do with your life; this is against the US Constitution.

We the people, are the good guys.

Remember, Bill Gates has a patent on the virus (patent number 060606) and you can’t patent anything in nature! You can only patent what is created (man-made.)

Podcast version of Covid Lies and Hoaxes

What are your thoughts on No Fly Lists for Innocent People? 

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