How to kill ich in a saltwater aquarium

This post will tell you how to kill ich in a saltwater aquarium for good!
I have a 125 gallon saltwater aquarium and have been in the saltwater aquarium hobby for 7 years.
The saltwater aquarium hobby requires a lot of research. In all the animals I have taken care of, saltwater tanks are the most intense, expensive and difficult to maintain.
Things can go bad fast in a saltwater aquarium, especially if you have ich parasites or marine velvet in your saltwater tank.
Before we get into how to kill ich in your saltwater aquarium, I want you to know that what I’m about to tell you absolutely works!
Your saltwater aquarium will be healthy with no ich parasites in your saltwater tank if you follow the instructions I give you. I have helped many combat and destroy the ich parasite in their saltwater aquarium.
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Are your saltwater fish dying for no reason? Gasping for air and not eating? Not moving? Hiding?
Your saltwater fish may have what’s called Ich or Marine Velvet in your saltwater aquarium.
This nasty ich parasite is a silent killer. Many saltwater aquarium keepers know about this nasty ich parasite all too, but most don’t know how to get rid of it.
The Ich parasite embeds itself in the flesh of fish and eats. There are thousands of ich parasites in saltwater aquarium waiting for a fish to host it so it can eat said saltwater fish.
After a few days, the ich parasite drops off in the sand bed and encrusts in a cell.
The ich parasites multiply, releasing hundreds more parasites into your saltwater aquarium.
The parasites seek out a fish to host, embed themselves in its flesh and eat from the inside out again! Fish die quickly.
Marine Velvet is worse and is capable of killing all fish in your saltwater aquarium in a matter of days, if not hours.
I learned the hard way by losing most of my saltwater fish to marine velvet when I was starting out in the saltwater aquarium hobby. My water parameters were fine, water temperature was fine, and yet, my saltwater fish were dying.
The local reef store knew nothing about Ich or marine velvet, which, now that I know what the deal is, I find VERY hard to believe they knew “nothing.”
I sent photos of my fish, which I bought from them. The fish was covered in what looked like salt, which is the Ich parasite under the skin of the saltwater fish.
I brought the blue tang fish (Dory fish) to them, and they had no idea what happened, so they said. They sold me a wrasse fish to “eat” any parasite that might be on the fish. Such idiots. I will never shop there again.
Ich parasites multiply at an alarming rate. There is no way that wrasse fish would have taken them out. The wrasse died 2 days later and had white salt flecks all over its body. The wrasse died from ich parasites as well.
Other people in the saltwater tank hobby, including many on YouTube, say such things as, “once Ich is in your tank, it’s always in your tank.” This is the biggest like you will ever hear on saltwater aquarium ich.
I’m so sick of hearing this BS! Another thing you’ll hear is “garlic kills Ich parasites.” Again, total BS! I know what works and what doesn’t.
Let me make one thing clear! ICH parasites CAN be removed from your saltwater aquarium FOREVER and garlic does NOTHING to kill them either.
how to kill ich in saltwater tank
Ich parasites on a saltwater fish. Eating him alive.
Some people in the saltwater aquarium hobby, as in all walks of life, just go about doing what they are told. They don’t research or find anything out on their own. They believe what is told to them and that’s where they fail.
When they read about others using garlic to kill ich, or any other silly myth, it just confirms they do no research to see what really works.
The truth needs to be told. One saltwater tank forum in particular, reef central, is filled with arguing, bad attitudes and overall, for the most part, the blind leading the blind.
You will find MANY get rid of ich quick schemes, all of which DO NOT WORK! I never visit this forum, as it’s filled with a lot of haters and bad attitudes, especially if you’re new to the saltwater aquarium hobby.
1. Scraping against rock or sand bed to scratch an itch. They swipe alongside rocks or sand. This is an attempt to get the parasites off of them. They are being eaten by ich parasites and it’s torture.
2. Fish in bad stages of Ich or Marine Velvet will not eat. They will hover, staring out into space, not interested in anything.
3. Fish will hide and not come out, not eat, and not do anything.
4. In general, you know your fish is not acting the way they normally do. Some will start to spin out of control, swim sideways, or upside down.
5. White spots resembling salt on their body. This is the ich parasite embedded inside the fish, eating it alive. Some reefers think when the salt specks are gone, so is the ich parasite. This is FALSE! After the parasites eat, they drop off into your sand bed to encrust in a shell to multiply! After hundreds / thousands more are born, they are released into your tank looking for food….YOUR FISH!

The ICH parasite cycle must be broken!

I KNOW what you need to do to get the ich parasite and marine velvet out of your saltwater aquarium forever! I know what has worked for me and many others I’ve helped. It’s a rock solid solution. Read on.
Saltwater ich and marine velvet and oodinium is a parasite not a disease. It must be removed permanently from your aquarium. Feeding your fish well is not enough. I wanted to share what I have learned about ich and marine velvet to help your fish and aquarium stay healthy.  I put a lot of research and time into my book and it works! I have cured many saltwater aquariums using these easy-to-follow steps. You will be very happy and your fish will thrive!
Unfortunately, in the saltwater tank hobby, there are many myths on how to kill the ich parasite and marine velvet. I’ll say it again…one of the biggest lies every told is once you have ich parasites in your saltwater aquarium you will always have ich. This is completely false.
Ich parasites can be eradicated forever if you follow simple steps. The same goes for marine velvet. Marine velvet will wipe out all your fish in a matter of hours, a couple days at the most.
Another huge lie you’ll hear is garlic kills ich by feeding it to your fish. This is completely ridiculous. They believe that mixing fish food with garlic entices the fish to eat, thus making them stronger to fight off the ich parasite. Ridiculous! The ich parasite eat fish from the inside out. No amount of food or vitamins will prevent the parasites from eating your fish. Here’s a video I made to help others with the removal of the ich parasite and marine velvet forever.
This video shows WHAT NOT TO DO:
In order to remove Ich parasites from your saltwater aquarium, you must remove all fish from your main saltwater aquarium for 6 weeks. Fish go in another aquarium where you will take care of them and nurse them back to health.
Your main display tank will remain fishless for 6 weeks. Removing the saltwater fish from your aquarium will kill the ich parasites and marine velvet. WHY? You just removed the food source for ich and marine velvet. With no food, they will die. This process takes 6 weeks minium. After 6 weeks, your saltwater fish can go back into your display tank.
There are other steps to follow but those are the basics. I wrote a book that walks you through the entire process, step by step and what to look out for. This goes for anything new you buy for your saltwater aquarium, be it fish or coral or inverts.
To learn the entire process, pick up my book on Amazon and also check out my YouTube channel for more videos on how to kill ich a marine velvet, along with saltwater aquarium care.
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how to kill in in a saltwater reef tank forever
How to kill the ich parasite and marine velvet forever, by Steve Rotter. Available on Amazon.
Not only for those who just can’t get rid of ich in their tanks, but also for those just starting the hobby. Ich is brought up in very good detail!, and not only ich, we also get to know about some other common parasites which i personally think was a great idea to include as well. And as long as you follow the authors guidelines, you will most likely be able to prevent parasite introduction in the first place..Give it a read!
You can kill ich and marine velvet forever if you follow the steps. I haven’t had issues at all. Good Luck!
By doing everything I said in this post, you will kill the ich parasite and marine velvet in your saltwater tank forever. For more detailed info and explanation, check out my book above, on Amazon.
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