ps4 limited edition blue

New from sony is the PS4 “DAYS OF PLAY” LIMITED EDITION CONSOLE. Playstation 4 Slim Blue Collector’s Special. Called the Days of Play Limited Edition PS4, the system sports a gold symbol, matching blue controller and 1 terabyte hard drive. It will only be available for an undisclosed amount of time. You can now get the same PS4 in grey.

From June 8-18-2018 Sony is putting a whole bunch of games, peripherals and console editions on sale. That even includes a limited-edition PlayStation 4 color, all part of its just-in-time-for-E3 “Days of Play” event.ps4 limited edition blue console

ps4 limited edition blue console

SO I ORDERED IT. I WANTED A PS4 to stream my online gaming on since the kids packed the current PS4 with their games and saved data. Not to mention my 10-year-old is always playing FORTNITE.

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Most people watch gamers on YouTube or the popular live streaming site Twitch.

I have PS3 and moved on to PS4 because I wanted to play Star Wars battlefront. I grew up on the original Star Wars films and saw ep4 A New Hope in theaters as a kid. I’ve seen many versions of Star Wars video games through the years and the Battlefront franchise from EA games was truly the one we’ve been waiting for.

Typical with online gaming, you have a PS4 user account which is used to join games online. This user account is called your gamer tag and also acts as your Sony Playstation account name. For this reason, one player can play online at a time against others, per console.

Last night I found myself searching Amazon for pricing on another PS4 gaming console. I went with the PlayStation 4 with 1TB hard drive Console Days of Play Limited Edition.

ps4 limited editing in blue 1 TB hard drive
This limited edition ps4 ships this week on 6/8/2018.

I wanted a 2nd PS4 since the kids have filled the first PS4 up with their games and storage data. I needed a 2nd one for myself since I game and broadcast to twitch and YouTube. Also, and most important, it will be fun to game alongside them online, which I will need a 2nd account for, as well as a 2nd playstation.

Either I’m the coolest dad (well actually I am) or an idiot (probably this as well) for buying a 2nd playstation. I have to say it was a very good idea. My sons can play on the first PS4 upstairs and I play from a 2nd account downstairs.

Playing with your kids in an online battle against others and zombies and bad guys is great. It’s a lot of fun. Imagine storming a castle or a battlefield with your kids, shouting orders to one another such as “THEY’RE ON YOUR LEFT” or “COVER ME I’M GOING IN!” We can also fly a mission against the Empire over the surface of the death star together.

Having a 2nd PS4 was certainly not in the budget but it opens doors to another world of gameplay with my kids. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a little cash during YouTube or Twitch gameplay while streaming.

I use the skullcandy hesh 3 headphones for gameplay. They have a built in microphone for chatting with friends during gameplay and are very comfortable.

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skullcandy hesh 3 headphones

PlayStation 4 with 1TB hard drive Console Days of Play Limited Edition.

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