The Deep State caught by NSA – Robert D. Steele

Deep State caught by NSA

Deep State evil was caught by the NSA using the same technology to spy on citizens of the United States.

We all carry GPS tracking devices (phones, tablets, laptops.) Even when your devices are off, they’re able to record audio / video and track your location. The data is stored indefinitely.

Everything you say is recorded and stored, and yes, this includes Alexa by Amazon.

Our phones are used to track and record us

The same technology used to spy on American citizens (iPhones, iPads, web cams), has been used against the Deep State.

The Deep State is comprised of evil / satanic individuals in Hollywood, Politics, Big Pharma / pharmaceutical industry and the Financial world.

Every text message, email or conversation by the Deep State, has been caught by the NSA

  • Wall Street corruption
  • Child Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking
  • Election Fraud
  • Deals with communist countries
  • Big Pharma
  • Pedophilia
  • ….and more

Robert D. Steele, EX-CIA Officer talks about Deep State captured by NSA

I found this video interesting and wanted to share it with you.

Hopefully military tribunals / GITMO for Deep State evil is closer than we think.

Personally, I believe the arrests of the Deep State have already started.

Millions of people are waiting for the Arrests and Executions of Famous People and Politicians for Tyranny, child trafficking, Financial corruption, election fraud and more.

As always, do your research and use discernment.

There were many oddities in the last year, with more to come. The Deep State is getting desperate because people are waking up!

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