How to lose weight fast with no exercise

how to lose weight fast without working out

How to lose weight fast with no exercise. How to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks.

I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks easily. Following are things I have done that are quick, effective and work with very little effort to lose weight fast.

Yes, you should workout and yes you should watch what you eat, but what I want to talk about today will make you lose weight fast, with little effort, if you follow what I did.

These weight loss steps will help you look better, feel better, and even hopefully start you to slowly get on track to losing more weight….and there is no working out required…but that helps.

It’s hard to find time to workout and stay with it. It is really discouraging and difficult to change behavior. We all know this.

When you lose weight, you will notice it in your face first and then your stomach and frame. It’s nice to see bone structure in my face again and people have noticed. This morning a coworker said it looks like I lost weight. I didn’t tell anyone I was trying, so that compliment was great!


  1. I drank this protein drink that tastes like chocolate milk. I LOVE IT. It’s 40 grams protein and has no sugar but is sweet! I have one or sometimes 2 a day.
  2. DO NOT DRINK ANY POP / SODA! You will see 5 lbs. weight loss after one week.
  3. I didn’t eat carbs such as bread or rice. If I did, I took really small servings.
  4. Nothing with sugar such as donuts or cake or coffee cake (yeah I know.)
  5. No candy…again, NO SUGAR! One piece here and there is ok but that’s it.
  6. Cereal for dinner a couple times a week, by quaker oats. Tastes great.
  7. I still drank coffee with milk ( no cream: too much fat) and little sugar.
  8. Make sure you DON’T have more than 60 grams of fat a day!
  9. If you get hungry, have an apple or banana or oatmeal or fruit.
  10. If I made a burger at home, there was no bun, no bread.
  11. LIMIT YOUR PORTIONS. DON’T EAT UNTIL FULL! You get used to it fast.
  12. Drink a glass of water before eating…it will fill you up so you eat less.
  13. Go for a daily walk and get moving….just walk a mile or two a day.
  14. Grilled chicken breast or two is very low in fat and great for you! No bread with it, no bun, no sauce toppings…Try tomato or other vegetables with it for flavor. Get creative. Add olive oil or garlic to it.
  15. Healthy Choice tv dinners taste great. These are my dinner 3-4 times a week. The portions are a little small but you get used to it.
  16. Make a smoothie. Here’s the Nutribullet blender I bought to make perfect smoothies. I use 1 banana, frozen strawberries, 1 cup milk, splash of honey, this chocolate protein powder (no sugar but it’s sweet) and quaker oats in a blender and blend! I have 2 large cups sometimes for dinner. Very healthy and cheap to make and it fills you up!

how to lose weight fast without working outThe 2 biggest factors to losing weight are the protein drink and eating less. Don’t eat much bread or rice (carbs.)

I had pasta at times, which I LOVE, but limited my portions from a large bowl to small bowl. I cut my portions in half. If I was hungry after that, I’d have coffee or water or the protein drink. You get used to eating smaller portions, trust me.

 I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS PROTEIN DRINK. It was key to me losing the weight. I love this chocolate drink; they have other flavors as well. The banana is really great too. I’m addicted to it. No sugar at all but it’s sweet. I have it on monthly auto order from Amazon.

LABRADA – Lean Body Ready To Drink Protein Shake, Convenient On-The-Go Meal Replacement Shake for Men & Women, 40 grams of Protein – Zero Sugar & Gluten Free, Chocolate (Pack of 12)

how to lose weight with labrada powder proteinYou can also get the LABRADA in powder only and easily mix yourself or add in a smoothie…I use this as well in my smoothies. It’s cheaper when you use the powder only.

Drinking water will help you further in losing weight. Here are the benefits of drinking water. To be honest, I need to spend more time with the water drinking, as I have not been drinking that much of it. Your body needs water, at least 50% of your body weight in ounces a day. If you weight 200 lbs you need at least 100 ounces of water a day.

I would suggest, as you feel up to it, to do sit ups, enhancing the weight loss in your stomach. Put your toes under the couch to anchor you and start with one or two a day if you have to. Work up slowly.

As you get more advanced, take longer walks, then walk faster, working up to a minor jog for half a block or so.

You don’t need to get crazy with working out! Start at a slow pace so it’s comfortable and fun for you. The key is to get moving to burn that fat away while doing what I talked about above.



IF YOU GET HUNGRY and need to snack, I suggest nuts such as peanuts or cashews or whatever you like. Pretzels are also great. I read somewhere you should “eat like a caveman.” This would be nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Another thing I did to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks was throw a couple frozen bananas, half cup of milk and a handful of strawberries in a blender with a squeeze of honey. INSTANT AWESOME SHAKE! Honey is good for you and it’s nature’s antibiotic.

Make a few hard boiled eggs the night before work and take to work as a snack. Good for you and 8 grams protein each.

A heaping tablespoon of peanut butter drizzled with honey is packed with protein and really good for you. Peanut butter and honey tastes great if you need something sweet.

You will lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks by following these very simple weight loss tips.

GOOD LUCK! Any questions let me know! YOU CAN DO IT!





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