Carnival Cruise Lines Hit With COVID Outbreak

carnival cruise lines hit with massive covid outbreak among fully vaccinated. carnival cruise lines hit with covid.

Carnival Cruise Lines confirmed it experienced a COVID outbreak on its Carnival Spirit in recent days, even though the company requires all passengers and staff to be fully vaccinated against the fake virus.

Are you tired of hearing about Covid? Yes? I’m sick of writing about it to be honest. I hate the word Covid, and let’s be honest, it was a hoax for control by corrupt politicians. How could something so evil as the Black Plague (haha) just disappear?

You must see it by now. When they decide to bring covid back this fall and winter, along with masks, what will you do?

“The Carnival Spirit team managed a number of COVID cases during its 16-day Panama Canal journey that departed Miami on April 17 and arrived in Seattle on May 3, 2022. There were no serious health issues, and while some guests showed minor symptoms, most were asymptomatic.

It’s the flu. Lysol cans for years have coronavirus listed as something it will fight against. It’s the flu.

The only thing killing people is their “vaccine” and hospitals.

Hospitals collect $48,000 for each person they murder. It happened to my family members 5 times in 7 weeks.

It’s not clear how many passengers or employees contracted the fake virus. A spokesperson for the company did not elaborate when asked about the figure.

“It’s not clear” they said.

carnival cruise lines hit with massive covid outbreak among fully vaccinated. carnival cruise lines hit with covid.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) dashboard says the Carnival Spirit meets the threshold for a CDC investigation based on the number of COVID cases. The agency said it has “started an investigation” and the “ship remains under observation.”

More clown show, more smoke and mirrors and no one cares except the few who wander around or drive their car with a mask on (while being the only one in said vehicle.)

Carnival’s spokesperson said that “all health and safety protocols were closely followed including vaccination requirements and pre-cruise testing of all guests” and “our crew are also vaccinated and wear masks.”

Is this 2020? People are actually still wearing masks because they’re told to? Surprise.

“Our protocols are designed to flex up as needed and additional measures were implemented during the voyage, including mask requirements for guests,” the spokesperson said.  “Carnival provided transportation and lodging support for guests who needed to quarantine per CDC guidelines” and that the “ship departed on its next cruise on Tuesday afternoon as scheduled,” said the spokesperson.

Several passengers onboard the Carnival Spirit complained about how Carnival allegedly handled the COVID outbreak on board the ship.

Remember, the media LIES! More fear porn, although we believe that ship has sailed….no pun intended; I hate puns.

“I literally stayed in this room for six days, with no telephone service, they wouldn’t answer the phone,” Darren Siefertson, who was placed in quarantine, told CBS News this week. “This ship was so unprepared and so mismanaged that many of us suffered greatly,” he added.

Oh no, poor Mr. Siefertson. What was he to do? No one cares. Too many people are awake to the BS politicians and the media spew.

It’s in your best interest to live your life and follow your gut. Don’t obey, as these people are supposed to work for you. You pay taxes / their salaries / don’t you? They should be obeying us, however, it doesn’t work that way in their world.

Sieferston told NewsCenter Maine that he believes about 200 people tested positive for the virus.

Don’t forget that various apples and oranges also tested positive using the PRC test, which was NEVER designed to test for covid.

Stop listening to them and never forget all the BS they pulled. All the jobs lost, all the people who died, all the money lost in the stock crash, etc etc.

“They didn’t have enough staff to handle the emergency that was happening, period,” Sieferston alleged. “They were overwhelmed, and they didn’t have a backup course in how to handle about 200 people affected with COVID. We all suffered.”

“We all suffered.” His violin sounds a little out of tune.

About a month ago, officials confirmed that a “100 percent” vaccinated cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises suffered a COVID-19 outbreak before it docked in San Francisco.

Well, if that’s the case, their “vaccine” does nothing and neither do masks. All for a good scare to lock people down for control, and many believed it. I applaud those of you who stood your ground and continue to do so.

Share your thoughts on Carnival Cruise Lines Horrific Covid Outbreak in the comments section below. 

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