Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes Fake?

Dr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes fake

According to Charlie Ward, March 2021 will be a crazy month with deep state arrests and truth coming out soon.

March, as with other months, came and went, with nothing happening (as far as we know.)

In these videos, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes say the Deep State war is being cleaned up.

Simon Parkes talks about President Trump’s speech at CPAC from feb 28, 2021.

Charlie Ward says The Deep State is losing and March 2021 will be a crazy mental month.

If March was a crazy month, we saw nothing of the sort.

Another month came and went with nothing to report on arrests and executions of famous people at GITMO.

Charlie Ward says he frequently researches the truth when not trying to sell viewers silver or his books.

Charlie said when he began to challenge their message, he was promptly cut off from the cult and his family.

Charlie adds “Dr.” to his name on his sites, showing Dr. Charlie Ward.

The truth is, Charlie Ward isn’t a doctor and he admits this. He added “Dr.” to his name to get out of a parking ticket years ago and it worked; the title has stuck since that day.

Digging for the truth is part of Charlie’s nature, given the fact that he was constantly lied to or “brainwashed” as he put it, in his early life (we’ve all been brainwashed.) 

Charlie Ward says there’s much more happening behind-the-scenes. 

Millions of people have been researching the truth at the expense of social media banning.

Charlie Ward Mental March 2021 Update Video NOTHING HAPPENED

As a side note to this Charlie Ward video, it’s disturbing at the end when he says, “Jesus loves you.” The way he says it, it feels like he’s mocking us.

In other words…hold on to your God, keep believing in Jesus, you fools.

I have always been able to read people very well. I could be wrong, but I can’t ignore my gut.

Charlie has said on numerous occasions, “People are starving for the truth,” which is 100% correct.

Charlie Ward sounds like many of us, but, to many, there is something off.

There are many truth seekers like Charlie Ward such as Mel K, Juan O’Savin, Gene Decode, Michael Jaco and more. They discuss together and individually, the top secret intel of the week.

As days go by, more and more Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes videos have comments disabled. There is a reason for this.

Most comments on their channels are negative; calling out Simon and Charlie.

Both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward have special memberships available for purchase for truth seekers.

Charlie always has great deals available for the purchase of silver, along with info on how you can buy his books and membership to his site.

Simon Parkes also has a group membership you can purchase; members are privy to special information on what is going on in the world. One would think such info would be free to all patriots.

Charlie Ward said, in a 2021 video:

  • The UK was watching the Fake Inauguration 10 hours before it was shown to the American audience.
  • Charlie Ward said he received the video of the fake biden inauguration 12 hours before it aired on “live tv.”
  • Everything you saw for the biden inauguration was an illusion, totally fake.
  • Biden was sworn in before Noon while Trump was still the President.
  • The Celebration party with Tom Hanks in the evening was also prerecorded.

Charlie Ward often has talks with Simon Parkes; another researcher with “inside intel.”

Simon Parkes March 2021 Update Video

We all want the Deep State and Shadow government destroyed.

Millions of people are looking forward to the arrests and executions of famous people and The Deep State.

While I believe the arrests and executions and dissolving of the Federal Reserve and pedophile rings are true for the most part, I wonder how any massive operation to bring down the Deep State and MSM (years to plan) would involve civilians giving us general intel.

Both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward claim to have insider info from high ranking officials involved in the Deep State take down (draining of the swamp.)

In a recent video, Simon Parkes posted he was upset that truth seekers were using his videos under false accounts.

If it’s about Simon not making money, I get it, but shouldn’t this info, if true, be shared far and wide?

If the covert operation was as huge as they say, why would a couple civilians be allowed to spread the word on updates?

Are the updates used to throw the Deep State off balance or are they just spewing updated dates for views?

We’re constantly told to TRUST THE PLAN, but we don’t know what the plan is.

Regardless of what you believe, the 1,000′ view says there is much corruption in the world playing out right in front of our eyes; more now so than ever.

30 Reasons why I don’t trust Charlie Ward – by M Truth Seeker

What do you think? There are a handful of Youtube channels and videos on other platforms giving dates that never happen.

What do you think the reason for false dates is?

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Writer’s Notes

Research different things in your quest for knowledge and use discernment. It’s all about the puzzle pieces.

Both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward have said multiple times they have reliable sources and can’t divulge them for obvious reasons.

Maybe what they say is true and those involved are allowing some things to be leaked to calm the people of the world, I’m not sure.

I have to follow my gut and it’s been screaming the last few months. There is something off about Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes videos.

I’m not saying they are fake, as I do not know them.

Although it’s understood content creators make side money by selling merchandise, these sites, especially Charlie Ward, have been pushing silver sales, book sales and membership sales.

Dates predicted for The Deep State takedowns have not happened yet. Maybe it’s not time? Maybe it’s wrong? No one knows.

What do you think?

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