Texas snow not melting – it’s burning

Texas snow will not melt

Texas snow not melting in 2021, it’s burning. Texas snow will not melt, but, instead, burns!

The Texas snowstorm in February 2021 brought snow that chars and burns.

Science 101 says snow will melt – solids will burn.

Snow should melt easily without burning, but this is not the case in Texas.

Many people in Texas last week have been doing the snowball test, and, the snow will not melt like regular snow.

I’ve never seen snow burn so I took the snowball challenge with snow from the Midwest.

I collected videos I found from people in Texas, with their results, and added my test at the end.


What is the reason for Texas snow to burn? The only reason for burning snow anyone can think of is chemtrails.

Chemtrails are those trails of thin “smoke” you see in the sky from airplanes, which last for hours.

Chemtrails are very toxic, as they stay in the atmosphere a very long time, only to be brought to earth via rain or snow.

Chemtrails have been researched for years, and it turns out, it’s true.

Why would the government want to poison people? Hmmm

We have many chemtrails where we are, but our snow melts with no problem.

Given the recent issues with Texas and talk of Texas trying to leave the United States, could this be a reason?

In other Texas News…

West Texas mayor, Tim Boyd, resigns after refusing to help with the Texas snowstorm.

Tim Boyd said, “The City and County…owes you NOTHING.”

The mayor of the west Texas town of Colorado City resigned after posting a Facebook (Evilbook) post Tuesday in which he refused to help people deal with the snowstorm. Tim Boyd said they were weak for asking for water and electricity.

“No one owes you or your family anything; nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this!” Tim Boyd wrote, “Sink or swim, it’s your choice! The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING!”

Tim Boyd Texas mayor will not help people during Texas winter 2021
Tim Boyd – Texas Mayor – Nice Jacket Tim

Millions of people throughout Texas were still without power Tuesday after the state was covered with record snowfall over the weekend and into Monday.

“If you don’t have electricity you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe. If you have no water you deal without and think outside of the box to survive and supply water to your family,” Tim Boyd wrote. “Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish.”

I couldn’t believe what I just read, then again, I can.

We all know what is controlling this country; sick, demented, satanic puppets…sorry, had to throw that in there…because it’s true. Is this guy a democrat? Regardless, he’s evil.

The Texas snowstorm has had tragic consequences with those trying to keep warm, with a woman and young girl dying from what authorities believe to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

God Bless Texas and OUR United States!

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