Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals

Tony Bobulinski Biden crime evidence

Tony Bobulinski provides Biden crime family evidence

Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals. In a press conference on 10/22/2020, Tony Bobulinski held press conference claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals.

Tony Bobulinski just held a press conference to announce the evidence he’s about to turn over to the FBI and the Senate tomorrow regarding his business dealings with the Biden crime family.

Tony Bobulinski goes into detail about what we’ve already seen, explaining how he became involved with the Biden crime family and how that ended after Hunter wanted to use his company as his own piggy bank.

Bobulinski explains how Hunter Biden had gotten angry and went behind his back in 2017, when 5 million dollars was supposed to be transferred to his company, but was transferred to Hunter Biden’s own entities.

Tony Bobulinski holds press conference with evidence against Biden crime family

Hunter Biden’s associate and whistleblower, Tony Bobulinski, held an impromptu press conference on Thursday evening shortly before tonight’s presidential debate.

Tony Bobulinski is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.

Tony Bobulinski confirmed the Hunter Biden emails were authentic and said the Biden family went behind his back and got paid millions of dollars by the Chinese in side deals.

Mr. Bobulinski’s text messages show he was recruited for the project by James Gilliar, a Hunter associate. Mr. Gilliar explains in a December 2015 text that there will be a deal between the Chinese and “one of the most prominent families from the U.S” (the Biden crime family.)

In March 2016, Mr. Gilliar tells Tony Bobulinski the Chinese entity is CEFC, which is shaping up to be “the Goldmans of China.” Mr. Gilliar promises that same month to “develop” the terms of a deal “with Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden, in texts and emails, wants offices in three U.S. cities, “significant” travel budgets, a stipend for Jim Biden, a job for an assistant and more-frequent distributions of any gains.

As for annual pay, Hunter Biden explains in an email that he expects “a hell of a lot more than 850” thousand dollars a year (the amount Mr. Bobulinski, the CEO, is getting), since his ex-wife will take nearly all of it.

Mr. Bobulinksi pushes back, warning Mr. Gilliar in a text that they need to “manage” Hunter Biden because “he thinks all crime finances are going to be his personal piggy bank.” The duo worry about Hunter Biden’s “mental state,” substance abuse, and his ability to make meetings.

Hunter Biden, in his own angry texts, makes clear that his contribution is his name (Biden crime family.)

Hunter Biden rails at Mr. Bobulinski that the CEFC heads are “coming to be MY partner to be partners with the Bidens.”

Hunter Biden reminds Tony Boulinski “that in this instance only one player holds the trump card and that’s me. May not be fair but it’s the reality because I’m the only one putting an entire family legacy on the line.”

Mr. Gilliar privately tells Mr. Bobulinski to show flexibility, since “I know why [CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming] wants the deal and what makes it enormous; it’s the Biden family name.”

CEFC was closely entwined with the Chinese government and military until it went bankrupt, following U.S. charges of money laundering. There is no question CEFC was buying Hunter Biden for influence.

Hunter Biden with Joe Biden. Biden crime family

Joe Biden claims he never discussed his son’s (Hunter Biden) business.

Yet a May 2017 “expectations” document shows Hunter Biden receiving 20% of the equity in the venture and holding another 10% for “the big guy”—who Mr. Bobulinski attests is Joe Biden.

In one text, Hunter says that “my Chairman gave an emphatic “NO” to a version of the deal. Mr. Walker, Hunter’s partner, explains in a text to Mr. Bobulinski that when Hunter “said his chairman he was talking about his dad.”

Mr. Bobulinski’s texts show he met with Joe Biden.

Mr. Gilliar reminds him in May 2017: “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when you are face to face, I know you know that but they are paranoid.”

Joe Biden was to only be mentioned in the crime deals against the United States when face to face. There was to be no mention of Joe Biden in emails, texts or documentation.

Mr. Biden had left office by then, though CEFC was always a suspicious company with ties to a rival government. It would have been risky for any public figure to deal with it, much less a potential presidential candidate.

The deal fell through on the Chinese end in the summer of 2017

CEFC was supposed to supply $10 million; it never arrived. This is where the Johnson Senate report comes in.

biden crime family
Biden crime family

The Senate report notes that CEFC wired $5 million to a company called Hudson West in August 2017. The report says an associate of CEFC Chairman Ye in September opened a line of credit under Hudson West’s name, and Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and Jim Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, were given credit cards associated with the account, and bought items totaling more than $100,000.

The report says Hudson West also sent $4.7 million in “consulting fees” to Mr. Biden’s law firm over the course of a year.

Tony Bobulinski suspects Hunter Biden and Jim Biden had found an easier way to cash in on their name, one that didn’t involve pesky partners and complex deals.

He sent a furious text to Jim Biden after the release of the Senate report, accusing Hunter Biden and Jim Biden of “lying” to their partners and secretly taking money from CEFC.

The FBI last year subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s laptop. A call to Hunter Biden’s attorney was not returned by our deadline.

The truth is coming out and the people of the United States deserve to know everything!

Joe Biden knew all about Hunter Biden’s crime family, as Joe was paid millions of dollars. The Biden family is one of the largest crime families in United States history.


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