Biden Gun Control

biden gun laws

Biden announces new gun control on April 8, 2021.

Biden announced several new gun control measures after two mass shootings last month, claiming that shootings are a “public health crisis.”

When talking about the mass shootings last month, Biden is referring to the staged events using crisis actors, setup by government.

Here are some other staged events to push their agendas

  • George Floyd death hoax
  • Boston bombing
  • Sandy Hook
  • Covid Planned to force vaccines (not a vaccine)
  • 9/11
  • 1976 Flu scare with forced vaccines (many became crippled from that “vaccine”)
  • BLM

….so many more


“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, and it’s an international embarrassment,” Biden said in a speech at the White House, where he was joined by Vice President Kamala Harris and Attorney General Merrick Garland. Reports said several gun-control advocates and local officials also attended.

Biden gun control is unconstitutional. Nothing the Biden puppet says should be acknowledged.

Biden wants our guns, plain and simple.

Gun violence an embarrassment? Biden is the embarrassment

  • Biden working with China with our tax money
  • Biden has offshore accounts with millions of dollars of our tax money
  • Biden lied about going to law school and becoming an attorney (early Biden days)
  • Hunter Biden laptop
  • Biden having physical relations with nieces (very young)
  • Biden says Hunter wasn’t involved in China money schemes, but he is
  • What did Biden do in 48 years as a crooked politician (I just answered it)
  • Election fraud (Election machines are not allowed online and they were)
  • IP addresses were captured from hackers altering the election (election polling machines were online-illegal)
  • No world leader will meet with Biden – they will be looked down upon
  • Biden not allowed in capitol building
  • Biden not allowed on AirForce One
  • Biden not allowed in Whitehouse
  • Biden films at Tyler Perry’s Whitehouse replica in GA
  • Biden films at Amazon studios (Oval Office)
  • Biden is an actor

The list of Biden fraud is much longer but my fingers are getting cramped.

Government uses Crisis Actors to pull of their Agenda

Biden Destroying 2nd Amendment

Beijing Joe says, “Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we’re talking about.”

Everything Biden says is against the Constitution.

The 2nd amendment states that people have the right to bear arms. End of story.

Biden is directing the Department of Justice to, within 30 days, issue a proposed rule aimed at curbing the spread of so-called ghost guns, or guns that are made from build-it-yourself kits.

It doesn’t matter if a gun is hand-made, comes from a kit or is store-bought.

Removing guns from people removes their protection and this is exactly what The Deep State wants.

Biden gun control will remove guns from innocent people.

Removing guns from people not only removes their rights and protection, it allows criminals and government to have even more power over people.

Do you think police want to approach residences to remove guns? These scenarios will end badly.

People have the right to own guns, per the 2nd amendment under our Constitution.

The Constitution was written mainly to protect people against the government.

IF guns were confiscated from every person in the United States, the people are screwed!

  • No protection against robbers, rapists or murderers
  • No protection against an overpowering government
  • You will have no way to defend yourself when bad guys have the guns
  • Only bad guys will have the guns
  • If FEMA camps happen, no guns means very little resistance

Surrendering Freedom Willingly

Surrendering your guns means surrendering more of your freedoms.

Removing guns will never happen; people (the smart ones) will never give in to any government agenda.

Many people have already given their freedoms away by wearing masks and staying inside; just obeying, just doing as they’re told.

You’re an adult and if you don’t want to take a vaccine that will more than likely kill you within a week, that’s your option. It’s your body and your freedom to do as you want; that’s what the Constitution says.

Biden announces new gun control on April 8, 2021. It is your 2nd amendment right under the constitution to have a gun. The right to bear arms.
You have a right to bear arms. 2nd Amendment Constitution

The Constitution states there is a right to assemble, a right to travel between states freely, the right to bear arms…but they’re talking about covid passports where you can’t travel or roam or attend public events or gatherings.

Are you seeing what’s going on? Are you tired of it? Why are people obeying made-up authority?

The government is supposed to work FOR THE PEOPLE!

People don’t want their guns taken away.

People want democrats and all corrupt government to go away. People want limited terms on politicians.

Biden called on Congress to take action, saying, “Enough prayers. … It’s time for some action.”

Who or what do you think Biden prays to?

Earlier on April 8, several prominent gun rights groups including the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Gun Owners of America criticized Biden’s announcement.

The latter group described Biden’s announcement as tyrannical in nature, because it is; it’s against the Constitution of the United States.

Biden wants your guns and brainwashed people agree.
People brainwashed by government agree there should be no guns

“Like a dictator, Biden is seeking to unilaterally regulate firearms that gun owners currently own. And he’s doing this via executive action—bypassing the constitutional requirements which give Congress the authority to pass legislation,” Gun Owners of America said on April 8.

The NRA, meanwhile, warned after Biden’s speech that his orders will “dismantle the Second Amendment.”

There is no dismantling the 2nd Amendment or Constitution unless you obey what they want.

You all need to stand your ground and realize what is going on. Read The United States Constitution.

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