How the government failed us by design

The government lies and failed us by design

The government has failed us by design. The US government, since the dawn of the printing press, has controlled people through greed and fear. The stock market is based largely on greed and fear, and very little on what is going on in the world.

The United States is a corporation, not a country

Politicians in the US government started playing financial games with money and big Pharma and now the game is out of control. The world is never going to be the same as it was before 2020.

Freedom of speech has been violated (the first amendment), along with the right to assembly. This becomes obvious with the covid19 hoax plannedemic. Social distancing and shutting down businesses by the government are a violation of the first amendment, along with the forcing of wearing masks.

Our rights are being ripped out of our hands in 2020

Researchers and truth seekers (conspiracy theorists) are being removed by social media platforms for not following the agenda. Social media censorship is at an all-time-high and it’s obvious.

Facebook, YouTube, Bill Gates and Twitter are part of the government whether you realize it or not. Facebook was not started by some college hack, Zuckerberg, it was started by the government. Would you use Facebook is you knew this? This is why they needed Zuckerberg as a puppet. They needed someone to be the face of their data collection platform, Facebook.

You have to be careful today because freedom of speech is gone

Anyone ridiculing and questioning the medical and vaccine industry is threatened by those in power.

The primary reason vaccines are so profitable are because big Pharma cannot be sued. They produce vaccines then get someone like Obama to push it. When researches blow the whistle on what big Pharma is doing, they are threatened with death.

The government lies and is not for the people. The US government has never been for the people.
The US government has never been for the people

This covid19 crisis is a smoke screen for something that has been going on for years. It is used to keep people sidetracked as to what is really going on by the government (New World Order, financial destruction, erasing the middle class.)

The biggest crisis and scam by the government is the financial crisis. If you understand what money is, it’s just buying things on credit and to gain massive debt. Money is credit, debt and taxes, that’s all that money is, by government design. They don’t teach you what money is in school, why would they?

The millennial generation has been screwed big time!

The reason the US economy has been crashing goes back all the way to 1971. Back in 1971, the US government just kept printing fake money with nothing to back up the currency. The government kept printing fake money for a number of years.

The only way the US government could keep the economy expanding is to find stupid people to get into debt (pay high interest rates) so the banks and US government make more money. This is how the government failed us by design.

There is no end to the greed of banks or the US government

Everybody has credit cards but schools don’t teach you how to use them. The government doesn’t want you to know this, which is why it’s not taught in school. No school teaches money management.

Why did banks create credit cards and why have credit cards surged in the last 2 decades? Because the banks and government wanted more money. This was also part of the housing bubble that burst, forcing America into the 2008 recession. Bank of America was a key player in the 2008 recession.

Lies by the US government. The government has always lied to the people. Lies my government tells me

Banks, especially Bank of America were approving loans and forging loan applications to allow most people to buy a house, even though they couldn’t afford it.

The most dastardly thing happened in 2009 when Obama went to the banks and said we need to get the students into more debt, under the guise of, “You need to get a good education.”

The United States only has 4.5 trillion dollars in base money with 225 trillion dollars in debt. Over 200 trillion dollars of debt backed in fake money, which was setup by the United States government. Financially, there is no way out of the United States organized financial collapse, organized by the Federal Reserve and the US government.

The “leaders” of the US government, the Federal Reserve bank, Wall Street and the US Treasury became desperate to the point of forcing students into debt by tricking them into “needing an education,” resulting in thousands of dollars per student in interest on school loans. “Education is important.”

The financial world started from 1971. The United States, and the world, is so deep in debt, economically, we may never recover.

People are being scammed by the government

People have to be informed and they have to stop getting all their perceptions from the mainstream media and this includes major news networks, especially.

When you step back from mainstream news sources and look at alternative sources, where narratives are being questioned instead of repeated, then you see where the dots connect.

The government controls the news networks

You need to find out what’s happening in the world and reading this post is your first of many steps. Mainstream news media on major news networks will not tell you why anything is happening or what is causing it. What’s missing is context. Mainstream media will not tell you accurately or unbiasedly why things are happening in the world. They want you to know what THEY (the government wants you to know.) This is another way the government failed us by design.

When you know where the world is being taken, you know who is taking us there, why they are taking us there, and the techniques of manipulation to take us there, you start to wake up.

Trauma-based mind control

When someone is traumatized, in a state of anxiety (financial debt, covid19 fear, etc.), they become massively suggestible. This is why the government uses trauma as part of mind programming.

Obama is a liar and helped the government to destroy America by design
Obama the illuminati puppet

What the government is doing is producing reasons to fear, reasons for trauma, reasons for anxiety. When the government has manipulated people into these states, they then put the mind control suggestions into the changed perception.

If you get someone so traumatized about a deadly virus (covid19), they become absolutely open to hypnotic suggestion. This cult is not targeting the conscious mind, it is targeting the subconscious mind, which then filters through to become the conscious perception. The government puts suggestions in to change the psyches of people.

During the covid19 virus hoax months of 2020, so many people have been put into a deep hypnotic spell. People are put through a hypnotic spell their entire lives via school, the news media, politicians, Hollywood, etc.

People are waking up

People waking up means waking up from the trance, waking up from the spell they have been under since birth. What you are doing is breaking the spell. News media sources are sources of the spell. People are waking up from the trance they have been under since birth. This is another way the government has failed us by design.

What has happened in the last few months of the covid19 hoax has been the most potent, obvious, in your-face-example of a spell being cast on the human psyche.

No questioning, No research, JUST DO IT! OBEY!

Why do you think so many people in the military find it so hard to come back into society? They have become so used to being told what to do that they don’t know how to function when no one is telling them what to do anymore.

The government has failed us by design whether you want to believe it or not. Why have there been so many planned riots, coronavirus hoax (the flu kills more people), killer wasp stories, George Floyd Death hoax, ANTIFA is now in the spotlight, BLM is a thing (I thought all lives mattered.)

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