Dr. Carrie Madej Exposes Covid Vaccine

dr. carrie madej explains vaccination tracking nano tech

EXPLOSIVE Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej exposes the final plan of the globalists, mind and memory manipulation, the ability to “download” data and re-write the brain via Covid Vaccine.

Dr. Carrie Madej reveals that Covid vaccines contain “exotic nanotech” for tracking and bio-control of the vaccinated, which will be transmitted from the vaccinated to databases via 5G.

Are Vaccinated People Being Tracked?

In short, the DNA-altering covid “vaccine”, once injected, will have the ability to not only track a person (GPS), but report on their emotions, dreams and thoughts. An even scarier thought is data can be written, as well as read. What if your emotions or thoughts can be reprogrammed?

Just like the movie with Tom Cruise, Minority Report, there will be no privacy. Not only are your whereabouts tracked, but your thoughts and temperament.

If you thought the breaking of the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution was bad (removing our right to bear arms – no guns), the vaccine allegedly containing nano tech that turns people into transmitters is a crime against humanity. There will be NO PRIVACY!

EXPLOSIVE Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej exposes the final plan of the globalists, mind and memory manipulation, the ability to "download" data and re-write the brain via Covid Vaccine.
Everyone will be online and trackable just like in the film Minority Report

Tracking technology is part of Agenda 2030; THEY say we will own nothing and like it. Our lives will be simpler and everyone will be tracked.

There will be no need to carry personal devices, as credit cards and all financial data can be obtained directly through us (if you get the jab.) If you don’t get the jab, you will be locked out of the financial system.

Bill Gates is currently working with MasterCard and other financial institutions to implement this new “easier” financial system.

Would you take the Covid Jab if the government said they were injecting you with tracking technology? Of course not.

As the Covid Vaccine is exposed more each week, it becomes easier to see why Covid panic was pushed all over the world via the lying news media; CREATE FEAR to FORCE THE JAB so everyone can be tracked and monitored.

Watch this Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej by Stew Peters on Covid Vaccine used for tracking

Carrie Madej speaks in a very approachable and straightforward way that anybody can understand, about nano technologies that are being rolled out upon and within us via the covid “vaccine” without our informed consent.


Russian Hacker discovers databases of Vaccinated people being tracked

Adding It All Up

The mask mandate was to test how docile the population will be to a nonsensical rule. The government says jump, we say how high. 

Technology is much more advanced than we realize; your smart phone is just the beginning. 

Injections have been developed to deliver nano technology to transmit via 5G to allow Big Tech to know everything about you. 

Data on your breathing, sleep patterns, location, thoughts, emotions and dreams will be stored in a massive big tech database, run by the government.

Bill Gates used people in India and Africa as guinea pigs for this injectable nano technology. 

Not only is the Covid m-RNA “vax” ineffective in protecting you against Covid, but it might have some nanotechnology in it.

Covid was a scare tactic to force people into getting the Jab, which may contain nanotech for tracking purposes. There will be zero privacy and zero rights.

If this nano tech tracking in covid vaccines is real, who’s to say the government won’t alter YOUR database and mess with GPS coordinates, putting you in a place you never were, such as, the scene of a crime.

Bill Gates and his father have both talked about world depopulation. for years. Years later, Bill Gates not only is pushing the Covid Vaccine, but has a patent on it. Why do you think government puppets and celebrities are pushing the vaccine so hard?

Why do you think governors and mayors are bribing people to take the jab? They want EVERYONE to get jabbed, desperately.

Popular social media creators are being approached to take the jab and post the video of the event to their platforms for their followers to see, in exchange for large sums of money.

The concern with this topic of vaccines being used to track people isn’t just how mRNA vaccines work and why thousands have died within a week of the jab, but what else in the nano-level can be added to the covid vaccine that people would have no way to know about?

What are your thoughts on Dr. Carrie Madej Goes FULL TRUTH on Jab? Let us know in the comments section below.

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