Biden Wants To Tax Every Mile You Drive

Biden Driving Tax

The Biden driving tax is the newest disaster on the table by Beijing Joe.

Biden wants to Tax Every Mile You Drive In Your Car to pay for a “new infrastructure.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Butticheeks wants to plug a monitoring device into your car, which will enable them to tax every mile you drive.

The feds will know how much you’re driving, where you’re going, how fast you’re going and where you are at any given moment.

The Biden driving tax will charge you per mile driven, to “pay for infrastructure and construction” we don’t need.

If this Biden driving tax goes into effect, I can’t think of many who will follow it. Not only is it unconstitutional, it will cripple the economy further; raising prices on products such as groceries.

The Biden driving tax will hurt American wallets and take away more privacy.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently announced that the Biden plans to issue a vehicle mileage tax to help fund future multitrillion-dollar infrastructure proposal.

“The more than $1.5 trillion proposal will rebuild U.S. communities with infrastructure and innovation that is smarter, safer and made to last,” House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) said in a statement prior to the final vote.

The multitrillion-dollar infrastructure proposal

  • $494 billion for transportation projects to fix “our crumbling roads and bridges” 
  • $130 billion to rebuild public schools in impoverished districts
  • $100 billion to “create or preserve 1.8 million affordable homes
  • $100 billion for creating broadband access in areas that don’t now have it
  • $70 billion to encourage renewable energy development and use
  • $25 billion for safe water
  • $30 billion for hospitals “to increase capacity and strengthen care
  • $25 billion for the U.S. Postal Service to “modernize postal infrastructure and operations, including a zero-emissions postal vehicle fleet, processing equipment, and other goods

Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) said, “House Democrats didn’t bother to get any Republican input on this trillion-dollar wish list, and it shows,” he told The Epoch Times. “This bloated package contains increased taxpayer funding for key parts of the socialist Green New Deal, like unproven and unprofitable green technology, while increasing regulations on basic needs like the building of new roads.”


  • Thousands of illegals are entering our country at the boarder
  • Gas prices are over $1 higher per gallon (not even summer yet)
  • They’re trying to force vaccines for the fake virus (not a vaccine)
  • Biden will sign Executive Order on gun control (Biden wants our guns)
  • Biden’s Plan to House Illegal Immigrants in Hotels, costing Taxpayers $72,000 per Border-Crosser
  • 861 Criminals Caught Crossing Texas Border Area, Including 92 Sex Offenders
  • Biden pushing for allowing police into homes without search warrants for gun control
Biden driving tax. Biden Wants To Tax Every Mile You Drive In Your Car. Biden is a dictator demonic puppet.

Do you see what’s going on? It’s only going to get worse!

Biden Driving Tax Podcast of Post – Listen after reading

Read about their plan to kill us off with the “Covid Vaccine”

Biden and the puppet cult is all about the illegals and NOT the people of the United States! They HATE the people of the United States! Prove me wrong.

Illegals will do anything to stay in a country with jobs that pay cash (tax free), with free medical care and housing.

The government and cult pulling Biden’s puppet strings know the illegals will obey always, while most Americans will not. Americans are growing impatient and tired of being taken advantage of.

Biden wants our guns so we can’t fight back (2nd amendment violation.)

Biden wants police to be able to enter our homes without warrants and unannounced, to “check things out” and look for guns (2nd amendment and 4th amendment violation.)

Biden is breaking laws at every turn and nothing is being done about it.

The United States has NOT been “for the people” for generations.

  • What if we don’t want to foot the bill for illegals in hotels?
  • What if we don’t want to give up our guns?
  • What if we feel $1.5 trillion for infrastructure is not needed?
  • What if we feel $1.5 trillion should help the unemployed and small businesses?
  • What if we feel part of $1.5 trillion should finish the wall at the boarder?
  • What if we feel part of $1.5 trillion should go to military veterans?
  • What if we don’t want the Biden driving tax?

When are these new laws and ideas for tax increases going to cross our desks? When will we have a say?

Well, that’s too bad…the government is calling the shots, as always.

NOTHING will change unless we stand up. DO NOT WAIT for the government or ANYONE to make the change you want to see!

The US Constitution was written for the people. Modern government lies and cheats the people. Biden is fake.
The US Constitution was written for the people

Taxes imposed by Parliament in the late 1700’s were one of the triggers that set off the American colonies’ fight for independence against Britain (“No taxation without representation!”)

Our nation’s Constitution stated in the first draft that citizens should not be subject to direct taxation.

Despite the Constitution, about 60 years later, the first income tax in the U.S. was levied to pay for the Civil War. When the conflict ended, this tax was repealed, but it gave the federal government a taste for the revenue that income taxes could raise.

The “new US government” got a taste of free money, and, the rest is history.

The Constitution was written by our forefathers to protect the people against a future tyrannical government.

They knew someday the government would attempt to control the people, which is why the Constitution and Amendments were written the way they were. Government today ignores the Constitution and attempts to force laws through fake shootings in the news; “look at all the problems guns cause, we must take them from you.

The only reason the government wants our guns is so we can’t fight back when they truly come for us.

There are more of us than there are of them! We are the people of the United States and they work for us! Many have forgotten this.

The US government ignores the Constitution and puts American people last. The United States has become what our forefathers fought against.

I suggest you read the constitution; you will realize how much you’re being taken advantage of.

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