Disney and Pedophiles

disney rollercoaster covid rules

The Disney name and pedophiles go hand in hand, seeing as how Disney loves using pedophile symbolism in their cartoons, movies and them parks.

In this post you will find a brief overview of Disney pedophile symbolism and sexual content hidden in plain sight.

Disney is part of the Deep State Shadow government, as you will see below.

Before we get into how Disney supports and markets pedophiles, here are some interesting nazi rules put in place by Disney for summer of 2021 regarding covid.

Along with NO SCREAMING on rollercoasters at Disney theme parks, there are more rules:

  • Face covering (mask) wearing at all times unless eating
  • Physically distance individuals from different households
  • Disney parks will open with 15% capacity
  • Limit the number of people per square foot
  • Limit duration of exposure – 15 minutes or longer within 6ft of a person 
  • Limit amount of physical interactions of visitors / patrons
  • Optimize ventilation – all indoor activity will be outdoors
  •  Limit activities that are known to cause increased spread (singing, shouting, heavy breathing; loud environments will cause people to raise voices)

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

How much is a day pass at a Disney park? $200 / person?

That’s a lot of money to pay to be watched and kept in line in the name of Disney.

No screaming on rollercoasters at Disney is allowed
“Just wear your mask Billy and do as they say”


Listen after reading.

The no screaming on rollercoasters at Disney rule says guests are recommended to stay silent on roller coasters that usually encourage people to do anything but. 

Face mask requirements and “modifications to seat loading patterns” are being implemented by Disney parks to social distance and “mitigate the effects of shouting,” the guidelines state.

This is ridiculous and hilarious and people will buy it (literally.)

Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, said, “The day all of us have long been waiting for is almost here. We’re excited to have more than 10,000 cast members returning to work as we get ready to welcome our guests back to this happy place.”

He said Happy Place

Disney Pedophile Symbolism is EVERYWHERE

Here’s how happy a place Disney is – screen grabs from some Disney films

disney pedophile symbols
disney pedophile symbols in movies
Sorry about this one, had to be done
child sex trafficking disney
illuminati and disney. disney pedophiles
Ask About Illuminati
pedophile symbols which disney uses in movies and souvenirs
Pedophile symbols
Disney pedophiles child pedophiles at disney
Child pedophile symbols – triangle pattern matches
disney and pedophiles symbolism. No screaming on rollercoasters at Disney is allowed
More pedophile symbolism at Disney
disney and pedophiles symbols. No screaming on rollercoasters at Disney is allowed
Not the Tea Cup ride! – Yes, the Tea Cup ride – girl (child) lover symbols
pope is a pedophile
The Vatican – child pedophile symbols – they love kids too

There are many more pedophile images in Disney films; search it up or read more about it here.

This is one reason I will never give a dollar to Disney; they are part of the child trafficking problem.

Disney Cast Members Harassed by Guests 

A Walt Disney World cast member reported being spat on by a resort guest while trying to enforce safety protocols amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The ongoing “run for your lives” plannedemic.

In a report published by the Orlando Sentinel, a Disney security guard that was stationed at Disney’s Contemporary Resort hotel detailed the incident when they reminded a guest to put their mask on before walking into the building.

The male guest — who was not identified by name by the publication — reportedly told the guard, “I’m a guest,” and asked to be left alone, before he allegedly spat at the guard with some of his saliva landing on the guard’s forehead.

While I do not agree with the spitting part, I’m glad the guest stood his ground.

Another Disney employee said, “There’s never a day when I don’t have a story,” who took on a new role enforcing mask rules in the Disney Springs parking garages after her previous job was terminated, told the Sentinel. “I cried the first week I started. It was not a good time at all. Imagine going to work every single day where people ridicule you. I’ve had a guest literally get right up in my face and literally curse me out.” 

We all know far too well what it’s like going to a job you hate. This girl deserves better and should find another job. She must have known enforcing rules most people refuse to follow was going to be a problem.

disney rules no screaming on rollercoasters for covid plannedemic. No screaming on rollercoasters at Disney is allowed
“Enjoy your day”

A lot of people have asked “what can I do to spread awareness on the covid scam?”

Well, my opinion, I would stop giving money to places like Disney.

Maybe get together with larger groups of people and enter various stores at once with no masks.

What if we all stopped paying taxes (taxes are illegal by the way but the Federal Reserve and IRS enforce them…illegally.)

Another thing you can do is share blog posts and videos that resonate with you regarding this covid hoax and mandatory experimental vaccine garbage.

I’m pretty sure we’re long passed a plannedemic. Now it’s control through fear.

If you don’t comply by the rules and take your “vaccine,” you won’t get to do all the things.

Says who? Sounds very book of Revelation to me…number of the beast anyone?

We’re all free under the constitution, written by our forefathers.

Our forefathers made sure to include Amendments that would prevent the future government from trying to control the people.

Look what they’re trying to do with the 2nd Amendment.

They want our guns. Now why would they do that? Spoiler alert…so we can’t fight back against domestic enemies…The Deep State.

The current “government” is chomping at the bit to come up with new ways for people to comply.

Once the people comply, our rights will be gone. They are pushing us.

The government / Deep State is trying to make the transition slowly so we don’t notice our rights being taken away. One way they do this is through media and hoaxes. The media is always reporting on racism and violence to make us hate each other.

If we’re against each other, we can’t rise up against them.

Sure, they may not make the DNA-altering covid “vaccine” death jab mandatory, but, if you don’t get it, you won’t be able to do the things you need to do and love to do. That will have to stop with the people standing up for their rights.

DO NOT EVER rely on any person to save the day for you.

What are your thoughts on Disney and pedophiles? As always, leave a comment below.

If you love Disney, I don’t hate you; I just needed to point out the ridiculousness of the world that keeps getting worse.

So Disney parks open April, 2021 but remember, there is NO SCREAMING on rollercoasters at Disney!

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