Why Do Vaccinated People Wear Masks?

why do vaccinated people wear masks

Why do vaccinated people wear masks if they’re “protected” from a virus that doesn’t exist?

The question of why vaccinated people still wear masks has no reasonable answer; it just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m sure you’ve heard the question a dozen times as to why vaccinated people still wear masks.

Do vaccinated people not believe the Covid Vaccine will protect them? If this is the case, why would they risk their lives taking an untested and non-approved “vaccine?”

Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

Why would people listen to a complete stranger on the television telling them to inject something into their bodies that has been untested?

Scary how people are so eager to obey complete strangers. Strangers on the television are telling people to take an untested non-approved “vaccine” – and they’re doing it.

If it’s on television and it’s from the government, I guess it can be trusted (did you know I’m sarcastic?)

why are vaccinated people wearing masks? Do vaccinated people not believe the Covid Vaccine will protect them? If this is the case, why would they risk their lives taking an untested and non-approved "vaccine?"
Read the U.S. Constitution – it’s all in there

As a kid, your parents told you to never take candy from strangers. What are these adults doing? – allowing strangers to inject unknown and untested chemicals into their bodies (even when people are dying from it.)

People Don’t Know What a Pandemic Really Is

People today have never lived through a real pandemic, but the lying news media and government say they are.

If you want to know what a real pandemic is, read up on the Black Plague of 1348 that killed millions.

The Black Plague claimed the lives of millions – Death was piled in the streets daily

The Black Plague vs Covid “Pandemic

  • You didn’t need anyone telling you about Black Plague deaths – bodies were in the streets
  • Proof of death was all around you from the Black Plague
  • There has yet to be any proof of covid deaths, other than what’s on the news
  • Governments inflated covid numbers to make people believe there was a virus
  • Governments didn’t need to inflate Black Plague numbers – it just killed most people everywhere
  • With the Covid Hoax, People wear designer masks to shop at walcult (aka Walmart)
  • During the Black Plague, people starved – they couldn’t risk going out for food or they’d die

A simple cloth over your face would not stop the unavoidable deaths of millions from a real pandemic.

If a stupid cloth on the face allows you to smell perfume from a passerby, how are you protected? Think about this for a second.

If you know the facts, you can see how silly the covid plannedemic is.

Fauci the Fraud said masks do absolutely nothing (it even says so on boxes of masks.) Months later, Fauci said we should wear two masks, even if vaccinated.

Why Did You Get The Vaccine?

Covid Is a Fear Tactic To Push Their Agenda

The covid plannedemic was planned years before it’s debut in early 2020.

Governments needed to scare people into taking the “vaccine” and used fear to do it.

Closing down the world, mass job loss, stock market crashes and more were enough to terrify many people into begging for a vaccine; anything to save their lives from a boogeyman.

Remember, the government causes a problem, then provides a solution to that problem – this is one way they control the population and make money hand over fist daily. Liberals (Leftists) are always the source of corruption and chaos. Like the dollar bill says (in Latin), “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.”


You all know how silly this covid pandemic has become. Governments are still desperately trying to convince people there really is a killer virus by using fake stats.

I have yet to see any garbage trucks collecting bodies from the streets, and it’s been 1.5 years.

Why are vaccinated people wearing masks? Do they have no faith in the so-called vaccine? Why are they taking a vaccine for something that hasn’t been proven to exist? Why are people taking a vaccine that’s untested and not approved?

What are your thoughts on why do vaccinated people wear masks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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