Deep State Child Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out – Katie Groves

Child trafficking survivor Katie Groves speaks out

Child Trafficking Survivor, Katie Groves, speaks out on the evils she endured her entire life, orchestrated by the CIA.

You’ve heard of child trafficking by the Cabal (Deep State), run by politicians and Hollywood, but perhaps you didn’t know the CIA is involved.

The CIA was involved in the 911 hoax so why not child trafficking.

The deep state runs much deeper and wider than you can possibly imagine. There are evils beyond comprehension.

One such evil is the Adrenochrome usage by Hollywood and politicians, which child trafficking is directly tied to.

The following videos are from Katie Groves, a CIA Child Snuff survivor.

Katie Groves has sustained severe mental and physical abuse that cannot be imagined. She is a very strong individual, both mentally and spiritually.

The child trafficking ring Katie Groves grew up in was called “Uncle Sam’s Child Snuff Factory” out of Central Texas, below ground.

Child Trafficking survivor speaks out. Katie Groves speaks about child trafficking and the CIA's involvement.

These child snuff (pedophilia) rings include rape, torture, death, pedophilia, MK Ultra and canabalim. Child trafficking is all over the world and is one of the Deep State’s biggest secrets.

Bush was the head of the CIA and orchestrated 911, if that tells you anything.

These video testimonies by Katie Groves do not show anything graphic, but what she witnessed, and was part of, is very disturbing.

As a warning, Katie’s 2nd video goes into gruesome detail on what she endured.

Katie’s videos speak for themselves. Through her videos, she refers to herself in past terms, and also “us” or “we.” She has come a long way in mental healing.

Links at the end of this post if you want to follow Katie Groves’ journey.

Katie Groves talks about MK Ultra and child trafficking

Katie Groves talks about gruesome details of child trafficking

Katie Groves talks sick individuals involved in child trafficking

Subliminal messages in Katie Groves’ YT videos. Are they doing this for all videos on YT?

The subliminal screen grab discovered, which means nothing to most, but something to others.

Katie Groves speaks about child trafficking

I’ll take this a step further and ask the question, Is YouTube posting subliminal messages on all their videos?

Every year millions of children go missing. Whether or not you believe what Katie Groves says is irrelevant. Keep your eyes and ears open and lookout for the children! Spread the word and share this post out to those willing to listen.

The Deep State Cabal are paying for their crimes

As always, research for yourselves. Millions of people are waking up and starting to put the pieces of the luciferian puzzle together.

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