Lockdowns In China

CHINA LOCKDOWNS and suicides 2022

Lockdowns in China are still happening in 2022 and getting worse.

Mass Uprising and Suicide in China is rising due to Chinese government “covid” lockdowns and punishments.

Believe it or not, the Lockdowns in China, Uprisings and Suicides in 2022 by Chinese government are getting worse.

Podcast version of China Lockdowns, Uprisings and Suicides in 2022

China is facing what is arguably the worst crisis in governance since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. Even the 1989 Tiananmen uprising did not affect as many people as the Covid lockdowns. 

Previous crises were political and social. This one is political and biological, easily visible and not hidden behind towering red doors.

The open defiance of government policy, thuggish enforcement of intolerable rules by “white coat” health workers (who dress in head-to-toe white bunny suits), and utter collapse of infrastructure to support the basics of survival in China’s more international and prosperous city: all of this is an unprecedented disaster.

Venerable as they may be, the “theories” of General Secretary Xi do not cure COVID (HOAX FOR COMPLIANCE AND TESTING DNA ALTERING DRUGS ON THE MASSES.)

Unfortunately, rather than forcing the government to make the most obvious adjustment to the visible realities of the situation, the backlash is more likely to reinforce the Party’s sense of being under siege.

The world has been aghast at images being streamed by the connected and sophisticated people of Shanghai: people leaping from high-rises to their deaths in order to escape the lockdowns in China.

china is building massive quarantine camps. Lockdowns in China are still happening in 2022, and getting worse. People of China are committing suicide and rebelling against lockdowns.
China is building MASSIVE “Quarantine Camps”

In China, babies are separated from their parents and carted around quarantine centers in huge shopping carts. Parents are beaten by the health police in front of their children.

People opening their windows to scream in unison: “We’re hungry!” Who imagined that this could happen in Shanghai, one of the wealthiest cities in the world? Certainly not Shanghai people. It has been some 60 years since any but a handful of people went hungry in Shanghai.

People of China are forced to take “covid tests” weekly. If anyone is found to be positive for “covid” they are locked away in a “quarantine camp” for weeks. These camps are complete with barbed wire. If you try to escape the Chinese camps, you are beaten and punished in other ways.

If you are lucky enough to be quarantined in your house in China and try to escape, they will weld and bolt your doors shut. People in China going through this hell do not work, have no money and food, in most cases, is not delivered.

The lying news media will never tell you what is going on in China, as that will blow their AGENDA for world control.

With the Chinese lockdowns, self-obsessed and self-deifying leader-for-life Xi Jinping is clearly reaching for the control over COVID he claimed in 2020.

Even in the face of international charges that China was irresponsible by not revealing the virus emergence at its early stages, the government continues to hide early mutation data that could help ease the global impact and might even have inadvertently released the virus. China’s aggressive mobilization of tracking, testing and tracing of people has provided high credibility with Chinese inside and outside China and with the international world.

NEVER FORGET what governments of the world are doing to the people. Obey? Why? These are satanists.


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