Why the last jedi sucked

Why the last Jedi sucked. Disney ruined the last Jedi.

I named my son Luke and my dog Leia. I kind of like Star Wars, but not anything after 1985. Rogue One was very good, and I did enjoy ep3 but that is it.

To be honest, I didn’t have plans on seeing Star Wars the last Jedi. After Star Wars episode 1 and 2, it just didn’t work for me. Star Wars the force awakens was an upset to many but it brought us Rey as a new interesting character. This gave new hope to the Star Wars franchise.

Since I’m talking about new characters, let’s talk about Finn. I HATE this character. Finn brings absolutely NOTHING to the table besides unnecessary watered-down cheesy comic relief and bad acting. I could rant and prove my point all day but I will not. There are plenty of YouTube videos for that.

The last Jedi promised to be great with many questions finally answered:

  1. Who are Rey’s parents?
  2. Who is Snoke and where did he come from?
  3. Where has Snoke been all these years?
  4. Why did 3PO have a red arm?
  5. Who are the knights of Ren and where are they?
  6. Who made the plans to get to Luke Skywalker?
  7. Why is Anakin’s light saber calling to Rey?
  8. Why did Anakin’s light saber choose Rey?

With countless YouTube videos and forums guessing at what would happen, we were sure to have an answer, to at least a few things….along with an epic lightsaber battle.

NOPE! Disney chose to do NOTHING. None of these questions were answered.


Finn becomes more stupid with lame slapstick. The kind of “comedy” anyone who enjoys the sitcom FULL HOUSE would enjoy. Gotta LOVE the beginning of the film when he wakes up with water spewing out of his hospital suit. Man I could hardly keep from laughing. NOT. Just like the scene with BB8 tying up the guards. That was the BEST. Along with this; Rey gets a laugh when she asks if Kylo can put a shirt on. But I think my favorite part is when BB8 saves the day driving the AT ST. Nevermind how he got up into the AT ST; he’s driving it and blasting the hell out of bad guys! Boy, these Disney writers really know how it’s done. I’m so glad they bought the star wars franchise.

Did you know I’m sarcastic?

the last jedi sucks

We get to meet Rose, a new character, who no one could care less about. Disney spent more time on the stupid Rose character than Snoke!

We meet a new commander for the rebels, the Jurassic park chick from the first Jurassic park movie. She becomes commander after Leia is in a coma from her Mary Poppins stunt. Wait, I think she’s a spy, wait, no, she’s not. Now she has a crush on Poe. Who knows what the hell is going on.

Star Wars the last Jedi is a pure FAIL. George Lucas is gone and so is Star Wars. With Disney at the helm, it’s a good old family film packed with silly laughs by people who don’t know how to write. disney also died with Walt Disney in case you didn’t know. I didn’t capitalize the d in disney on purpose…I never do.

STAR WARS FANS posted to my Rotter studios You Tube channel:

  1. Anakin turned to the dark side because the Jedi Code is flawed, and it was written by Lucas to be so. That is the reason why Ben and Yoda wanted Luke to kill his father, the same as the Emperor did, but Luke decided to follow his own path and save his father….because he loves him.
  2. Let the fucking rage out and this is how Angry Video Game Nerd should review this movie? Now I am angry and royally pissed off! Like what a caca dookie Buffalo farts diarrhea stupid motherfuking movie! It like what haven’t been through enough with this shit! It’s like Disney got greedy with their greedy dicks decided let’s make a crappy movie and not give a shit about the fans! My God what were they thinking! That is so fucking cheap! How fucking Dare You Disney! Yeah now everyone will have nightmares over and over again! Go eat a pile of donkey doo doo stupid fuckers! Now my rage is in full throttle mode! What the fuck will see another fuck up of a film! How will future Generations relate to our generation by your fuck up! Oh please give us a reason why you decided secretly to ruin Star Wars forever and fuck you on that too pieces of shit greedy motherfukers! You know what Disney you deserve to get punched in the face and have a bloody nose while we’re at it and have teeth spitting out! It’s like that song We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel and I’m going to start your fire right now! You knew the fans wanted a good movie and you had to fuck that up! I’m not done with your ass! Fuck you for all the shit that comes out if your industry and you have so much money but you just don’t give a shit about the fans! No because you’re not going to fucking listen to what I have to say pieces of shit corporate dicks! A BIG FUCK YOU DISNEY! From Nerd himself would state and that is my honest opinion about them!? ? Go fuck off Disney. They have made me very enraged over the whole idea of them ruining my childhood. I’ve always had a respect for James Rofl character that reviews crummy games from NES. Just imagine The Angry Video Game Nerd doing Us justice and reviewing this crappy film that take a shit on us the audience.
  3. I loved Episodes 1-6. Rogue One was very good as well. Force Awakens seemed a repackaging of A New Hope with name and gender changes, but tolerable. However, The Last Jedi was the worst written plot ever. So many loop holes, too many artificial drama that did not work, whole scenes that were a waste. And the social justice crap is ridiculous. Luke is an established character of hope, but Rian Johnson destroyed that and made him a coward. And Leia Mary Poppins is a joke, and Rey is a Mary Sue, and the jokes during serious drama. And the way Luke died was stupid, the projection of himself idea was stupid. Hated the plot. The good things: John Williams score is great. The cinematography was great. The acting was good. Ridley as Rey, she is fabulous actress.
  4. It’s time for war the only way to hurt these fuckers Kathleen Kennedy Rian Johnson is to boycott all Star Wars Disney Movies over 50% of the fans hate what is happening to star Wars.. If you want a better future! for Star Wars then stand with us and don’t go. if you really must see this shit then see it on Pirate the war against these cunts has began! hurt them like they hurt you DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MORE MONEY!… Do the right thing and make a stand fuck Disney…
  5. Do it. Boycott. Only way I’m seeing another Star Wars is if the studio heads are completely replaced and 8 is ripped from canon. There was a myriad of ways to explain Rey’s powers and Luke’s isolation that fans would’ve accepted, but this was atrocious. I can’t remember a film franchise handled so insultingly disrespectful to fans and it’s source material. Everything I can think of was either comedy or satire in the first place (Ghostbusters, RoboCop, Total Recall). Hell, even Terminator tries to make it work. They have a bad record but they actually try. I personally don’t even care if some shithead executive has a hypocritical agenda to criticize capitalism (where do you work, again? and how’s that Chinese market working out?) or bash male characters (who made this franchise, again? and who built your studio?), as long as it’s a carefully crafted, coherent, and compelling story. This was just a monstrosity of a script in every way imaginable, which only leads me to believe that a.) the “story planners” are inconceivably incompetent b.) they’re too busy managing their agenda driven checklist to care c.) their bloated egos only enable them to hire yes men d.) they have a natural aversion to anything outside of their PC worldview (i.e. struggle, minorities with character flaws, women maybe needing help sometimes, men that aren’t terrible, etc.) e.) all of the above (Hint: pick this one… or maybe ‘d’ if you’re an optimist) I don’t know why this movie (I know it’s just a movie) hit home for me so badly, but it really feels directly insulting, and all I can think of is these ivory tower jag offs, being unaffected by the backlash. In a perfect world, Lucas would hire Hamill and make an original movie, because while Mark performed extremely well for the bs material he was given, millions of people want to see him be a respected character and are looking for a new sci-fi series.
  6. I’m totally with you man, I’m not seeing any more abortions from Disney. I liked the Star Wars trilogy (the original one on vhs) when I was a kid but after that shitty pile of movie, I no longer give a shit.
  7. I think the quality of Disney Star Wars movies will effect their box office especially after the Last Jedi where we saw a 30% drop and a flop in China. If Disney can’t rely on China for easy money then they will have to bring up the quality immensely or fail. If Solo gets worse numbers than 8 expect worse from 9
  8. Lol i was done with this feminazi SJW bullshit ever since TFA. Women are perfect, who can do no wrong while all men are stupid idiots and failures by default. Equality… Not !
  9. Purple hair didn’t tell Poe the plan “because” he was a man
  10. I hated the last Jedi but those who trashed it Rian Johnson and Disney grossed a billion dollars in the box office so everyone’s video rant about how the movie sucked is falling on deaf ears they have made their billion dollar profit. In other words they don’t give a damn what you think about the movie the only way for them to fix star wars is to hurt them financially at the box office. So expect more trash star wars films in the future only this new generation of kids like today’s star wars those who been threw first three orginals hate the last jedi.
  11. I CAN ‘T STAND the new star wars film either, guys……, — Great review, by the way! The two things I think I hated the most about tlj were the fact that there were no actual light saber battles for the first time in I don’t know, 8 or 9 Star Wars films(?)—- and also the rose character- made me cringe
  12. Rian Johnson is simply a bad writer that is a puppet to him master Kathleen Kennedy. JJ Abrams was had deliberately based TFA on A New Hope … and …. was intend films #2 & #3 to each be based on their original counter part. Kathleen Kennedy did not agree with what JJ Abrams was doing and planning for the trilogy and made sure he wasn’t going to write and direct TLJ. You are wrong …. about Fin. Fin was meant to be Rey’s soul mate. Rey is the new Luke. Luke never had a soul mate so that he would have to decide to follow love or duty. Anakin had a soul mate which contributed to him turning to the dark side. JJ Abrams did not write TFA. Rian Johnson wrote that POS film … and completely ignored what JJ Abrams was planning to do with Rey, Snoke, Kylo Ren, Fin … and Leia. TLJ was meant to be heavily based on ESB. In Empire, Luke found out who his father was and received training from Yoda. Luke stopped his training to go and save his friends. TLJ was supposed to show: 1) Snoke is Rey’s father 2) Luke went into hiding because Snoke was stronger than him and had put the thought of killing Ben into his head 3) Luke knew Rey was Snoke’s child and secretly protected and trained her — with Anakin’s ghost — via force projections/visions to get her ready to join him to fight Snoke and Kylo Ren. 4) Luke was suppose to be now the most powerful Force user 5) The Rebel base was suppose to be attacked with Luke & Rey showing up to save them. Luke easily defeats Kylo Ren & his army — the true Force Unleashed. 6) Kylo Ren kills Luke — not Snoke — while he is distracted arguing with Rey who was stopping him from executing Kylo Ren for crimes against Humanity. Luke knows Ben Solo is truly lost … unlike his father … because Kylo Ren does not want to be saved. 7) The Rebels escape just as they did in ESB. 8) Kylo Ren joins Snoke telling him the good news about Luke. 9) Just like Han Solo & Leia in ESB … Rey & Fin get closer.

Even as a stand alone film, Star Wars the last Jedi sucks.

I will not be seeing Star Wars EP 9, which should be the last in this series. I have absolutely no interest. I saw Star Wars, episode IV A New Hope as a kid. That film inspired me to not only get into filmmaking, but audio engineering and photography.

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