Prince Philip Dead – For Real This Time

Prince Philip dead at 99

Prince Philip is dead at 99 for real this time.

You may remember the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) accidentally publishing Prince Philip’s obituary end of February 2021, 7 weeks before he died.

The Sydney Morning Herald uploaded an article titled ‘Prince Philip Through the Years’ in the obituary section of their website end of February 2021, when the Duke of Edinburgh was still alive.

The Sydney Morning Herald was forced to quickly remove the obituary for Prince Philip, published by accident on Monday afternoon.

An article titled “Prince Philip Through the Years” appeared in the paper’s obituary section at around 5pm, with it unclear whether a coincidental retrospective article was put in the wrong section of the paper, or it was in fact a very awkward oversight.

According to family members, The Duke of Edinburgh is very much still alive and “doing OK” as he remains in hospital for “rest and observation.”

On Monday afternoon, an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed the curious article, which was sold as “The life and times of Britain’s longest-serving royal consort Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in pictures.” It has since been deleted.

In her Twitter post, user “Miss Bailey Woof” shared the screenshot of the article with the caption: “Is there something we don’t know @smh?”

“Oops,” simply said another.

I had the original accidental obituary post from Sydney Morning Herald but am unable to find it at this time. If I find the image I will update this post.

Prince Philip dead at 99. Prince Philip, who retired from his public duties in August 2017, is survived by his wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth, their daughter Princess Anne and their three sons: next-in-line-to-the-throne Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
Prince Philip dead at 99

Prince Philip Dead, this time for real

London — Prince Philip, husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, has died, the royal family announced Friday. He was 99.

“His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle,” the family said in a statement.

Prince Philip, who retired from his public duties in August 2017, is survived by his wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth, their daughter Princess Anne and their three sons: next-in-line-to-the-throne Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Prince Philip also leaves behind eight grandchildren, including Prince William and Prince Harry and nine great-grandchildren, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Archie and Princess Eugenie’s new baby boy, August.

The Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized on Feb. 16 after being taken to King Edward VII hospital in London on the advice of his doctor after “feeling unwell,” Buckingham Palace said in a previous statement. He was released a month later following treatment for an infection and a successful procedure for a pre-existing heart condition. 

What Happens After Prince Philip’s Death

Prince Philip’s death won’t lead to any constitutional implications, but there is one major change that is expected to happen, and that is Prince Edward inheriting his title.

There have been speculations that Queen Elizabeth might abdicate the throne after her husband’s death.

Even though she planned never to retire, such an occasion might change her earlier plans, as some imply that she might retreat to Balmoral, while the public will have to accept Charles and Camila (though they are not that fond of Charles becoming a king for now.)

These are only speculations, so it still remains to be seen what the Queen’s final decision about this issue will be.

Writer’s Notes

Odd how an official obituary was prepared for release weeks before a death; Prince Philip could have lived another year or two.

Maybe there is something we don’t know, or maybe it was just prepared and published accidentally.

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