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youtube sucks

Video creators have been looking for a YouTube alternative. I started a YouTube alternative for video creators called RoxyTube.

RoxyTube supports video creators, has much less censorship than YouTube and believes in freedom of speech.

Video creators are looking for a YouTube alternative

YouTube has failed video creators with unfair monetization and censorship. YouTube gets worse with each passing year, resulting in video creators leaving the YouTube platform in search of a YouTube alternative

YouTube video creators saw the worst censorship at the beginning of 2020 once the COVID-19 hoax started to take hold. YouTube removed all videos related to #emptyhosptials and #covid19, which also resulted in thousands of YouTube channels being shutdown.

YouTube doesn’t offer the freedom and fun they did years ago

Checkout the first video I made for YouTube in 2007. A fun evening of filming. Simple cameras, not even HD back then. Just something we put together that night. Darth Vader and Emperor.

I’ve been into video production since early 1990s. Since we were limited to showing our work on video tape, this new YouTube platform would be perfect for sharing our videos with the world.

YouTube started in 2005, but with limited technology and internet speeds, YouTube didn’t catch on for another 8 years. There were no iPhones, iPads or faster internet connections.

YouTube started getting bad in 2015, followed by the terrible 2017 YouTube changes when demonetization kicked in unfortunately (YouTube creators were severely limited in making money.)

Demonetization is the act of taking money away from video creators. YouTube demonetized thousands of small channels without warning or reason.

YouTube was great until google took it over. Then the sponsors came, who are responsible for placing ads on YouTube. YouTube sponsors started calling the shots. YouTube changed for the worst.

youtube sucks

YouTube changed policies constantly to hurt small video creators. It was almost as if they were trying to get rid of their video creators. The very people who are responsible for creating content that YouTube makes money from, were being treated like garbage. You can find this info all over the internet.

YouTube isn’t the same video platform anymore; they are controlled by sponsors, google and government censorship. YouTube has been removing thousands of videos that do not “fit their terms” or “hurt feelings of sponsors.”

YouTube has removed most of the good videos and disabled many smaller channels from making money (not like there was much money to be made on YouTube anyway for 95% of video creators.)

YouTube video creators find it hard to make a name for themselves with strict policies and censorship blocking their dreams.

youtube monetization sucks

YouTube pays the average video creator about $1.00 for every 1,000 views per video created. If you got 10,000 views on said video, you made $10.00, which you have to pay taxes on. And now YouTube removes videos that don’t fit with their agenda. What a waste of time for everyone.

YouTube rules got worse, causing many video creators to leave

2020 brought the COVID-19 hoax and thousands of people looking for answers to the pandemic. Videos having anything to do with COVID-19 or empty hospitals were quickly removed by YouTube. YouTube was deleting videos by the thousands for “conspiracy theory” practices. Video creators were waking up to years of brainwashing and wanted to voice their opinion via video on coronavirus and house arrest (social isolation.)

Video creators were looking for a YouTube alternative so I started one, called ROXYTUBE

RoxyTube video like youtube

RoxyTube is a fun, interactive video sharing platform, like what YouTube used to be.

RoxyTube has similar features to YouTube and more, with very little censorship and support for video creators.

YouTube has sunk to all-time lows. With massive video censoring, deleting of videos (which pay video creators pennies), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

RoxyTube is a YouTube alternative I started in 2020. Without the politics, red tape or sponsors controlling everything, RoxyTube is a much better place for video creators.

A search on YouTube for “YouTube sucks” results in ranting videos by video creators looking for a YouTube alternative.

It’s sad our future generations will not experience the old YouTube we knew. Those were exciting times…fun times…inspiring times.

The first 2 days RoxyTube was online it had 7 video creators on it. After one month, that number grew to 128 video creators. I wonder what the future will bring. I’m excited to find out.

If you’re looking for a YouTube alternative, join us at ROXY TUBE, we can be found at


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