Hospitals Are Murdering People

Hospitals are murdering people

I couldn’t think of a more proper title for this post than “hospitals are murdering people”, because, many believe they are.

This is more of a personal post on what has been happening recently to our family and others.

To my loyal readers, I really appreciate you. I have not written a post in over a week, and for that, I apologize.

Many terrible things have been going on – the biggest being 5 deaths within the family within 6 weeks. The latest wake and funeral will be next week.

There has been no time to fully mourn the passing of our loved ones because the next death was a week away; little did we know.

Many people have written me to say hospitals have murdered their loved ones in the very same way my family members were murdered. I will include some of their comments with the video below.

Our family has been talking about hospitals murdering patients, and with 5 deaths in 6 weeks, it’s a bit obvious this is true (especially when others come forward with the same stories.)

hospitals are murdering people. Patients are being murdered in hospitals with ventilators. Hospitals are murdering patients for covid money. Staying out of hospitals has been the suggested practice because once you get in, you may never get out. Many people have written me to say hospitals have murdered their loved ones in the very same way my family members were murdered. I will include some of their comments with the video below.
Our faces will be the last ones you see – with no one by your side

Staying out of hospitals has been the suggested practice because once you get in, you may never get out.

If you believe what politicians say and have faith in the “vaccine” they created, I’m sure, deep down, you felt at one point, that something is a bit off.

A BIT OFF? That’s putting it mildly.

For me, I have begun to think that hospitals have become the new concentration camps for death.

If they don’t get you with the jab, they’ll finish you off in a hospital.

NO VISITORS in hospitals MEANS NO WITNESSES – they murder anyone they want and chalk it up to whatever they want.

Hospitals have become murdering asylums under the guise of “covid.”

Hospitals are murdering patients by forcing them to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and midaz.

It is a fact that hospitals are getting kickbacks of $48,000 per patient that is marked as a covid death. I thought it was between $2,000 and $5,000 but many readers reached out and corrected me with the $48,000 number.

hospitals are murdering people. Patients are being murdered in hospitals with ventilators. Hospitals are murdering patients for covid money.
Another $48,000

I have spoken to a few nurses and medical personnel who admitted there were kickbacks by government for every death marked as covid. They didn’t want their names used for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t use their names even if they gave them to me, as it could be dangerous for them.

Covid kickbacks are great for hospitals for obvious reasons and great for the government (they get their numbers for covid deaths.)

Governments want to depopulate and using hospitals to murder people with no witnesses is their perfect plan.

Inflated covid numbers add to the fear and scare tactics that ultimately force the obeying population into getting the jab, which, has been killing thousands.

I made the video below on Hospitals murdering people to spread the word and to see if others have similar stories (many do.)

Hospitals Are Murdering People – 5 Deaths in 7 Weeks

Hospitals are Murdering people

All the stories were the same between the 2 hospitals in different states.

3 of the hospital deaths occurred in the same hospital within 4 weeks and the other 2 deaths occurred in a 2nd hospital in another state within 2 weeks of each other.

The Hospital murders had the same events

  • We were able to speak to them on the phone and they showed signs of fear and wanted to get out
  • Within a few days their cell phones were taken from them so they could “get rest”
  • The phone to their room was removed and any calls had to be routed by the main desk
  • The front desk nursing station always had the same story – they’re sleeping, call back later – later never came
  • On the rare chance we were able to talk with our family members, they said they wanted to leave and were scared. Call were cut short
  • Our cousin said “get me out of here, they’re trying to kill me”, and after that, no more phone calls were allowed
  • Our Aunt said “this isn’t right, I need to go home” and after that, no more phone calls were allowed

My parents were both in a 3rd hospital at the same time and wanted to go home.

My father got out after telling him many times he is not allowed to be discharged.

My mother wanted to get out and they would not allow it. She said she would sign a waiver dismissing the hospital from anything that may happen to her if she left the hospital on her own – they would not allow it. Hospitals CANNOT hold you against your will!

The hospital tried administering different kinds of drugs to my mother and she would not take them or allow it. She complained a lot (bitched a lot) and finally got only with the help of one nurse named Karen. I drove to that hospital and met my mother at the exit. Karen got her out of there.

My parents recovered fine at home.

Most of our family members were forced onto ventilators when they didn’t need to be.

hospitals are murdering people. Patients are being murdered in hospitals with ventilators. Hospitals are murdering patients for covid money.

Ventilators only offer a 14% chance of survival if the ventilator is calibrated correctly…most are not (intentionally.)

Our cousin tried to leave the hospital and was taken back to the room, sedated and put on a ventilator – he died 2 weeks later.

Our cousin was in his early 40s, never drank, never smoked, never had any health issues, and yet died of a “heart attack” while on the ventilator.

The hospital kept asking our family for a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate.) This is NOT RIGHT! Hospitals should ask how the patient and family feel about a DNR, and NOT if they can use one. After the 4th time of asking for a DNR, and the family refusing, later that day, our cousin died of a “heart attack.”

Our cousin’s cell phone was taken, he tried to escape after saying “get me out of here they’re trying to kill me”, and 2 weeks later, he was gone.

Has Anyone Else Lost Multiple Family Members in a Short Period of Time due to Hospitals Murdering them?

MANY people have emailed ROTTER News saying YES!

It’s been suggested to have someone enter a hospital to film undercover what is going on – and then successfully escape. I’ve thought about it.

You’d have to sneak a camera in – perhaps tape a GoPro camera to your back.

I had another dream / nightmare about my cousin last night. I dreamt I was on the phone with him as he was getting his kids ready for school. I was one week back in time before he went to the hospital to get checked out because he had flu symptoms. I called him and started to cry on the phone, asking him to meet me that night so I could tell him the crazy story of how the hospital was going to murder him. I was going to warn him to never go to the hospital.

Comments from Hospitals are Murdering People Video

  • Lost my Stepfather last week at the Las Vegas hospital.
  • Hospitalacide is really happening, and over sedation while on ventilators is the primary means. Many people from the medical field have been blowing the whistle on Bitchute. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  • Im sorry about your loved ones. Its fucking insane that the hospitals can deny someone the right to leave when they want… like goddamn asylums. I’ll be damned if I go to one for anything now. Hope things get better for you man, and for everyone
  • Thank you for sharing. I was in the hospital months ago, they wanted to vent me. I refused. They weren’t happy. 8 nurses and a pulmonary doctor later, sill , NO. I was in ICU for double pneumonia, the pulmonary doctor tried scare tactics. He said, well if you get to where you can’t breath, what do you want us to do. I plainly made it clear, CPR or Let me go. I got left alone about the ventilator after that BUT they kept my door cracked with my pole in the hall way, so it was a convenience to them to change my antibiotics. I got up , moved my pole inside my room.. I got in trouble. A nurse ask me, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? I SAID, I WANT MY DOOR SHUT. She came back with, WELL THE C.D.C. said we could do this. I politely said … WELL GINA G- I – N- A SAID YOU CAN’T. Patients had to pass my room to be placed in a room. I again, politely told her, if you’re going to leave my door cracked, I want every door, on this floor opened. Needless to say, I got to have my door closed the remainder of my stay. YES, THEY’RE USING BULLYING TACTICS. PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE, YOU MUST- MUST BE YOUR OWN HEALTH ADVOCATE. YOUR CORRECT SIR IT IS 48,000 + for any vented patient. Then the vents get turned to 80 to 100 % which insures death. Sad but all to true. Where is the oath the doctors took. Out the window. Money talk and b.s. walks. EVIL AMONG U.S. ALL.
  • So sorry to hear all this Steve. I’ve known about this crap for a while. Hospitals ARE death sentences! You will be in my thoughts and prayers
  • Hey my friend. It has been a while, now I understand why. The things you and your family have been going through, and ARE going through sounds absolutely insane. The doctors and nurses that you mention sound like organ harvesting ‘vultures’ (that was my thought because of the way they kept pushing about the ‘no resuscitation’ form eventho they got a clear NO) Your story would make a great twisted, mind bending and bone chilling horror movie. My deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts are with you.
  • My condolences, I’ve been hearing these kinds of stories more and more, people I have been listening to for years are being painted as conspiracy theorists… people need to wake up
  • Much the same with the Scottish NHS over here. Outside elements coming in, and viewing patients as something they can make money out of misery with, shortly before this shite happened. Very sorry for those you lost to a corrupt system, Steve. My condolences to you and your family.
  • Prayers and thoughts Steve ,I watch a video of a man that runs a funeral home in London and what your saying is what he said is happening in London and nursing homes were hit hard with deaths but they were using a drug similar to ones used to sedate and the senior’s wouldn’t wake up ,but die and the same issues in the hospitals there too, but anyways I feel for ya bud ,your right people need to stay away from hospitals.
  • Unfortunately our medical system has been broken for a long time. It is a business and the treatments they give suppress symptoms, at best don’t cure and allow the underlying disease process to continue and at worst, poison and kill. This is so sad, and sorry for the losses in your family
  • Not to be a conspiracy theorist but….. Things are getting suspicious since this covid thing started. “Trust us, even though what we say doesn’t make sense.”
  • what the hell is wrong with the hospitals!? Someone need to protest before more deaths like this
  • Obozo-care was such a failure this was the only way to bail it out. insurance designed to bankrupt you before it kicks in, what a joke and now the scamdemic
  • I’m sorry about your losses man. I just had some too.
  • The medical tyrannical system needs to be tried for crimes against humanity
  • I hear simulator story about hospital doing that to people as well. You’re not crazy at all for thinking that way
  • Thank you for sharing with us. Your aunts story sounds similar to my moms but my mom died in 2016. They did the same thing calling me saying she was doing well and would be released soon then the next day I get a call and they say I better get there because she is now dying. They never gave me a clear answer to what was wrong with her. Then on her death certificate they listed smoking. However she quit and it had nothing to do with her being sick she had a surgery and got an infection and was sick ever since then. They had her at a rest home then sent her back to the hospital and I have always believed that they killed my mom. My Mom is greatly missed she wasn’t just my Mom she was my best friend. It’s so sad the medical system is so corrupted I haven’t trusted doctors for years. Now look at the world it’s scary! Praying for you and your family
  • Also when my dad was on his own in hospital they made him agree to a no resource order without consulting his family I don’t even think he agreed to it but he couldn’t argue they had drug him up.
  • we all need to be putting God back in our lives first and foremost start reading the Bible again and Pray!!! This is a war against GOOD VS EVIL. NOT A VIRUS!!!
  • They are killing people using remdesivir, it causes multiple organ failure and heart attack is one of the most common side effects
  • My grandma was the last survivor of her retirement home care . Everyone in her room passed by covid. My grandma was utilized like some human experiment she was locked in a clear see through wall. Had to put tubes in her , life was painful for her from all this covid bullshit. But the way they were handling her was just so terrible… I told my dad it would been so much better she came with home with us and still passed away because she would been so much happier being with her family …. Fucking hospital ppl….
  • I try to tell people everyday about not going to hospitals because what they are likely to do to you if you even have ANY respiratory illness. But if you go in for anything else I still wouldn’t trust them. The hospitals are bleeding for money because elective surgeries and a lot of other things that earn them money are done less and less to make room for Covid Wards. I’m not putting it past them to put everyone they can in these wards and then hook them up to ventilators for the money incentive, which is proven to exist. I had a sudden mental illness that mysteriously came and went after they activated 5G in my area and I was hospitalized. No one inside that hospital except in the front areas were wearing masks and it was like a ghost town in there. I swear I saw them loading bodies into a truck though, but I can’t trust my mind because of my condition I had. I had started seeing some things that weren’t there. Still, my gut instinct is that wasn’t a hallucination on that part.
  • What were ventilators made for it they’re so dangerous? I heard one doctor say they should use cpap machines instead. What is this, all of a sudden they’ve just started killing people?
  • Same happened to my dad he went into hospital for a leg infection why he was in there they said he had cancer as of that moment they filled him full of opiates so he couldn’t talk or couldn’t leave even though he had no pain and the thing is he was 100% healthy when he went in there he could’ve ran up and down the stairs. We went in one day to visit him and he had his head on the table his dinner beside him and his tablets in front of him no one even checked on him and he had been overdosed on opiates they had to give him a drug that you give to drug addicts to bring them out of the high. It’s like they’re trying to kill him. Sorry about your loses by the way it’s painful enough to lose one person without the amount you’ve lost my advice would be stay out of hospitals.

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This post on hospitals murdering people is to raise awareness.

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