Deep State Child Trafficking Ring Video

Deep State child trafficking video

The Deep State Child Trafficking ring runs incredibly deep and includes most of Hollywood, Politicians, pop stars, and of course, the Vatican.

I’ve written a lot about the Deep State and the sick evils they are involved in because something needs to be done. I’m helping to get the word out.

Some people think The Deep State pedophile rings, human organ trafficking, Adrenochrome use and satanic worship are far-fetched.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what is going on in the world.

I’m not here to force anyone to believe anything; use your mind and judge for yourself.

The world has never been normal, especially in 2020 and now 2021. I’m not just talking about the covid hoax, but every single issue going on.

  • 2020 Presidential Election Voter fraud (proof)
  • Biden crime family (proof)
  • Asteroid coming to Earth hoax (2020)
  • George Floyd death hoax (proof)
  • Planned Riots with planted bricks on every corner in ever city
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook bans all truth seekers
  • President Trump banned from all social media
  • Beijing Joe and Hunter Biden pedphile photos and videos (proof)
  • Beijing Joe allowing China access to United States power grid (proof)
  • Child trafficking (proof) – video below
  • 2nd Amendment rights (guns) being removed by Biden (good luck with that)
  • Fake Inauguration of Beijing Joe (no one shows up)
  • If Beijing Joe got “so many more votes” why the fencing with barbed wire?
  • Beijing Joe not allowed to use AirForce One
  • Military doesn’t salute Beijing Joe
  • Beijing Joe films all Oval Office videos at Amazon studios (proof)
  • Whitehouse is closed (they tell you so if you call the number)
  • goes to for some reason. Changed 2-21-2021
  • CEO’s of huge corporations involved in The Deep State are stepping down
  • ….much, much more

Are you starting to see it? Are you starting to see what The Deep State is fighting so hard to do? Can you see The Deep State fighting to take your freedom?

If you can’t see these things, or if you don’t agree, that’s fine. Cognitive Dissonance is very powerful.

This video is about Child Trafficking within The Deep State. Watch the entire video.

The video on child trafficking and The Deep State is 40 minutes and worth it. Some clips are disturbing (sad), as they involve children. This is a very important video.

I found other videos and photos regarding child trafficking and the Deep State, but were too disturbing to publish. Some of these photos included Hunter Biden with kids, sent to me by a couple readers. The images were not photoshopped and the meta data is correct. Too disturbing to post and would also be against the law (pedophile pics.)

The Deep State is involved in child trafficking, satanism and torture. Child Trafficking is in Hollywood, politics, banks and the Vatican.

Why are these images and videos exposing Hunter Biden and The Deep State not being used to remove The Deep State evil? Maybe they are and we just don’t know it yet.

This video regarding Deep State child pedophilia, child trafficking and satanism shows what has been going on in the world for a very long time.

Child Trafficking is a 150 BILLION DOLLAR a year business run by The Deep State. The Deep State consists of Hollywood, Politicians, the Banking industry, and all the way to the Vatican and beyond.

8 million children disappear a year and are used for sex trafficking. There is a huge cult that has been around for centuries that involves child sacrifice, torture and sex trafficking and we have no idea.

The mainstream media news outlets lie; everything they say is scripted!

The mainstream media will NEVER report this because they’re all in on it; they are part of The Deep State. The news media is used to let people know what THEY want you to know.

I hope I’m doing a good job in bringing this to light for you guys. As I find more material, I will post it. There so much out there regarding this topic and I’m always sifting through to see what would help the most.

Thanks for reading. If you found this info on Deep State Child Trafficking eye-opening, please share it out…that’s one way we can help the kids.

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