Best blender for smoothies to lose weight fast

how to lose weight fast with the best blender for smoothies.

The best blender for smoothies would have to be the nutribullet line of blenders, preferably the nutribullet pro. This is definitely the best money I ever spent!

I was never into snacking or eating bad but wanted an alternative for healthy food mainly due to high cholesterol (it’s just how my body is.) Also, there are times I don’t feel like making anything for dinner and I never eat fast food.

I have friends and family who are overweight from eating fast food every other day or every day at times. Also, they drink pop / soda, have too much sugar, donuts, cake, cookies, high fructose corn syrup, and all that stuff will hurt your health.

I’m no health expert by any means but I know what not to eat. Protein is very important and the average person should have no more than 60 grams of fat a day! People think counting calories is the thing to do. Start counting the fat and you’ll see large weight loss fast.

Did you know the average italian beef sandwich has around 55 grams of fat? That’s your entire day of fat. Technically if you wanted to lose weight, you would eat this and nothing else with fat the entire day.

best blender for smoothies

The biggest reason I got this smoothie blender is convenience. I don’t feel like making food at times and they taste great. The bonus is they’re healthy for you!

Start drinking protein shakes such as these. You don’t have to be a muscle head to drink protein shakes. I never thought I would drink them but these are awesome.

Labrada protein shakes are delivered to my door each month via amazon. It’s what I drink each morning for breakfast and they’re filling. If I want a snack later at night, instead of pop / soda, I’ll grab another one of these chocolate smoothies. I was surprised how great the Labrada brand is. These Labrada smoothies have 40 grams of protein, are pre-made and taste great! 40 grams protein is half the amount the average person needs daily. These protein shakes contain zero sugar but are sweet and taste like chocolate milk…not some nasty powder drink. Try them out! There are a few different flavors.

I was looking at blenders for smoothies and my cousin recommended the nutribullet pro. She has the nutribullet pro at home and the nutribullet at work.

nutribullet pro is the best blender for healthy smoothieMaking a smoothie for dinner or lunch with the nutribullet pro couldn’t be easier, faster or more fun. First time using it I had a smoothie within 5 minutes. The box includes a lot of different smoothie recipes based on your goal…toxin removal, weight loss, energy boost, etc.

My first smoothie included a banana, frozen strawberries, handful of spinach leaves, 1/2 cup of milk and oats. I also threw in a small orange, peel and all. Within seconds everything was blended with the 900w motor!

The smoothie tasted great and was very filling, with absolutely no pulp or solid particles. I got my fruit and veggies for the day. Tonight I will do the same, throwing in some nuts and apple (no apple core.)

Cleanup took about 30 seconds. All you need to do is wash the cup you drank from, which is also the container it blends in.

I absolutely love this nutribullet and will be buying the smaller one for work for easy quick healthy lunches. Now I don’t have to feel guilty for having a burger or pasta for dinner. I plan on half my week being smoothies once a day. They are filling and taste great!

By the way, I didn’t taste the spinach at all…mainly banana and strawberry!

Check out the reviews and get a nutribullet blender here on Amazon. There are a few to choose from. I chose the nutribullet 900 since it was larger and more powerful. I will be purchasing the $29.99 model for work.

It’s obviously better to eat more food with protein with less fat content. Start counting your fat and you will be amazed how much you take in daily. Sugar converts to fat instantly so sugars and cookies and cakes should be avoided. Cheating here and there is fine.

I add this protein powder by Labrada to the smoothie mix.

I love bread but don’t have it as much. Carbs break down into sugar very fast and pack on the weight. I love bread but got used to not having it.

Start eating less sugar products like cookies or cake or pastry. Cut back on sugar. I still have sugar in my coffee and will never give that up. It’s all about moderation.

Stop drinking pop / soda. You will lose about 5 pounds in a week after you stop drinking soft drinks.

Check out how I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks with no exercise!

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