How To Make Money From Home

how to make money from home

You can make money from home doing what you love, by helping others and cutting out what you don’t need.

With the covid plannedemic creating more job loss, I thought a post on how to make money from home would help a lot of people out.

Since people are losing their jobs after not taking their covid “vaccine”, it’s important to look for ways you can make money on your own.

Some companies will not even consider hiring you unless you’ve had the vaccine, so it’s important to plan ahead financially whether you currently have a job or not.

This is a very important post – share it out.

If none of these tips on how to make money from home work for you, I hope they will help to give you ideas on how to create income.

How To Make Money From Home

Making money from home can sound scary to many. What you need to do is think about what you’re good at, but, especially, what you LOVE TO DO!

Your knowledge can be used to help others solve problems they are having, which in turn can make you money.

Inspiration for this post: Covid plannedemic is creating more job loss and it sucks!

PODCAST version of How To Make Money From Home

In this post on how to make money from home, there are two main ways; saving money and making money – I will give you thoughts on both.

If you want to work from home for someone else, is a great resource for finding work – most are great jobs – and legit jobs you can do from home! is geared to the person wanting a job from home.

Ways To Make Money From Home

  • Cancel cable tv – saves a lot each month
  • Cancel home phone (LAN line) – do you really need it?
  • Look through your checking account online – see what you’re buying and cut back
  • Do you cut or style hair? Do it out of your home
  • The job you currently have or had – can you do it out of your home for side money?
  • If you love dogs find Facebook dog groups in your area and offer dog walking
  • Find Facebook groups that align with your passion and post there – music lessons online, etc.
  • Do you love to write? Find a writer’s group on Facebook (if you’re still on FB) and offer editing services
  • Make a grocery budget and STICK TO IT
  • Start a blog – make money from ads on your site
  • Start a YouTube channel (if you still use YT) – make money from ads on your site
  • Start a podcast on YouTube – make money from ads on your site
  • Start a dog walking business in your area
  • Watch someone’s child in your home – you’ll make money and they’ll save on daycare
  • Babysit younger kids for working parents
  • Teach a skill over the internet using zoom or Skype

There are more ways to make money from home and the list above is just scratching the surface. See below for details on some ways to make money from home that I’ve implemented.

Get Rid of Cable TV To Save Money

Cutting the cord and getting rid of cable tv is the first way to make money fast. Getting rid of cable tv is easy since there are many cable tv alternatives. Cable tv is becoming more of a dinosaur with each passing year.

Cutting expenses can be difficult but sometimes the easiest answers are right under your nose. I cut cable tv expenses by getting rid of cable and will never have it again. I kept the internet for streaming and surfing the web and that’s all I need.

Make Money From Home. how to cut cable tv and survive

Unfortunately, we get caught up in paying for things we don’t need. Most people think they still need house phones. Just because you were raised with a house phone (land line) doesn’t mean you need it. Getting rid of your house phone is another way to make money fast. 

I have a tight budget and am always looking for ways to save and make money. The house phone went away in 2002! I thought, “why am I paying for a house phone when everyone calls me on my cell phone?” Although the answer was clear, it was difficult for me to cut the house phone, ridding my life of something that I “always had.”

Get Rid of Your House Phone To Save Money

Honestly ask yourself, “am I using this?” Do you really use it? $45 a month for what?

Make Money From Home. getting rid of landline house phone

The easiest way to make money fast is by getting rid of that expensive cable tv bill every single month! Let’s get to the big one, getting rid of cable tv service. I thought about this for over a year.

I was afraid to get rid of cable tv because I’ve had cable tv since I was a kid. Everyone has cable tv, you need cable tv….uhhh no you don’t. Comcast charges an average of $150 A month for you to channel surf. REALLY?!

All you need is internet access to enjoy movies and tv from YouTube, HULU, NETFLIX, Amazon fire stick, etc. Cable tv offers nothing more than an added expense of $100-$200 a month to channel surf. What a waste of your time and money. GOTTA HAVE ALL THE CABLE CHANNELS! No you DON’T! Most people don’t even watch cable tv but refuse to let it go.

how to make money from home after covid pandemic job loss. cable tv alternatives - how to cut the cord on cable and stream tv

I have the internet and installed this awesome antenna on the roof to get local channels (up to 100 miles away from my home) in TRUE HD! 

Watching tv for the news or shows on NBC, CBS, ABC is great especially when they’re free and it’s true HD. I don’t mind the commercials…in fact, I kind of like them…they remind me of how tv used to be as a kid.

Make Money – Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

If you got rid of your house phone, say, $50, and cable tv, that’s $150 or so. 

This would save you $200 a month or more. These are two of the fastest ways to make money fast. It’s not like you’re cutting yourself off from civilization and living in a log cabin. We’re talking about something you pay lots of money for that you aren’t using.

I got rid of cable tv in 2015 and haven’t been affected at all. I bought a MOHU house antenna that gives phenomenal picture quality and is highly recommended by thousands on Amazon. Check them out. 

MOHU also sells small tv antennas that resemble a mouse pad, which can be stuck on the wall or hidden. I bought the whole house antenna for the roof and couldn’t be happier. 100 mile range of pure HD tv channels for local networks.

Get Rid of Cable TV To Save Money

Here’s a video I made on the simple MOHU house antenna install

Since I have internet only, I upped the internet package to get more internet speed. I pay about $15 more a month for faster internet speed, but still saving $120 because cable tv is gone.

But what about tv commercials? So what. I was raised on watching live tv. TV commercials give me a chance to get something from the kitchen. They’re not a big deal and I actually don’t mind them. We use the house antenna for live tv and apple tv for movies and other programming via HULU. 


Another option is the Amazon fire stick. This is a GREAT product, which is very inexpensive, that connects to an HDMI port on your tv. It delivers HD streaming of movies and shows. There is no monthly fee to use the fire stick. No tv remote is required to control your tv, although it comes with one.

You can take the Fire stick with you and plug it in to a friend’s tv or any tv with an HDMI port, as long as there is internet for it to connect to. You need an internet wifi connection to stream content.  I have the firestick as well.

get amazon fire stick and get rid of cable tv

Who needs cable tv?! Save your money, get a fire stick, and get unlimited viewing of movies and shows. Again, this is the best way to make money fast! You’ll be getting back $100-$200 a month!

If you watch sports, there are plenty of options. ESPN has their own app you can stream for $10 a month via Amazon fire stick or apple tv.

Get Rid of Your Cell Phone Bill To Save Money

Yes, I know getting rid of your cell phone is crazy talk. I don’t mean physically get rid of it. Keep it but cancel service. Getting rid of your cell phone may be a last resort but it’s another great way to make money fast.

You can still use your iphone as an ipad. There is wifi wherever you go. I have wifi service at work and at home. For phone calls I can get a Skype phone number for $20 a year. $20 A YEAR!

The downside to not having cell service is if you’re outside of wifi such as in the car and you need to make a call. For these situations you could get a cheap pay as you go phone for phone calls only.

Getting rid of my cell service is my next plan, as I can save an additional $100 a month! I’m paying AT&T $50 for a data plan I barely use since I’m ALWAYS IN WIFI! Think about it.

If you get lost in the car and need that GPS, get a GARMIN unit for the car. NO MONTHLY FEE to use and they work great! Most cars today have built-in GPS anyway and it’s free!

I hope this post on 5 ways to make money fast has helped you out.

What have you done to make money fast? Was it cutting expenses or something else?

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

Share your ideas on How To Make Money From Home in the comments section below – it will help others.

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