Covid Hoax by The Deep State

covid hoax for lockdowns

Covid is nothing more than a hoax by The Deep State for mandatory lockdowns to control people.

Millions of people can see covid is a hoax, while others still believe what is on television.

Remember when they had dumb ass John Legend singing to us on tv in early 2020? Other “artists” did the same thing to “calm us down.” Are we on the Titanic?

How pathetic and morbid to keep people trapped in their homes via the fear of “if you go outside you will die.”

They weren’t calming us down, they were trying to put fear into people. They were trying to scare people into believing the lockdowns and “Black Plague” virus was real.

NO MORE MASKS! People in the UK UNITE! 2/2021

There is no Black Plague virus! If covid was as deadly as they say, garbage trucks would be collecting bodies from streets daily.

The television says the covid Black Plague virus is “killing everyone you know” daily, and yet, people go to Walcult, touch products (that you take home), and yet, you’re still alive!

Covid lockdowns would last 2 weeks?

Remember a year ago when governors said covid lockdowns for the fake virus would last 2 weeks? We still have mandatory masks, closing of businesses, job loss, election fraud and more.

Clueless people are still following the agenda and the television and whatever the news media says, after all these months. These people will never wake up.

Bill Gates is part of the Deep State. This is what they are doing to the people of the world.

I have family in California. There is an Italian restaurant in California with a sign outside stating, “no masks allowed!” They are doing GREAT BUSINESS! There are lines out the door to get in.

The state of California has tried to shut them down over liquor license issues among other things. There are no liquor license issues. The state is doing whatever they can do shut people down who will not comply with their agenda.

Strange how this restaurant never had any issues until the covid hoax started.

The restaurant refuses to close, standing behind the constitution. They have done nothing wrong. As a side note, in all these months, NO CUSTOMER HAS COME DOWN WITH THE KILLER COVID Black Plague “VIRUS.”

Whether you believe covid is the Black Plague of 1348, taking thousands of lives daily, is irrelevant. You can’t dismiss the stupidity and really bad acting in the news and media.

Remember that THEY are required to show us it’s a lie, right before our eyes. This is why there were dancing nurse videos all over the web in 2020. They were mocking us.

If you believe a cloth mask will save your life, there should be NO ISSUE with others not wearing masks.

If you believe a piece of cloth (allows the scent of cologne or perfume through it) will save your life against a “deadly virus”, then you are safe. DO NOT tell others what to do.

The covid “vaccine” has a patent on it?

You may remember Bill Gates having patent 060606 on the covid vaccine. Interesting number on that patent, don’t you think?

Bill Gates covid patent 060606 mark of the beast covid vaccine. Covid is a hoax by the deep state to control the world.

A patent on a “product” prevents anyone from working with the product, studying, researching or making money from the product.

If covid was so deadly, why would they want to limit who works on it or studies it? One would think it would be an “all hands on deck situation.”

Wait a minute, I forgot to mention that only patent holders are allowed to make money from any research or profit made by the patented item.

You CANNOT patent anything in nature. You CAN patent something manufactured.

Millions of researchers and truth seekers are labeled as conspiracy theorists by people watching the news on television daily.

Great video on patents and the covid lie coverup

You’re an adult with rights and freedoms under the constitution! For those of you waiting for the government to solve this “covid problem”, just wait longer. You need to realize what the actual problem is.

Covid is a HOAX by the Deep State to Brainwash people

Whether you believe it or not, covid is another hoax; the largest one they’ve ever done.

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