proof covid19 does not exist

PROOF Covid19 DOES NOT EXIST has been reported by yet another Investigative journalist, Gemma O’Doherty.

Gemma O’Doherty is a multi award-winning journalist whose work has shone a light on some of the darkest corners of Irish life.

Former Chief Features writer at the Irish Independent, where she worked for almost 20 years, she has exposed many cases of murder and child sexual abuse that have been covered up by An Garda Siochana and the State.

I found out about Gemma O’Doherty from one of our members on

RoxyTube is a YouTube alternative site for video creators fedup with YouTube censorship and video removal.

As with all truth seekers (aka conspiracy theorists), Gemma O’Doherty had her YouTube channel removed and was even arrested for spreading the truth on Covid19 fake virus TRUTHS.

Gemma O’Doherty is a multi award-winning journalist

Two Types of People regarding COVID19

There are two main types of people when it comes to the covid19 hoax. I will call covid19 a hoax because that’s exactly what it is, and, I belong to the 2nd camp of people.

The first camp of people will believe anything the television tells them because they are not only brainwashed, but believe anything a “higher power” tells them.

Look up the term cognitive dissonance to learn more about this first group of people.

A higher power can be seen as doctors, attorneys, news media, politicians, pop stars and pro athletes.

Why are people brainwashed?

Let’s take this a step further shall we? You know why companies hire pro athletes or movies stars to advertise products, don’t you? It’s classic marketing. If this famous person uses it, then you should too!

Same with the covid19 hoax or any other hoax that has been pulled over on the people of the world by those in power.

Fake doctors and nurses were hired, along with camera crews to film the “covid19 pandemic.” The covid19 pandemic is fake, but the brainwashing is real! The brainwashing is the real virus here!

All those dancing doctors and nurses kept really busy in a life-threatening environment keeping all those covid19 Black Plague victims safe. Remember that? HEROES WORK HERE.

I traveled to many hospitals in the area, filming the empty parking lots and waiting rooms in March and April of 2020. All those #emptyhospital videos were removed from YouTube, along with other video creators.

covid19 is fake. empty hospitals for a fake virus. the television lies. there is no virus.
Empty Hospitals for a fake virus. Covid19 is a hoax

Covid19 has caused people to turn against one another, especially with the stupid mask issue. This is what the government wants. This is what the people in power want. If people are against one another, they can’t rise up and fight the real problem – corrupt politicians and government.

The second camp of people do not believe what they are told, as they have common sense.

Just because the tel-lie-vision or news media says something is real doesn’t mean it is.

The media is paid to sell information to the public. The media sells products via commercials, newspapers, magazines and other paid advertisements.

The news media is a scripted, multi-billion dollar organization, just like the banking system. Both are designed for people to fail.

virus hoax and masks

Government is designed to be against the people, to give them what they think they want, but don’t need. It’s brainwashing at its best.

The second camp of people will research and use common sense, and not do things just because someone on the television tells them to do it.

Odd things sheep (maskers) refuse to realize

  • All the proof behind George Floyd Death Hoax
  • Empty Hospitals, when they should be full of dying people
  • Masks don’t do a damn thing if you can smell someone’s perfume through them
  • Stock market declines and crashes 2 months before “covid19” outbreak happens and lockdown (social isolation) is announced. By the way, heads of companies sold most of their shares beforehand because they knew what was happening
  • Real Doctors and Nurses are dismissed from their jobs when trying to prove covid19 is fake
  • Hospitals are given $2,000 per patient by the government for every deceased patient marked as a covid19 death. Many families are suing hospitals for wrongful death certificates. Most of these cases were from the elderly and patients with pre-existing conditions, not covid19.
  • There was never any ventilator shortage! Real doctors filmed video of storage rooms showing the unused ventilators from the empty hospitals, yet, criminal governors like Pritzker in Illinois, cried on the news daily saying they need more money for ventilators. What’s not adding up here?
  • Riots are planned by ANTIFA and paid for by George Soros, with bricks on every corner of every major city to prove it. What a joke. How convenient, to have palleted bricks all over the world the day after George Floyd’s death Hoax.
  • Did you know George Floyd never died? Both he, and the cop, are crisis actors. They knew each other for years. George Floyd is also a 33rd level Mason. That is the highest level Mason. Look up what a Mason is.
  • Biden Crime family. It has come out that the Biden family has been making millions via dealings with the Chinese and other countries.
  • Clinton Crime family. Everyone who blows the whistle on Hilary Clinton is “suicided.” Odd how over 75 people have committed suicide when coming forward.
  • Isaac Kappy was “suicided” when he blew the whistle on the Hollywood pedophile ring, naming names such as Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and many others.
  • There is a list of arrests and executions of famous people that has been circulating on the web. These people have been arrested or executed for pedophilia and treasonous acts against the people of the United States and other countries.

The list of hoaxes goes on and on and people are finding out. The covid19 hoax is just a very large cover to keep people’s minds off of what is really going on.

Anyone trying to speak the truth on the covid19 hoax has their YouTube channel removed, they are labeled as conspiracy theorists, and in other cases, their jobs taken away.

Many journalists at large networks have quit to become independent journalists who speak the truth. This is what news media should be, but that doesn’t sell as much as panic and fear.

The governments create panic and fear in people. This is what sells on the television and this is what people want to believe.

Brainwashing has been happening since the times of the printing press. You need to stand up for what you believe in and take in all the facts. Simply giving in to the tel-lie-vision isn’t going to cut it!


I’ve provided a lot of information on how covid19 does not exist. You can research further or keep watching the television and doing everything they tell you to do.

I know I’m preaching to the choir and that’s fine. Those who are asleep still, will remain asleep. Let them wear their masks and believe the government will take care of them.

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