Mandatory Masks contribute to the COVID Plannedemic

mandatory masks are brainwashing

Mandatory Masks contribute to their COVID Plannedemic.

I’m willing to bet most people wear a mask not out of fear for the “virus” but out of fear for what others will think of them.

The government (Deep State) knows the mandatory masks rule will brainwash others into following.

Mask rules are easy for the government to enforce, since, by nature, they know we don’t want to be shunned; it’s psychological warfare.

It’s easier to follow others and hide under the radar than it is to stand up for yourself against the majority.

If Mandatory Masks aren’t “working”, why are we being told to wear them?

We’re being told to wear masks because it’s all psychological chaos create by government.

The government is using fear to scare people into conformity and the covid vaccine (which is what will kill you.)

In the last 2 months, there have been 966 deaths.

People died within the first week of taking the covid “vaccine.”

MARCH 05, 2021: Beijing Joe wears a mandatory mask. Did this jerk forget he was "vaccinated?"
MARCH 05, 2021: Beijing Joe wears a mask. Did this jerk forget he was “vaccinated?”

The rule for most states says if you can’t keep 6′ apart, you’re asked to wear a mask.

So, per the rule, you don’t need a mask if you’re not around others.

Stores are enforcing the mask rule regardless of how many people are around.

Signs Mandatory Masks are a hoax

  • Mandatory masks are enforced in some places outside
  • Mandatory Masks are enforced in stores even if no one is around
  • There is no virus – There is brainwashing
  • Empty hospitals for the last 12 months
  • Fake covid numbers
  • They are pushing covid vaccines, which is what will kill you. It’s not a vaccine, it’s an experiment
  • Mandatory Masks are putting people against each other – this is what the Deep State wants

I was outside with no mask, at a school track meet, with about 400 others, all wearing masks.

I stood my ground against Mandatory Masks. I’m so tired of the Agenda

I was given a hard time for not wearing a mask and not standing behind cones

  • Coaches were seen not wearing masks and standing right next to each other.
  • Kids caught not wearing a mask (while running the 5 mile run) were disqualified.
  • Runners need lots of oxygen, not carbon dioxide and bacteria from masks!
  • Wearing a mask for the covid hoax contributes to their Agenda.
  • Wearing a mask when you don’t believe you need to strengthens their brainwashing agenda.
  • Wearing a mask is not a law, it’s a rule they made up.
  • Remember in early 2020 when masks were supposed to be for only 2 weeks? It’s been a year.
  • They want people against each other and nothing more. The world is nuts.

The school’s principal called me

A few weeks after the school’s track meet, I received a call from the school principal. He educated me on the importance of wearing a mask and that we have to lookout for the kids.

I let him know my stance on the matter.

The principle said, “I heard there were vulgarities that day and we can’t have that in front of the children.”

I told him I recorded the entire thing…there were never vulgarities…what email address would you like a copy of the video sent? NO RESPONSE FROM HIM.

Do you see what these people are doing?! They are ramming the agenda down our throats, trying to scare us with “authority.” It’s not going to work.

They lie; I was using vulgarities. I never came close to vulgarities.

I told him I feel sorry for him and the entire school system since they are required to follow the brainwashing agenda.

I reminded him of the US Constitution and will never follow rules made up by mainstream media.

Covid is a SCAM and many people know it

Writer’s Notes

I know many will not agree with me and that’s fine.

I write this for those looking for courage in these insane times. Insane times NOT referring to a virus; insane times referring to brainwashing and other craziness I’ve written about.

I hope you can find the courage to stand your ground and do what you believe is right.

You will not be arrested for not wearing a mask.

I have seen people in stores take off the mask when others are not around. Sure, they are given a hard time by brainwashed people, but I’ve always seen them push back.

A friend of mine was in a store without a mask and a customer came up to him and said “MASK UP!” My friend said “MY CHOICE.”

This customer then went to any customer he could find to point out my friend who was not wearing a mask. No one cared and he was ignored.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know there are others out there like you.

It would be great if everyone awake removed their masks or stopped visiting these stores. I like the no masks idea much more. If we continue to abide by their rules, nothing will change.

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