Covid Police Forced To Leave

covid police told to leave

Covid Police are being forced to leave businesses by people taking a stand.

People and businesses are denying Covid Police entry when they show up to enforce covid hoax rules.

The crazy days of the covid hoax are getting worse and people have had enough.

As most people with common sense know, covid is not about a virus, it’s about politics and big pharma making money.

Covid is a scare tactic to force people into getting a vaccine, which isn’t a vaccine at all.

What started out as a two-week mask mandate in early 2020 has turned into a year of compounding lies by government.

People in all countries have had enough. As more people stand up to the covid nazis, more will join in the rebellion.

Restaurants and small businesses realize their financial well-being is at stake.

Ridiculous rules and mask mandates for the flu are killing the economy and government doesn’t care.

People and businesses are denying Covid Police entry when they show up to enforce covid hoax rules.
Obey us and you’ll get “freedom”

It’s a race against time with people vs government, as governments rush to enforce vaccines, which really aren’t vaccines.

The government has an agenda, which is to keep people in check, make billions from the covid hoax and control the world (Agenda 21 and New World Order.)

Realize that if everyone responded the way these people do in the videos below, we’d be getting somewhere.

Following are a few videos that may lift your spirits a bit.

Covid Police are forced to leave gatherings when people rise up against them.

Calgary Pastor rages out against Covid Police

A pastor threw out the police who tried to shut down his church in Calgary

I LOVE how this pastor in Calgary handled these covid police, calling them Nazis.

Covid police have no right to break up gatherings of people. This is a direct violation of the US Constitution.

There was no crime committed, unless you consider worshipping God a crime.

Actually, I believe the Deep State does consider worshipping God a crime, as they worship satan.

Shove your social distancing and mask mandates; People are in charge of government (our forefathers designed it that way.)

People rise up against Covid Police in a restaurant

People rise against Covid Police at a restaurant

The Deep State (government nazis) are doing anything they can to keep people under lock and key – it’s not working.

More places of business and people are defying covid hoax rules, which is something we should all be doing.

Governor Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot are boo’d

IL governor Pritzker (criminal) and Chicago mayor Lightfoot are an evil pair. They are boo’d heavily at a Chicago baseball game in 2021.

IL governor Pritzker and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot have done everything in their power to keep people locked down in the state.

If you think NY governor Cuomo is bad, these two are just as bad if not worse.

Pritzker constantly battled Trump at every turn and pocketed money left and right for every patient marked as covid death.

Most deaths in IL hospitals were marked as covid deaths, as in most states, since IL hospitals and the state received a $2,000 kick back for each patient death marked as covid.

Atilis Gym owner refuses to close

Atilis Gym reopens and refuses to close

I know there are times you feel as if you’re alone trying to fight the good fight.

You are not alone and you must stand your ground.

I wanted to share these videos of people rising up against covid police to inspire you to stand your ground!

It’s easy to get sucked into the television and lying news media.

Realize that all statistics the lying news media and government show (and everything they say) is false!

The lying new media is part of the Deep State, which also controls the government and banking system, and it goes all the way to the Vatican.

As always, follow your gut and stick to your guns!

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