Covid Hoax isn’t about a virus – How can we end the hoax?

covid hoax is about money

The Covid Hoax isn’t about a virus anymore and actually never was.

Do you think most people are wearing masks because they’re afraid of getting a virus?

Covid was designed as a scare tactic to force people into getting a vaccine, which is really a gene-altering DNA-scrambling serum. This is part of The Deep State’s Agenda.

A lot of people have been dying from this covid “vaccine” but you won’t find this on the evening news. I know of 2 people who have died from the “vaccine”…they thought they were doing the right thing.

Most people are wearing masks only because they’re afraid of what others will think of them if they don’t obey. The government / Deep State knew this when they planned it all out. They turn people against each other all the time in their plans…racism on the news every night is just one example.

The Deep State knows people are easily-brainwashed and brainwashing is one of the things they do best.

The government (Deep State) knows people will do what they’re told if others show aggression towards them for not obeying “authority.”

The Covid Hoax is nothing more than a fear tactic to scare people into doing what the government wants. In this case, it was getting the “covid vaccine” (Not really a vaccine. They want us dead.)

If you think the government painstakingly is trying to help and has spent late nights trying to come up with a vaccine to save the world from a virus that “kills thousands monthly”, you should stop reading this post now and probably never visit this site again.

What the government’s Covid Fear orders you to do

  • Stay in your house
  • Don’t see friends
  • Don’t go to work
  • Don’t have holidays together (do holidays virtually via video)
  • No hugging
  • No kissing
  • No affection
  • Wear a mask (muzzle)
  • Mass job losses
  • Mass stock market crash (people lose big money)
  • Economy crashes
  • Kids go to school remotely
  • No parties
  • No bars
  • No socializing
  • No restaurants
  • No movie theaters
  • No get togethers of 10 or more people (because viruses can count)
  • Stay 6 feet apart (because viruses can count)
  • You will need our “vaccine” to go back to normal
  • No screaming on rollercoasters

The list goes on and on

My Podcast and Thoughts on this post – I talked a lot, I was on a roll. Listen after reading.

If the Biden puppet supposedly got vaccinated (saline) why is it still wearing a mask?

Fauci says we may need 2 masks…and people will comply. Most people will do anything they’re told without thinking about their rights. These people think “authority” know what’s best for them. They are severely misled.

Covid Hoax and mandatory masks. Fauci says we may need 2 masks...and people will comply. Most people will do anything they're told and not even think about giving away their rights. They think people of "authority" know what's best for them. They are severely misled.
This is next and people will do it

Covid Hoax has always been about control

After a year, the mandatory masks rule still applies.

Covid Hoax fear is being used to force people to get the death jab (Covid Vaccine.)

The government (Deep State) and your job can’t force you to get the vaccine, but if you don’t, you won’t have privileges.

If you get the covid “vaccine” you can have your life and rights back. HOW SICK IS THIS?


This is what villains in movies say and they always lie. “Deliver 1 million dollars and the hostages will live.”

You’re the hostage by the way.

What’s in the Covid Hoax Test? Morgellons – Nanotech that’s alive – This video is Alarming!

The plan all along was to get as many people to take the gene-altering DNA-scrambling serum. How do they do this? Create FEAR and turn people against each other (masks.)

During the first 2 months of lockdowns there were no masks.

If there was a killer virus as bad as the Black Plague, most would have died because we didn’t have a cloth on our faces the first 2 months…not like a cloth is going to do anything against The Black Plague.

Truth Seekers vs Social Media

Social media was getting bombarded by truth seekers and the #emptyhospitals movement in March and April 2020.

Truth Seekers were wise to the Covid BS from the start. Truth Seekers made videos and posted them everywhere; I was one of them.

Truth Seekers, videos, posts and anything related to the covid hoax were quickly removed by social media platforms (they’re in on it, just like the news media, and don’t want truth getting out.)

Social Media platforms violate the first amendment with cancel culture. Covid Hoax is a scare tactic to force people to obey.
Social Media platforms violate The First Amendment

The removing of content on social media is referred to as CANCEL CULTURE.

CANCEL CULTURE started a movement; Truth Seekers created blogs and social media platforms of their own to continue their work, and again, I’m one of them.

Thousands of channels on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are gone, including President Donald Trump.

When the President gets banned from Twitter forever, that might be a red flag.

The Government Pushes Back

How did government (Deep State) up the fear to force their Agenda? MANDATORY MASKS.

Masks became mandatory 2 months after lockdowns started, which is the timeframe Truth Seekers became very aggressive against the Covid Hoax on social media.

Mandatory masks became the vehicle the government needed to turn people against one another. Those who won’t comply become an outcast and looked down upon by peers. Now you can see why masks are sill mandatory after 10 months (they were only supposed to be used for 2 weeks.)

With people turning against each other, the government barely had to lift a finger to enforce anything; the people enforced it on each other. Such a simple plan; using the people, as usual.

Vaccines have never been proven to do anything but harm people.


All major companies such as Amazon, Nike, Major news networks, Walcult (aka Walmart), Disney, and so many more, are involved in The Deep State politics against the people.

Check out how bad Disney really is.

If you want to know the history of Disney’s bloodline, read this.

What can people do against the Covid Hoax?

I feel that I would say trust no one you don’t know or never met. This includes politicians, movies stars, pop stars, etc. Get these people out of your head and follow your gut and do your research.

Stop trying to convince people that covid is fake if they are obeying what the government and television tell them. They will believe you as much as you will start trusting the Clintons.

Your family and friends will wake up in time and if they don’t, that’s not your problem. This may sound harsh but you don’t need the negativity.

I’ve lost a few close friends I’ve had for years and it doesn’t bother me to be honest. I have my life and they made the choice to leave, not me.

This hoax has ruined relationships and families and I’m sure the Deep State loves this.

Government control goes against the Constitution.
Government control is against the US Constitution

Create networks of like-minded people and share ideas and thoughts and remember to be human and laugh with each other; live your life.

People are still researching the covid hoax and trying to figure out what is going on in the world.

Be careful when researching because some people give false dates and info, which I have talked about…TRUST THE PLAN!

Everything you see and hear is a distraction from what’s really going on. People don’t know how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

Many people are waiting for Trump to come back and save us all. That would be nice but people should focus on themselves, their families and friends more. They should also consider all outcomes and what they will do if things continue to get worse.

What if Trump never comes back? What if all the research from people is true but gets swept under the rug as everything else has?

If nothing gets acknowledged such as arrests and executions of famous people or the child trafficking problem by the Deep State, Hunter Biden’s laptop or Adrenochrome or Hollywood Pedophiles, people will become angry very fast.

If people become outraged due to lack of disclosure, and chaos ensues, martial law could happen, which is probably what the government wants.

There are many FEMA camps around the United States, probably waiting for us…post on this soon.

I suggest following your gut and looking at the big picture always.

Here’s the BIG PICTURE RIGHT NOW: our rights are being taken away slowly right in front of our eyes.

Biden wants our guns, which is a Second Amendment violation.

Social media platforms have banned thousands, which is a First Amendment violation.

Follow the US Constitution! It was written for the people and against government that tries to control the people.

Waiting for the government to do something or Trump to come back will NEVER stop this problem.

The resolution starts with US!

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