Covid Vaccine Ingredients warning

covid19 vaccine ingredients warning

There is an urgent covid19 vaccine ingredients warning you need to share out to everyone! Please take this covid19 vaccine warning and research for yourself!

There are many terrible ingredients in the covid19 vaccine and many will shock you.

Do Not be confused or overwhelmed by medical terms or chemicals you don’t know anything about.

RESEARCH the covid19 vaccine ingredients and terms and lookup the answers for yourself!

The covid19 vaccination carries with it a load of garbage ingredients, including the lung tissue of aborted 15 week old male fetuses!

The ingredient on the packaging of the covid19 “vaccine” includes the term MRC-5, which is the process of including lung tissue of 15 week old aborted male fetuses.

Are you comfortable with having cells from an aborted fetus injected into your body? I’m not.

Not only has this covid19 “vaccine” not been properly tested (it takes a couple years of testing before any vaccine is ready), they are deploying it with all kinds of unknown chemicals and body parts.

Do not take our word for it, as we, and many other truth seekers, urge you to do your own research to find the truth behind the lies and deceit behind the covid19 hoax and political agenda.

You cannot be forced to take any vaccination if you do not want it! The flu vaccine has always been an option, along with many other vaccines.

Your body was designed to withstand illnesses and viruses without the use of a vaccine, especially one designed to scare the people into taking it (covid19 hoax.)

Real Nurse and Real Researches talk about PCR test for Covid and how it’s all part of the plan for lockdowns around the world.

Most doctors do not know the ingredients of the covid19 vaccine, as they are just instructed to administer it.

Remember that you should NEVER be forced into putting something into your own body that you do not want or need! Just because a politician says you need it doesn’t mean anything!

Canadian Officer Cadet Lesley Kenderesi calls to disobey COVID-19 orders

It’s your body and if you believe this covid19 hoax is exactly that, you would be foolish to put this into your body.

Please do your own research on covid19 and the hoax they are pulling over on people all over the world! Do your research on this covid19 hoax vaccine and stand your ground!

Freedom of the press is a thing of the past, the people are subject to wholesale falsifications, manipulations and lies, propagated by the corrupt controlled media. Reality and truth is concealed.   

Stop reading the filth, stop buying the papers and feeding the tyranny, do not go to their websites, do not watch the news, the BBC or any news outlet; they are the ENEMY!

All news is scripted and planned; full of lies to keep the people against each other!

Let’s focus on the things that matter, the truth, the justice and action. 

We can make our future, by learning from the past. Now is the time people, we elected these traitors, it is only us that can act to remove them. 

Let’s start the revolution and let’s make history, our own news, that our future generations can read and be proud of.  

Please do your bit, spread far and wide, let’s build our army and oust the establishment.

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