Life is short. DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Do what you love

When you’re dead you’re done. DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

die at a young age
When you’re dead you’re done. Do what you love.

These words are true and haunt me at times. Think about it. When you’re dead, you are done! No more spaghetti, no more coffee on a cool fall evening on the porch, no more writing, no more laughing, no more rushing home to be with your family or dogs, no more Star Wars (say it isn’t so!) NO MORE anything! I do believe in God so I’m sure there is Star Wars and real lightsabers in heaven.

A very close friend said she admired me because I’m not afraid to try anything. I thought about this and realized she’s right. I was so busy working on things that I never had time to think about them or wonder if I should try them or not. If something is interesting I always dive in and learn as much as I can. My recommendation was that she do the same. Her passion has always been writing and she is very good. From a very early age she wanted to be a novelist. It took me years of coaxing her to try. She has others trying to persuade her but I know I put a lot of work into that. I’m so proud of her for finally working on writing around her busy work schedule. I’m proud that she is seeking out publishers. She even let me read some of her work, which is huge. I know that is a personal thing with artists.

Why are people afraid to try? The number one thing is fear of the unknown or shyness. What is shyness? Why be afraid? I don’t have the answer to that but wish I did. When I was younger, I could NEVER go up to girls. It was an impossible task! How do you go up to someone you don’t even know and start a conversation because you think they’re attractive?

I digress…

Do what you love right now. If you love something, start by reading about it. As you research, see if your interest grows. See if you want to learn more. Then see if you enjoy it while doing it. If the passion fades, that sucks, but it’s ok. I played guitar for years and was incredibly hardcore about it. I locked myself away for hours, wrote songs, recorded in studios, marketed myself, and then life happens. Now I’m into other things. I wish I had more time for guitar but can’t follow all passions.

As a kid my uncle taught me about photography and how it worked with various lenses and such. I wanted to learn more. 35 years later I’m a pro photographer. What is a pro? I still don’t know, but I love what I do, made money from it, have had a business, and still do it out of passion for the art. I’m also a video editor of 25 years, audio engineer, guitarist, web designer, YouTube creator (4 channels), have a full-time job, a father, husband, and I love my dogs!

Where do I find the time? It’s hard. I don’t get out much and I stay up too late but this is what I LOVE! This is me and time is short.

On my death bed (if I do die that is), I will never say I wish I would have started photography. I can say “damn, I need to take more photos!” I loved it for the time I was here.

If you love something do it! What are you waiting for?! Achieving your goal is just the icing on the cake. Getting there is fun and if it isn’t, you need to be doing something else.

I also do a pretty good joker impression in the style of Heath Ledger (videos to come.) Do I feel silly doing voice overs in my studio at 45 years old? YES! But guess what? I love it, have a blast editing the digital comics and have followers that love what I do on YouTube. Will it allow me to drive a Porsche? (An orange one)….probably not….but it’s entertaining people and while using my video and audio passions.

That’s what it’s about friends…..

Are you following your passions? what are they?

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