How I got rid of cable tv and use a MOHU house antenna setup. Get rid of cable!

How I got rid of cable tv and use a mohu house antenna. Get rid of cable! Save yourself money! It doesn’t hurt like you think it will. We’ve all had cable either most of our lives or all of our lives. As a kid in the 1970’s and 1980’s there was no cable. We actually had to wait for something to be on tv and then, we could watch it only once. There was no way to record anything. In some ways, cable tv is the same way. You wait for the day and time a show will be on and you either watch it or record it to your DVR. When cable tv came out in the 1980’s there were no commercials. It was show after show after show with no interruptions ever. Just like Mtv, that all changed. Now, there are more commercials and BS than there are shows, and you’re overpaying for it! My cousin pays around $180 a month to comcast to channel surf. They have the full package with all movie channels. For what? He’s barely home and when he is home he’s working on his computer. Really think about this. Are you a couch potato? Do you log tons of hours a day in tv? If you are, you’re still better off getting rid of cable and I’ll give you some reasons why.

I am not much of a tv watcher. I have a day job and when I get home I choose to spend my time with my kids, wife and dogs. I also have photography and video editing I’m always working on…not to mention the few You Tube channels I have. I only kept cable around for the kids and the children’s shows it provided. I hated opening that bill every month. We’re a single income family and things are tight so it was time to make a change whether I wanted to or not. I also haven’t had a house phone since 2002 by the way. I knew it was stupid to pay for something I never use. Why have a house phone if you use a cell phone? My brother and cousin and parents still have a house phone. They just can’t let it go, and yet, they never use it. They’re just used to having it so they keep it. Stupid.

I’m not too into sports so I wasn’t concerned about the games I would miss. For those of you into sports there are a ton of options out there but I can’t give you any, you will have to surf google for those. I will tell you one thing I have is apple tv. Apple tv has apps and one of them is ESPN. I believe you can subscribe to ESPN and pay $10 a month for that channel. Something like that anyway. More cable companies are doing that because with You Tube being so popular and money being tight, people are making changes. Everyone is streaming everything now. Cable is dying and I’m happy for that. It’s been a rip off for far too long.

cancel cable tv get the mohu sky 60 antenna
Mohu sky 60 house antenna

I remember the day I got rid of cable. The final bill came and even though we didn’t pay for movie channels, I was paying around $75 a month! That’s insane for basic cable. I could use that money to feed my family. I called the cable company and cancelled out of rage building in me for months. I had had it. My wife was at a neighbors and I did it without telling her, although she knew the day was coming.




I ordered the Mohu house antenna from Amazon:

Amazon also has an indoor antenna good for one tv:

I made a video of me installing the antenna and you can find that here:

So no cable tv for over 2 years now. How does it feel? AWESOME! I was nervous to cancel thinking I would be cutoff from the world, which is what many other people felt as well. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I feel much more connected than ever. We use the Mohu whole house antenna for regular tv channels, which is awesome. The range of this tv antenna is 60 miles and it’s true HD. Not sure if you knew or not but HD from cable companies is NOT true HD. Their HD signals are compressed to allow for more users on their bandwith. The size is actually 720 and not 1080 (true HD is 1080 or higher.) When the antenna was connected, I could not believe the signal quality. Over the air signals are uncompressed which is why they are HD in pure form…and it’s FREE! Did I say FREE? Yes, I did. Purchase the antenna once and you’re done.

cancel cable tv get hulu
We use a mohu sky 60 house antenna, hulu and apple tv.

The only thing I pay for is internet access so we can have internet at home, along with HULU for $7.99 a month. We tried netflix and hated it. All the movies are dated and the variety isn’t too good. We are more into tv anyway, which is what HULU is. HULU has ALL shows on tv. The great thing is they are current and can be watched a day after they air. So if we watch America’s got talent, it’s either live when it is airing, via the house antenna, or HULU the next day. HULU quality is HD as well and you can fast forward or rewind as with DVR. There are 2 commercials that play on HULU shows, like every 10 minutes…big deal. I can pay $2 more a month to remove all commercials but we don’t. Not only does HULU have all shows available the day after they air, but they have all shows from all seasons and all episodes. I have yet to not find anything I want to watch…and it’s current stuff.

I mentioned apple tv before and we have one. Apple tv is awesome. Think of apple tv as itunes for your tv. You can buy movies or music on your phone and watch them on your phone or any apple device right? Well, after connecting the apple tv little box to your tv via HDMI, all that content you purchased, and more, is available to stream on your tv. So the movies we bought for the kids…all available on the tv at any time. But that costs money you say? Yeah, we may spend $18 a month, if that, on a movie night that I know we will want to watch again and again such as Star Wars or Raiders of the lost ark. Apple also has a very large bargain section where great movies can be had for cheap. I got the first ghostbusters movie for $2.99. New apple tv models are much better than they were, now incorporating siri. This is the way of the future and I’m glad we did it.

cancel cable use apple tv
We got rid of cable and use apple tv and Hulu with an affordable internet access package.

Spending money to channel surf garbage is stupid and does nothing more than line the pockets of idiots running companies that can’t help you when help is needed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you’re thinking of canceling cable tv, just do it or you never will. You can always sign up again but I don’t think you will. Consider subscribing to my blogs if you enjoy reading them. See the subscribe in the right side of the website.

Thanks for reading!



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