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Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones

Skullcandy hesh 3 wireless headphones are perfect in every way without breaking the bank.

Skullcandy hesh 3 wireless headphones are very comfortable, have great sound quality (I’m very picky) and are not that expensive.

I’ve tried many headphones and these are the best wireless headphones. I’m a bit of an audiophile, being an audio engineer for 25 years.

I’m always listening to music, especially during my 4 hour daily commute to work via train. The best headphones I found can be had for under $100. I spent a lot of time researching reviews, watching videos and trying headphones out. I decided on the skullcandy hesh 3 over the ear headphones.

You’ll see a lot of people wearing the BEATS over the ear headphones. I’m not THAT picky but I know what I want.

Having been a musician, audio engineer and lover of music for over 25 years, I need my audio as perfect as I can get.

The Beats headphones were too bassy, too fake, too muddy. Mixes should be close to flatline with punchy deep bass and shimmering highs, without piercing your ears.

Great headphones don’t add mud or frequencies that shouldn’t be there. Beats headphones are pricier and feel like someone put “pillows” over the speakers.

I listen to all styles of music from hardcore metal to classical and pop rock to movie scores. When editing audio, it’s best to have a pair of headphones with a flat response, meaning, they will sound as close to the original music as possible.

My favorite headphones in the studio are Sennheiser, hands down. Nothing beats them in my opinion and I have used many.

For enjoying music, there’s nothing wrong with getting a pair of earbuds or over the ear headphones that add a little color to the audio mix. Too much color will muddy the sound and fatigues the ear while listening.

My skullycandy hesh 3 headphones review from my Rotter studios YouTube channel:

My biggest gripe in headphones and ear buds is the muffle factor. I can’t stand muffled audio, as if there’s a pillow over the speakers. Beats headphones are really good and popular, but, again, for me, not the type of bass I need in my music.

apple ear buds review
Apple ear buds sound great but I’m tired of being tied to cords.

Ear buds are great if you find the right ones. The most comfortable and best-sounding ear buds I have used are the ones that come with your apple iPhone, believe it or not. I was very surprised at how powerful and clear the included earbuds with my iphone7 made the music sound. Although I love earbuds, I looked at changing to “over the ear headphones” for comfort reasons and I wanted cordless. The ear bud cord pulling on my jacket was annoying. I don’t like being tied to things and a falling out ear bud just ticks me off.

A friend has a pair of the skullcandy hesh 2. He’s a big skullcandy fan. I was impressed with the full spectrum of EQ that wasn’t muddy or ear-piercing.

The sound quality of the skullcandy hesh 2 was balanced well and the bass was punchy and tight. These skullcandy headphones inspired me to research skullycandy, their various over the ear models, and a couple other name brands.

There are a lot of great headphone brands out there for under $100 or way more than $100. For the purposes and length of this article, I will focus on the skullycandy hesh 2 and skullcandy hesh 3 and why I chose the skullcandy hesh 3 headphones.

His skullcandy hesh2 headphones sounded great and are made really well.

  1. They sit on top of the ear as opposed to around the ear.
  2. After awhile of listening, people said they got slightly uncomfortable, although the soft fake leather padding is nice.
  3. I’m sure the hesh 2 headphones would have been fine but I was used to my studio headphones cupping over the ear and not balancing on top of the ear.
  4. skullcandy hesh 2 are great headphones. They are on Amazon for $69 at the time of this writing, which is a really great price!

Two other skullcandy headphones I looked at are The hesh 3 and the crusher.

The skullcandy hesh 3 difference is longer battery life compared with the hesh 2’s (although I’d be fine with the 15 hours battery life of the hesh 2’s.) The hesh 3 is a bit more at $98 and the crusher headphones are $179. I knew $179 was out and even the $98 was more than I wanted to spend…but for $30 more, it’s not that much.

After reading about the differences between the hesh 2 and hesh 3, I decided to go with the skullcandy hesh 3. The reasons?

The skullcandy hesh 3 headphones cover your entire ear and have memory foam type material for an even more comfortable fit.

Comfort is very important and these skullcandy hesh 3 headphones are that and more. Wearing these headphones just feels perfect. After 4 hours, they’re just as comfortable as they were when I put them on. Like soft firm pillows perfectly fit to over your ears. They don’t look large on your head and they sound great.

Some reviews said the skullcandy hesh 3 headphones had a more flat-lined EQ and fuller sound than the hesh 2’s. They are right. I already knew what the skullcandy hesh 2’s sounded like and I loved them, so I figured, it’ll be icing on the cake to have better sound than what I already heard.

The skullcandy hesh 3 headphones sound GREAT! I listen to all forms of music and they do well with each. The stereo spacing is just right with the sound quality being full and punchy. I really love these skullcandy hesh 3 headphones and can’t recommend them enough. I bought a 2nd pair for my wife for when she takes walks.

I use the hesh 3’s while editing video on my macbook, listening to music to and from work and at work when I need to concentrate. These are a must – have if you want a comfortable great-sounding pair of headphones. They also come with a charging cord and audio cable in case you forget to charge them.

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