VACCINE GENOCIDE – Vaccines Destroy The Immune System

vaccine genocide

Vaccine Genocide is something to think about, whether you believe covid vaccines are killing people or not.



Dr. Zelenko warns of ‘Civil War for freedom,’ issues urgent call to action calling against vaccine genocide for civil disobedience in non-violent ways.

’First of all, I’m not suicidal… Second of all, I’m doing much better; my health is fine. So if I die, or disappear, it has nothing to do with any of that…’

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko warns there’s a concerted effort to silence truth-telling doctors like himself, against vaccine genocide, and cautions if he soon dies it won’t be from ill health, or by his own hand.

Podcast version of Vaccine Genocide – Dr. Zelenko

Who Is Dr. Zelenko?

Zelenko Protocols against Covid-19 

  • – Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients 
  • – Nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom 
  • – Recognized as a hero at U.S. Senate Homeland Security committee hearing 
  • – Published in top peer reviewed journals with world renowned physicians 
  • – Provided counsel to White House personnel, multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, public figures 
  • – Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience 

New York family medicine physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is warning that “tyrants” in government know that the end of Covid “is coming” and are now “going to go full totalitarian.”

Covid VACCINE GENOCIDE warning by Dr. Zelenko - Doctor speaks out about VACCINES DESTROYING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and killing people   Dr. Zelenko vaccine genocide. Vaccines are killing people.
Dr. Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko said in a Dec. 20, 2021 video, posted to social media, that the “suppression” of his voice and “voices like me” is an “assassination attempt on the truth.”

In August, 2021, Dr. Zelenko called for those who he says prevented treatment, that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, to be held accountable for vaccine genocide.

“We need civil disobedience,” Zelenko said in the Dec. 20 2021 video. “We need to say ‘no’ to the demented puppet in the White House. The freedom of our children depends on what we do right now.”

Big Media, Big Tech and those government Covid “tyrants” have been out to get Dr. Zelenko since last year when he reported overwhelming success in treating Covid patients with a protocol featuring hydroxychloroquine.

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Using hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, plus Z Pak antibiotic, the New York doctor reported a success rate of 100 percent for low-risk patients and 99.3 percent for high-risk patients.

Dr. Zelenko named it “the Zelenko Protocol” and said it is the synergy that works. Without zinc and Z Pak, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work as effectively, he said.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko quotes a prediction from Dr. Mike Yeadon that 75% of those who receive the mRNA vaccine(s) could be dead in 3 years. On the brighter side he offers methods to prevent death with mitigation strategies that include affordable anti-viral medications that do not require a doctor’s prescription.

The “Vaccine” – Poison Death Shot

“The government now is desperate,” Dr. Zelenko says. “The tyrants know that their end is coming and they’ve dug in and they’re going to go now full totalitarian tyranny trying to suppress voices like myself.”

Dr. Zelenko, who promotes early treatment and prophylaxis protocols for low-risk patients to treat Covid-19, goes on to point out his life is in danger because of the information he’s disseminating.

“First of all, I’m not suicidal,” Dr. Zelenko acknowledges.

“Second of all, I’m doing much better; my health is fine. So if I die, or disappear, it has nothing to do with any of that and you know what the source of it…”

“It’s an assassination attempt on the truth by the suppression of my voice and voices like me.”

Dr. Zelenko goes on to say there will soon be an “attempt to sanction doctors like myself, take away our licenses, vilify and so on.”

The only recourse, the doctor says, is for honest doctors and other like-minded people to band together, rise up politically and reject the tyranny.

“My request from fellow physicians and my request from anyone that’s listening is to go in the exact opposite direction: Rise up. This is a Civil War for freedom, hopefully in a nonviolent way,” Zelenko says.

“We need civil disobedience. We need to say, ‘No,’ to the demented puppet in the White House and to all these tyrannical lies from people like Fauci, and the NIH, and the CDC, and the FDA… all these organizations that are nothing more than prostitutes and whore houses.”

vaccines killing people

The future, Zelenko confirms, depends on good people standing up (in a non-violent way) to the ruthless authoritarianism.

“If you want your children to have an opportunity to thrive with God consciousness, it is now time to rise up and sacrifice, because the freedom of our children is dependent on what we do right now,” the doctor notes.

“I’m not advocating for violence. I’m advocating for civil disobedience. Rise up. Say, ‘No, to the poison death shots and completely reject today’s government, which is nothing more than an enemy of the people, enemy of humanity, enemy of God.”

Dr. Zelenko joined Alex Jones last week to highlight how the Covid-19 vaccine is essentially giving everyone AIDS.

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