Mandatory Vaccines Are Unconstitutional

mandatory vaccines unconstitutional

Mandatory Vaccines Are Unconstitutional but since when do most politicians follow the US Constitution?

Governments misuse their power to poison and kill people, including children; merely acting as a tool of pharmaceutical companies in order to advance their agenda to profit at any cost – it’s all about MONEY AND CONTROL.

BIG PHARMA silences people, especially whistleblowers.

In food, preservatives, adjuvants, formaldehyde and mercury are present and linked to, and cause, autism. Food manufacturers and governments have zero liability…just as with their covid “vaccine.”

Mandatory vaccines In The Name of “Public Health And Safety”

This Mandatory vaccines video features a speaker from a Dare County Board of Education meeting in NC. She speaks strongly against the Vaccine Agenda and clearly lays out what’s going on.

This VIDEO SUMS IT ALL UP and will inspire free thinkers who stand up for freedom.

Video from Dare county, NC, Board of Education Meeting – January 11, 2022.

Mandatory vaccines not only kill adults, but children – the future of this country.

Globalist Corporate Powers should not take precedence over the rights of the people.

The government should work for people, not the corporate lobbyists that are currently controlling the Government and the FDA.

The Supreme Court ruled earlier this week against mandatory vaccines – biden will continue to push the agenda regardless. What does this tell you?

Covid Vaccine Compliance

Does it strike you as odd that politicians are bribing people with money, lottery tickets, food, donuts and other perks if they comply with getting their “vaccine?”

Does it strike you as odd that workers are losing jobs because they are not complying with covid vaccine mandates?

Does it strike you as odd that more restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination to dine in their establishment?

Why does the CDC and FDA want to wait 75 years to publish their covid vaccine numbers and findings?

Why is censorship much worse on social media? What happened to freedom of speech? Read that again.


Governments are playing people against each other to avoid blame.


This has NEVER been about a virus!

2 weeks to flatten the curve? I knew it would last MONTHS when they started the fear porn 2 years ago.

People are labeled maskers and non maskers, with the maskers doing most of the hating, destroying families – they’re programmed that way via brainwashing from television, newspapers and politicians.

Mandatory vaccines are wrong and unconstitutional. Covid vaccine compliance gives government power for agenda. Agenda 21 by the deep state.

Kids are forced to wear masks in schools and workers, while on the job, for a virus that’s “killing everyone” and “overcrowding hospitals.”

Most people, and I think you may agree, are done with the fear porn and the mask mandates. Politicians and the lying news media are losing steam; they know people have had enough.

Millions of people will never obey tyranny, especially when their health is at stake by taking an experimental gene therapy DNA-altering test experiment. This is exactly what it is – a test experiment – you can research yourself and find this info even on the CDC website.

Maybe you don’t believe any of this, and if this is the case, the government is succeeding. Their plan is to move so slowly, so that things become “normal.”

Look at what is happening in Australia with the Concentration Camps, which their government calls covid “containment” camps.

When will you think for yourselves? When will you stop doing the bidding of those you pay taxes to, WHO WORK FOR YOU! Taxes, as I have said many times, are illegal…you can look into that.

This is the tyrannical government our forefathers warned us about and it’s up to the people to do something about it.

Stop obeying, complying and giving away your freedoms.

Share your thoughts on Mandatory vaccines being unconstitutional in the comments section below.

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