No Fly List for Innocent People

Innocent people on no fly list by government

The US government is placing U.S. citizens and permanent residents on the No Fly List, without reason; this is also happening in Canada now.

People are being banned indefinitely from flying on any aircraft by the government, for no reason at all.

The United States government and Canada are banning innocent people from flying – INDEFINITELY – to, from, or over the United States, even though they’ve never been charged with a crime.

If you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, and the TSC determines you are on the No Fly List, you will not be able to board any aircraft, even if you have a paid airline ticket and confirmation for the flight. Air travelers find out they’re on the no fly list while at the airport, just minutes before their flight, with no reasons given.

What Is The No Fly List?

The No Fly List is a subset of the government’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), also known as the “Terrorist Watchlist.”

The no fly list database “contains identity information of known or suspected terrorists” and is maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) of the FBI, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) notes.

If the government suspects you are up to no good or do not like way you practice freedom, they can and will put you on the terrorist watch list with no reasons given.

“TSA is the US government agency that screen individuals, using information from the Terrorist Screening Database. TSA implements the No Fly List through its Secure Flight program.

Individuals on the No Fly List are prevented from boarding an aircraft when flying within, to, from and over the United States,” TSA adds.

The Terrorist Watchlist “contains thousands of records that are updated daily and shared with federal, state, local, territorial, local law enforcement, intelligence community members and international partners, to ensure that individuals with links to terrorism are appropriately screened,” the FBI explains.

You May be Marked as a Terrorist and wind up on the government watchlist if:

  • You refuse to wear the covid mask of compliance
  • You speak out against government
  • Have a blog or social media platform that spreads awareness and tries to educate others
  • Try to practice freedom of speech
  • Follow Trump
  • Refuse to take the covid “vaccine”
  • Participate in anti-government movements
  • Make your voice heard
  • Refuse to follow their Agenda

Everything in this list is your right, under the Constitution of the United States, but the powers that be (The Deep State and Shadow government) are slowly brainwashing people (now more so than ever) into believing we can’t stand up for ourselves. Any attempt to practice or support the US Constitution is seen as terrorism. You will be labeled as a terrorist for standing up to government.

NO FLY LIST now in Canada

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; they may not try to force you into taking their “vaccine”, but if you don’t, you may be punished.

More and more innocent people, with no criminal records, are being placed on the no fly list, simply for practicing the 1st amendment (FREEDOM OF SPEECH), or following the US Constitution.

The government is labeling anyone who follows the Constitution a terrorist, when in fact, they are the terrorists.

Innocent people are being placed on the no fly list by government for no reason. The US government has now committed to telling U.S. citizens and permanent residents whether they are on the No Fly List, without reason
Innocent people are being placed on the no fly list by government for no reason

Federal officials are investigating people who took part in the “riot” at the U.S. Capitol to determine whether they should be barred from traveling on airlines.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske said his agency is “processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment.” He said TSA was working “to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft.”

The TSA’s transportation security officers (TSOs) screen passengers, baggage and cargo at airports to prevent anything potentially dangerous from coming onto planes. They screen nearly two million passengers per day in airports across the country, according to the DHS.

Screening at airports isn’t about carrying weapons on planes anymore; it’s about punishing those who will not comply with government agendas.


The US government maintains a massive system that watches hundreds of thousands of people, including American citizens, as “known or suspected terrorists”, based on secret standards and secret “evidence,” without a meaningful process to challenge error and clear their names.

Anyone can wind up on a government watchlist for any reason at any time.

Are we in a democracy?

Being placed on a government watchlist means the inability to travel by air or sea, invasive screening at airports, denial of a US visa or permission to enter to the United States. Being on a government watchlist can also mean detention and questioning by US or foreign authorities—to say nothing of shame, fear, uncertainty and being a terrorism suspect.

Government watchlisting can even prevent disabled military veterans from obtaining needed benefits, separate family members for months or years, ruin employment prospects and isolate an individual from friends and associates.

IF you practice freedom or deny their “Covid Vaccine” agenda (untested and non-approved serum that’s killing thousands), could you end up on a watchlist?

UNCONSTITUTIONAL Placement on the No Fly List

You DO NOT have to commit a crime to be put on the government watchlist, including a no fly list.

The government has placed individuals on watchlists and left them there for years, as a result of blatant errors (and to punish “troublemakers.”) The US government has expanded its master terrorist watchlist to include as many as a million names, based on “information” that is often stale, poorly reviewed, or of questionable reliability.

The US government refuses to disclose the standards by which it places individuals on watchlists, such as the No Fly List.

If we were in a democracy, the government would institute narrow, specific criteria for placing individuals on watchlists and the no fly list, apply rigorous procedures for reviewing, updating and removing erroneous entries and limit the use of such lists such that they do not amount to punishment without charge. Individuals must be provided with a meaningful process by which they can challenge their inclusion on a watchlist before a neutral decision maker.

In the real world, innocent people are finding out they are on the no fly list minutes before they board a plane. Their flights are paid for, email confirmations sent, and seating has been assigned aboard the aircraft. None of these confirmations matter, since, upon check in, they discover they are on the no fly list with no reasons given.

Podcast Version – No Fly List for Innocent People, and other thoughts

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